Spam Eggs and Rice


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spam eggs and rice

(pictured L to R, T to B) Kimchi, Roasted Laver, Pickled Radish, steamed brown rice, fried spam and fried eggs

Spam Eggs and Rice is one of my most favorite meals of all time!  It has been a staple in my home growing up with a Korean mother and will be a staple for me and my family today.

My kids love the flavors of the fried crispy spam, fried eggs, brown rice, kimchi and roasted seaweed.  I also use Gojuchang which is a spicy red pepper paste that is a perfect spicy condiment to spread on my rice when rolling into lettuce wraps or seaweed rolls.

This recipe is super simple, fast and oh so tasty!  You need the following ingredients for a serving for 4 kind of hungry people or 2 really starving adults:

2 cans of Reduced Sodium Spam or Spam LITE

4-6 Large eggs (I use 6-8 because my daughter eats mostly the eggs and hardly any Spam)

2 cups of brown rice (I make this in the rice cooker but if you don’t have the time or a rice cooker then use instant brown or white rice)

1 package of roasted and seasoned laver or if this is not available you can substitute one head of green leafy lettuce leaves (You can buy this at Asian specialty markets and some local grocers carry it too)

4 ounces of Korean kimchi (Four ounces isn’t enough for me but since most people will most likely eat just a little this seemed like a normal amount.  I eat about 4 ounces per setting all on my own!  I’ve seen jars of this sold in the produce section at chain grocery stores or you can make your own….see the video for Maangchi’s Emergency Kimchi here and Traditional Kimchi here)

1 (8 ounce) package of Korean Pickled Turnip (ta-kwon)  (This has to be purchased at a specialty Asian market and I don’t have a recipe for it….don’t try making it at home because it stinks…it’s a pickled and fermented root vegetable….your house, hair, clothes and everything will stink….just buy it or skip it altogether)

1 teaspoon Gochujang (red pepper paste) (This has to be purchased from a specialty store or you can make it yourself BUT be warned…I only advise you to make it if you plan to eat it everyday with everything because there’s no such thing as a small batch….watch Maangchi here)

Step 1:  Prepare your rice and cook it

Step 2: Open the cans of Spam and slice the loaf for easy frying

Step 3:  Fry the Spam in a frying pan until crispy but not burned  

Drain on a paper towel lined plate to remove excess oil.

Step 4:  Once fried and drained, stack the slices of Spam and cut into bite size pieces like pictured at the top of the post

Step 5:  Fry the eggs in the frying pan with a small amount of margarine, butter, oil or cooking spray 

Use what you normally use to fry eggs.  The idea is to fry them or make them scrambled just get the eggs cooked and no runny yokes for this recipe.

Step 6:  Open the package of roasted laver and cut into bite size squares

Cut open the very top of the package and carefully remove the laver.  It comes with a moisture removal packet (silica gel packs) like you get in your shoe boxes so remove this prior to cutting the laver.  I usually cut it over the sink and large plate since it makes a bit of a mess.

I make the first cut down the middle to halve it.  Then I cut the halves into thirds.  No matter how you cut it, be sure it’s small enough for one perfect bite when you wrap it up with rice, spam and kimchi.

Step 7:  Slice the Korean Pickled Radish 

Step 8:  Plate everything up and get ready to eat!

Don’t forget to put some kimchi on your plate along with a half teaspoon of Gochujang for smearing on your rice

Instructions for eating the SPAM eggs and rice the PROPER way:

Take one sheet of roasted laver in your palm, add one teaspoon or a little less of rice in the center of the laver, smear a teeny tiny bit of Gochujang paste over the rice (be careful as it can be very spicy) place one piece of fried spam and egg each, add one slice of pickled radish, top with kimchi and pop the WHOLE thing in your mouth and chew as politely as possible while enjoying all of the flavors and textures dancing around in your mouth!

*If you substituted the green leafy greens in place of the laver then do the same but be sure and wash and drain the leaves before cooking the rice, spam and egg so that it will be good and dry when you are ready to eat it.  You can also tear the really big leaves into halves so that you can fit them into your mouth when you make your big pouch leaf.

Did you know that Spam is truly a staple in Hawaii?  This style of layering the food into the laver or lettuce is typical of Korean cuisine.  You can substitute grilled or roasted fish, beef, pork, chicken or tofu in place of spam.

The other ingredients remain the same and are eaten the same way.  Comment below and tell me if you have unusual ingredients you consider staples from childhood.  I want to hear all about it!

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