Pillsbury Melts Coupon


Print your $1 off Pillsbury Melts Coupon.  These are a new item and I foresee sales and promotions to boost this item on the list of must haves for holiday grocery lists.  Print these before they are gone!

pillsbury melts coupon

Be sure your printer is on and full of paper and online BEFORE you click print as you only get a limit of two.  That chocolate cookie is making my mouth water!!!  Mmmmmm!!

Five tips for printing internet coupons:

1.  Change your printer settings to print in grayscale to save ink. (Color ink is not cheap!)

2.  Save paper by making sure you select coupons in multiples of 3.  Three coupons fit per sheet of printing paper.  (Target.com coupons will print 4 to a sheet)

3.  Make sure your ink levels are good.  There’s nothing worse than running out ink halfway through a big print out of coupons.  If the coupon can’t be easily read or scanned at the register then it will be rejected.

***IF you are LOW on INK and really want to print a few coupons, pick three that you want the most, print those, and check your ink levels again.  Keep selecting just three at a time and printing those three until you fear your ink will not hold out.  This way you don’t lose the coupons you can’t print.  Example: If you know your ink is low and you selected 21 coupons to print, and you print them ALL AT ONCE, and the printer ink runs out in the middle of printing Coupon #8, the coupon printer software STILL COUNTS all the other coupons as being printed in THIS PRINT SESSION even though you couldn’t finish printing them.  This was a hard lesson for me to learn…so heed my advice carefully and go slowly when low on ink.***

4.  Be careful when cutting/clipping your printed coupons.  The outside border of the coupon has writing that includes important information about you.  Don’t cut the writing off and definitely don’t cut inside the border!

Pillsbury Melts Coupon - Internet printable coupon image

Internet printable coupon image

5.  Last Tip:  Use various zip codes to see more offers.  I use 77477 the most since it has the biggest availability of coupons.  You can change the zip code settings in the profile tab at the top right of the page.  You also have to change the state so 77477 is in Texas.  I am working on getting a list of zip codes with their states together so you can search them anytime.

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