Omurice Recipe


Omurice recipe is super fast and allows you to use up all of your leftover veggies and rice and turn it into a no-fuss tasty and delicious meal!  It is basically an egg omelette stuffed with Korean style fried rice and then covered with an interesting and unusual ingredient which is the ketchup.  Yes…I said ketchup.  It’s sweet and tangy punch adds just the perfect element that makes me want to devour this dish by the bucket loads.  If you aren’t a fan of ketchup then rest assured that you can substitute a hot sauce of your choice or use GoChuJang to add the sweet and spicy flavor that complements this fried rice.  You can also leave out the meat if you are a vegetarian and use fried tofu instead.

*NOTE:  I would not recommend using garlic or ginger in this dish.  It will change the flavor and can overpower this dish since they both have strong flavor profiles.  If you absolutely MUST use garlic then I recommend using garlic powder and use it very sparingly.


4 cups cooked rice  (I cheated and used instant brown rice but if I had rice leftover from a previous meal then I would have used that instead)

4 oz. smoked ham steak, chopped into 1 inch cubes (If you are vegan or vegetarian then use whatever plant based protein source you like.  If you’re really adventurous then use chopped hot dogs or spam as I have known my friends to do!)

1/2 cup each of finely chopped onion, carrot, mushrooms, zucchini  (If you don’t like these vegetables then use whatever you like, peas would be good and so would potatoes. Be sure and chop everything to about the same uniform size so it will all cook quickly and evenly)

2 sprigs of chopped green onion

8 eggs

2 tbsp sesame oil

2 tbsp soy sauce (use a good dark brewed soy sauce as they have less salt and taste better than the cheaper commercialized brands…stay away from Kikkoman and Chun King)

2 tbsp vegetable oil

Step 1:  Heat a non-stick skillet with vegetable oil over med-high heat.  Spread the oil around the pan to coat well.

Step 2:  Add the cubed ham steak and chopped onion, carrot, mushrooms and zucchini and stir-fry for 2 minutes

Step 3:  Add the rice and green onion and mix well and fry for one minute

Step 4:  Add the soy sauce and sesame oil and stir fry for 3 more minutes.  Be sure and stir often so the rice does not stick and burn in the skillet.

Omurice-Ham, zucchini, button mushrooms, onion, carrot, brown rice, soy sauce, sesame oil and black pepper

Step 5:  Transfer to a plate or pan to cool slightly and wash your skillet so you can cook the eggs OR use another skillet like I did

(Try and spread the fried rice mixture out in a single thin layer so it can quickly cool.  You don’t want it to be hot and steamy when you put it in the omelette because it will make the eggs soggy.  You also don’t want it cold because cold fried rice isn’t all that appetizing.)

Step 6:  Reheat your skillet over med-high heat and add oil, butter or margarine to your pan.

Step 7:  Beat two eggs in a bowl and pour into your pre-heated skillet and fry just as you would an omelette.

Beat three eggs and pour in an oiled fry pan to make the rice filled omelette

Step 8:  Place 1 to 1.5 cups of fried rice in the center of the omelette and fold over.  Flip the omelette over and continue cooking until the eggs are done.

(I don’t like to eat raw egg so I always flip the omelette over before putting the filling in the center. If you do this step too then don’t worry about cooking once you close your omelette since the egg will be completely done cooking.  Just seal it up and transfer to your plate.)

Step 9:  Transfer to a plate and top with ketchup or hot sauce.

I use ketchup to top my rice omlette but you can use whatever you like such as sriracha hot sauce, korean red pepper paste or any sweet or spicy condiment you prefer

Step 10:  Devour with hunger and the frenzy of a person who never had fried rice this good before!

This dish tastes like my childhood and when I think of comfort food it is this dish.  I remember the first memory of my mom making it for me and I crinkled my nose at the thought of covering it with ketchup.  She told me to give it a try and she was right when she told me that I would love it!  

Are you planning to try this recipe?  Were you also skeptical of the ketchup but were pleasantly surprised after you tried it?  Please share your experience with me and tell me all about it!