How To Ibotta Tutorial by The Korean Couponer


How To Ibotta Tutorial by The Korean Couponer

How To Ibotta Tutorial by The Korean Couponer is a screenshot & YouTube live demo of Ibotta phone rebate savings app. Get paid to shop, earn bonuses & referrals!  This post includes screenshot graphics so you can see what the app looks like on my phone and a bit of extra information to help you get the most out of your app!

Sign up for Ibotta rebate app and get paid to Shop!!

Ibotta is a product rebate app that pays you back a set dollar amount for eligible purchases you make at participating retailers.  You can unlock and earn new bonuses as well as earn extra cash when you sign up new teammates!  Sign up and join my team and unlock bonuses faster since I am an avid Ibotta rebate user!

If you don’t own a smartphone BUT you have a tablet!  

Then you can STILL join and submit for rebate offers!  Just download the app to your tablet, unlock the offers and use your camera on your tablet to upload your receipts and scan the barcodes when redeeming your offers.  I have to use my tablet instead of my phone when my battery on my phone dies!


Glade Rebate Double Dip!! You gotta see it to believe it!! - Ibotta Phone Rebate App

More than just groceries!

Ibotta has weekly any brand rebates for everyday items like milk, bread, eggs and fruits and vegetables.  You will also find rebates for retailers like JCPenney, Best Buy, restaurants and movie theaters.  You really will get paid to shop.  You want to be sure and join an active team if you will plan to use the grocery and drug store rebates every week, like most couponers usually do, to get more savings.

Ibotta Tutorial with The Korean Couponer - Ibotta Rebate App Retailers

Sign up to join my super active team!!

All that work…you want those bonuses, honey! 

You really want to be sure and join an active Ibotta team!  Many people throw out their referral codes and ask you sign up but make sure you pick a winning team.  The reason to join an active team is simple – if you make weekly purchases you will end up reaching weekly bonus benchmarks.  Example: If I earn $3 in rebates and my whole team earns a total of $6 this week then I can unlock the level 1 bonus. The level 1 bonus earns me an additional $2 and unlocks the level 2 bonus details.

Ibotta Tutorial with The Korean Couponer - Join an active team, use referral code: uqoqia

Your bonuses can only unlock when your team participates so having team mates who don’t really use the app or shop for the rebates might keep you from unlocking your extra money in those bonuses.  Just imagine – you’re doing all this work but your team isn’t really participating so you lose out on your extra bonuses while SuzyQCouponer and her team are cashing in on bonuses left and right.  This is the reason why I encourage you to be sure that you are joining an active team that regularly submits for rebates to unlock more bonuses for your team.

OR…become your team cheerleader and motivate them to make some purchases by sharing some of these awesome stock up and money maker deals I post!  If you link up your Facebook account with your Ibotta account then your Facebook friends become your team mates.  You might try and recruit some eager coupon newbies with your referral code to your team and see if you can unlock your bonuses faster that way.  Be sure and share my awesome money saving deals with them so they can jump on board your Ibotta rebate train!

If you really, really, REALLY want to jump ship

Worst case…you just absolutely want to jump ship and join up with a new team because you’re not getting anywhere with your current team.  You can cash out of your account, uninstall your app from your phone and delete your account.  You then turn around and sign up again and but make sure you only do this on the first few days of the month when the rebates and bonuses start over again.  You don’t want to miss any offers that you could have coming to you if you jump ship in the middle or end of the month!

Here’s a quick video showing you the app and how it works

Unlocking Rebates & Bonuses

Ibotta Tutorial with The Korean Couponer - Unlocking Rebates

You unlock your rebates by doing the activity they list in the rebate.  For example, this H-E-B rebate required me to ‘Play Trivia & Take a Poll’ to get both parts of the rebate.  Once my rebate is unlocked I can submit my receipt to cash in on my rebate!

*** You must unlock the rebates by doing the activity in order to submit for the rebates!  I usually unlock ALL of the rebates I plan to purchase or think I might even consider purchasing when the new offers change over every week.  ***

Ibotta Tutorial with The Korean Couponer - Bonuses page and unlocking bonuses

You can view all of the available bonuses on the Bonuses tab of your profile.  Take some to navigate through the app and learn where to find things like your team mates and bonuses page.  You can see all of the bonuses you have already acquired and bonuses to be had in the bonuses page.  Can you say Cha-Ching?  Look at all that extra cash to be made!  It’s like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey and motivates me to want to redeem more!

Your personal profile page

Ibotta Tutorial with The Korean Couponer - Your personal profile page

If you link your Ibotta account with your Facebook profile then you can see all of your Facebook friends listed as team mates.  You can see your lifetime earnings, what you have in your account to date, redeem offers, see your bonuses, invite friends and see your progress with your teamwork bonuses.

The Trophy Symbol alerts you to bonuses with that rebate offer

Ibotta Tutorial with The Korean Couponer - The trophy symbol alerts you to a bonus with that rebate offer

Notice the little trophy symbol under the product?  That is there to alert you that you have a bonus offer attached to that rebate.  To see the bonus details just click on the product and read the details in the rebate unlock screen.  The little clock on the right side of the rebate amount is a reminder that rebate will expire soon.  I love those little reminders because it makes it easy to use and couponer friendly with those all important details!

Earn when you refer using your referral code 

Ibotta Tutorial with The Korean Couponer - Use your referral code and earn $2

You can share your referral code through social media, email and text message.  I prefer to use the link referral method since it pulls up the nice little Ibotta rebate graphic with it.  My referral link is below and yours should like similar with the last word being different and unique to your code.

Beyond grocery and drug stores!  

Ibotta Tutorial with The Korean Couponer - More than just groceries!

Ibotta has rebates for Best Buy, JCPenney and other clothing retailers, restaurants, movie theaters, travel, etc.  Be sure and take the time to check out all of the rebate offers.  There are even rebate offers for gas stations and convenience stores!  I love getting paid back money when I spend money on items I need and use everyday!

Cashing Out is Easy!!  

Ibotta Tutorial with The Korean Couponer -

You can easily cash out once you reach $10 in rebates.  It takes me no time at all to reach $10 and I actually like to leave all of my rebates in my account all year long and cash out right before I go Christmas shopping.  I won’t miss it if I never see it and this keeps me from trying to figure out how to budget for the extra expense during the holidays!

You can choose several options to receive payment.  You can use PayPal, venmo or choose to purchase a gift card for one of your favorite retailers.  I like the idea of having options!

My Couponing Rebate App Folder on my Android phone

Ibotta Tutorial with The Korean Couponer - My rebate app folder on my phone

I utilize all of these rebate apps to their fullest potential because I LOVE to get paid to shop!  My thought is that since I am doing so much of the work already, I might as well get paid to do it too!  Don’t worry…I will be writing up posts and making videos of how to join and use all of these apps so be sure and stay tuned or subscribe to my newsletter so you won’t miss them!

A few of the best Ibotta rebates deals to date:

Still have questions about Ibotta?

If you still have questions about Ibotta then it’s not a problem!  Let me re-direct you to their Support Center and you can find all the answers you seek there.  Click here to read more about Ibotta from the Ibotta team!

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