SPAM Lovers Rejoice!!


$1.50 off any three (3) 12 oz SPAM products$1.50 off any three (3) 12 oz SPAM products

SPAM Lovers Rejoice becuase the SPAM printables have reset AND we have a coupon in our newspaper inserts!

I had two inserts in both my Austin American Statesman and Dallas Morning News papers this morning, Smart Source and Red Plum.  The SPAM coupon is in the Smart Source so my local Central Texas readers –  you will NOT find this insert in the Killeen Daily Herald.  You will need to purchase the Austin or Dallas paper to get the coupon and you can print your two printables here.  The Smart Source coupon is for $1/2 (12oz) SPAM products and expires on (3/30).

Now hurry on over to H-E-B to take advantage of this awesome piggyback deal that ends on 2/3/15!!

Spam lovers rejoice - HEB yellow coupons

Keep in mind that you must purchase TWO cans of SPAM to get the free eggs.  Your local store may vary in the brand of eggs so be sure and read your yellow Big Savings coupon carefully.  If you don’t see any of these hanging in the store then flag down a manager and show them the picture of the coupon and tell them the reprint code is R098582 so they can reprint it for you.  (They use the code located at the top left, right above the words Big Savings! to reprint.)

Deal Idea:

Buy 12 cans of Spam $2.64

Use (2) $1.50 off any three (3) 12 oz SPAM products (exps 3/3)

Use (3) $1/2 (12oz) SPAM products SS 2/1 (exps 3/30)

Use (6) HEB Buy two (2) Spam Luncheon Loaf 12oz assorted varieties, Get H-E-B Large Grade AA Eggs 12ct (1 dozen large grade AA only) FREE (yellow coupons) (2/3)

Final Price: $25.68 for 12 cans of SPAM and 6 dozen eggs or $1.43 per item

So go ahead SPAM lovers…rejoice, rejoice!  I know I was jumping up and down with happiness to get the chance to do this deal one more time!

Just a quick note, these grade AA eggs are not your normal eggs.  They are a much better quality and you will be able to tell once you taste it.  The yolk is thicker and so is the egg white.  There are many factors that determine the different grades and you can read more about them here from the USDA handbook.

If you are wondering what in the world are you going to DO with ALL OF THOSE eggs???  Then keep reading and I will share what I do with my abundance!  

I have a family of five so we go through two dozen eggs in a week without any problems.  But what do you do when you don’t eat that many eggs?  You can freeze them!  Yes, you read that right, you can hard boil them, cool completely, peel them and freeze them.  I suggest using a vacuum sealer system (I love my Food Saver!) or double bag them with the zipper bags that are made for the freezer.  Don’t skimp on the bags or you’ll end up with funny tasting freezer burned eggs.

I can see plenty of uses for these hard boiled beauties such as deviled eggs, tuna salad, egg salad sandwiches, hard boiled eggs for fresh salads and hard boiled eggs to snack on.  I use at least 4-6 eggs every time I make a batch of my tuna salad so the six dozen eggs will make 12 batches of my tuna salad.  I recently stocked up on a crazy good tuna and black beans piggyback deal so I have plenty of tuna to use up with my eggs.  Stockpiling on these staples for my pantry is just another example of my Practical Couponing for Busy People Methods.

Practical Tip:  Stockpile on items you actually use on a regular basis and forego getting items just because they are free.  You will most likely have limited storage space for your stockpile and wasting it on items you never use is a waste of your space.  

My family of five can also devour 2 dozen deviled eggs in about five minutes.  That’s 24 whole eggs or 48 deviled egg halves in five minutes!  Trust me, unless you are allergic to eggs, you really should stock up when you spot a good deal on eggs.  They are an inexpensive protein and easy to cook.

I also have a habit of being in a hurry during the week and to shortcut my time spent cooking dinner I cheat by making breakfast for dinner.  Are some of you in shock?  Who said you had to eat breakfast foods ONLY in the morning?  My kids love it when I make breakfast foods for dinner.  It takes no time at all to whip up a batch of muffin mix and scrambled eggs or omelettes.

Need some recipe ideas?  See my Omurice Omelette recipe here.

Check out my Spam, Eggs and Rice meal idea here.

I make the Spam, Eggs and Rice meal at least once a week.  It’s fast and easy and very tasty and an inexpensive meal that I can fix in a flash.  We tend to eat a lot of korean side dishes such as kimchi and seasoned vegetables so the eggs and SPAM go a long way when served with steamed rice.

To check out more SPAM recipes visit their website here.

Do you have a SPAM or egg recipe to share?  I would LOVE to see all of the different recipes you post and I might even feature one to share!

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