Free Baby Sling Offer


Free baby sling offer from Seven Slings when you use coupon code “ENBABY” at checkout.

You can now get Seven Slings Free with Coupon Code when you click on this link and type in the word “ENBABY” at checkout and all you pay is shipping. I currently use and LOVE this product for wearing my baby D!  Talk about a crazy good deal!

I was a bit skeptical when I placed my first order for this product because I really and truly do believe that you get exactly what you pay for but I went ahead and ordered one and I have never regretted it since!  It is made with a durable cotton/spandex blend that doesn’t shrink when you wash and dry.

I LOVE baby wearing and I really am one of those parents who breastfeeds in public BUT I use a nursing cover along with the sling to keep myself discreet and covered up.  (I am not comfortable literally baring it all for the world to see!)

I actually bought two of these at two different times because I love the slings so much.  I bought one for my SUV and one for hubby’s crossover  and if I ever get around to thinking about it, I just might order myself ANOTHER one to keep in the house at all times!  That way I am not always running around my house trying to locate one!

I would end paying the same price for all THREE of my slings as I would to pay FULL price for just one!  Take advantage of this deal because it won’t last long!  And who can pass up a FREE baby sling offer?  Did I happen to mention that it’s F-R-E-E?

Free baby Sling offer

This sling would be a perfect baby shower gift and you have the option to include size exchange insurance and add custom embroidery.  They also have an option to purchase a gift set that includes the baby sling, nursing cover and nursing bracelet.


It’s a year later and I am STILL using my free baby sling offer to carry around my toddler who used to be the tiny little infant pictured above.  I love the side carry because his back, bottom and legs are supported while his hands and head are free.  He can watch me wash dishes, fold laundry or tag along anywhere I need to go while my hands are free to finish whatever task I may undertake.

It was definitely worth the cost of shipping!  I also use the slings for days when he might have an earache or not feel so well because he can stay tucked against me while I walk around and get things done or sit at my computer and type while he naps.

I only wonder how in the world did I ever survive without one for my older two kids?  I realize that I never got a single task done easily with those two and my life is in my control again with my last baby thanks to the sling!

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