HEB Kiolbassa Markdown


HEB Kiolbassa Markdown

HEB Kiolbassa Markdown - Polish Style Sausage packs $2 off Yellow Coupon

My Hunny Bunny is to be credited for doing this HEB Kiolbassa Markdown deal.  It was his first big haul and no clipped coupons were required because the markdown special had the HEB yellow coupons for $2 off one package hanging by the cooler full of the meat.

I am so grateful that my husband jumped in on this deal as this is our favorite brand of smoked sausage but at $6.48/lb regular price, we could rarely afford to feed it to our family on our budget.  Hubby brought home the sausage haul for an 86% total savings and paid a mere 97¢/lb.  We now have sausage for days and one entire shelf in my freezer is designated to the links!

Deal breakdown:

Purchase Kiolbassa brand Polish Style Sausage, marked down to $2.97/lb, reg. price at $6.48/lb

Use HEB Yellow Coupon for $2 off one package Kiolbassa brand Polish Style Sausage, various flavors included

Final Price: 97¢ per pound…stock-up price so stockpile like crazy!!  

HEB Kiolbassa Markdown - A couple of packs were less than a quarter

Two of the packages were the smaller packs that contain four links and we paid less than a quarter per pack!  These are already vacuum sealed so they can go straight from the meat case to your freezer without re-packaging!  This brand is by far the best smoked sausage, hands down!  The spice blend and texture are so incredible, for this price, you really need to grab a pack and check it out for yourself!

 HEB Kiolbassa Markdown - I peeled back the markdown sticker to see the original price, $6.48/lb, yikes!  The total calculated savings is 86% and I say that anything over 85% is extreme couponing at it’s finest!  When you find deals that are at their absolute rock-bottom price, then stock up up to save yourself as much money as possible.  I can now focus my attention on stockpiling ribs and brisket when it goes on markdown specials since my sausage stockpile is replenished.

If you are planning a large event like a wedding, family reunion or a large BBQ or fund raiser then stockpiling when meats are on sale and marked down like this deal is the best way to stretch your budget.  My husband loves to grill on his days off when the weather is nice so having “grillable” meats on stock is essential in our home.  I love it because I don’t have to cook dinner and hubby gets his “meat-fix.”

SAKH (Super Awesome Kitchen Hack) – I purchased some fresh green beans and broccoli on sale yesterday at my local HEB for less than $1/lb.  I plan to wash it, cut/chop and freeze into bags using my FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer System.  I cook the veggies in the bag by cutting a small venting hole in the corner of the bag and cook for 2 minutes or until warmed through.  We like our veggies lightly seasoned so I add a small pat of butter with some salt and pepper and toss to coat.  I also plan to do the same for fresh ears of corn (freeze uncooked) and baking potatoes, that I slightly under-bake, for freezing when they hit below $1/lb.

All of this extra prep work will save me so much time later in the summer when my family is outside playing and grilling.  I used to be in the kitchen, preparing the side dishes and missing all the fun, but not anymore!  I prep everything before grilling season so when it’s time to grill, everything is ready and I can be outside with the rest of the family.   I like trying to soak my husband with water guns and chasing my kids and dogs around the back yard.

You can do the same prep for fruit but keep in mind that fresh fruit is on sale in it’s peak season and the purpose of freezing it is so you can enjoy it anytime of the year.  I freeze fresh berries when they go on sale to make jams, fruit dessert topping and to add to fruit smoothies.  These freeze best in a single layer on a cookie sheet, without touching, for at least one hour in the freezer before storing them in a freezer bag or vacuum sealing.  When they freeze on the cookie sheet first, they won’t stick together and end up being one big mushy clump.  You can literally grab one berry at a time and pull out just a few for snacking if you like.

To see which fruits are ideal for freezing, check out your frozen foods section and find the frozen fruit.  Look at the bags and inspect the ingredients list.  Ideally, it’s best to freeze fruit just before it gets really ripe because the riper fruits tend to have a slightly mushy texture when thawed out.

I hope your store has this incredible sausage deal!  If you find it, please let me know in the comments!   This is going to make for one happy summer for our family!

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