Korean Dramas Online


Rooftop Prince Korean DramaI love Korean Dramas online and my love affair with them started when I was a little girl.  My mom would have to rent the videos from a Korean grocery store or video store. You couldn’t just rent one video at a time as these came in a series and you had to haul the whole box of 20-30 tapes back and forth from the store to your house.  DVDs made a huge difference in portability but now that I can watch via Netflix and Amazon Prime Video or right on my smart phone I feel as if I have died and gone straight to Korean Drama heaven!

Korean Dramas (kdramas – for short) really are just that….dramatized and overly exaggerated themes that tell one awesome story.  You won’t be watching our American daytime TV soap operas when you watch Kdramas.  Families and relationships are almost always the central theme as it is the core of Korean culture.

You won’t find any skin showing or impropriety amongst the characters either.  Koreans are actually quite discreet and modest when compared to our Western counterparts.  You won’t see scantily clad women with deep plunging necklines and couples don’t play tonsil hockey when they kiss on screen.  You will never see nudity and if there is a scene where someone is caught off guard, like a man walking out of the shower wearing only a towel, he will appear fully covered up with the towel high on his waist and securely fastened to his person while the other person who accidently sees him will avert her eyes and apologize profusely without sneaking peeks just like in a scene in episode 2 of the Rooftop Prince.

Thank goodness they come with English subtitles because my Korean is rusty at best.  My mother was not adamant about teaching me to speak Korean in the home so I never really learned to properly speak it and I would say that I am far from fluent.  The funny thing about the Korean language is that slang changes faster than I change my mind about what to eat on a daily basis!  No kidding!  One week they will say that a word has this meaning and the next week it will change.  So with the subtitles there’s no guesswork on my part.  I can watch and read and enjoy it all.  I do sometimes wish they would have dubbed the whole series over in English but I wonder if some of the magic that attracts me to the movies might be lost in translation.  Or worse, they could use someone who hardly speaks English fluently and then you still get lost trying to understand and follow along!

I am currently watching two kdramas at the moment.  I have found that Amazon Prime Video is an awesome resource for more selections than Netflix and I am hoping that Netflix will jump on board with the new interest in all things Korean and offer more choices in the near future.

Rooftip Prince kdramas

I am watching Rooftop Prince on Amazon Prime and it is the funnier and lighter type of melodrama where a royal Prince from hundreds of years gets transported into the future with three of his loyal servants.  I have only watched the first two episodes of the series but I find that it’s funny to watch the men from the past adjust to the present day.  There is a bit of intrigue and mystery as the Prince’s wife was found dead floating in a river or pond by their house before he was thrust into modern day as well as his own murder by a family member.  His reincarnated future self gets thrown off a boat in New York harbor and I am assuming he drowned BUT I am only on episode two and since there wasn’t a definitive ending or closure to that part of the story I am guessing that the present day guy could make a comeback in future episodes.  (One can only hope.)

49 Days is about a young girl who gets engaged and then goes brain dead in a car accident.  She meets the grim reaper who calls himself the Scheduler and he cuts her a deal.  She has 49 days to find three people who aren’t friends or family that truly love her and collect their genuine tears in a container on a necklace given to her by the Scheduler so she can remain on earth and recover and awaken from her injuries.  If she fails to do so by 49 days then the Scheduler will force her to take the elevator to her final destination.

It has all of the typical kdrama ingredients you could want, her family is grieving, her fiance is cheating on her, she gets to take over the body of a depressed woman with her own sad back story and share her struggles as she tries to collect those tears with the time she has left.  She is on a self discovery path and who knows what will unfold in future episodes but I know I can’t wait to see!

As surprising as it sounds, it’s not hard to follow because they do a great job of developing the storyline.  Better than I do telling it to you, that’s for sure!  And in the end there is always a happy ending and a lesson to be learned.  I could not find 49 Days on Amazon Prime Video so I watch it via YouTube on my phone while I lay in bed breastfeeding my infant son at night.  I can’t wait to binge watch the rest of these and once I finish I will give a complete review.  I hope you will be open to watching something new and different in kdramas.  It’s my way of getting my daily dose of everything Korean!

rooftop prince scene from the past in the royal palace

Plan to watch Korean dramas online?  Do you have any that you could recommend to me?  Comment below and tell me your thoughts on them.  🙂