FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer System Coupons


$1.50 off 2 FoodSaver Bags or Rolls
$3.00 off FoodSaver Heat-Seal Bag or Roll
$10.00 off FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System

The Food Saver Vacuum Sealer System Coupons are back so print them while you still can!  There is an awesome deal on this FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer System on!  I don’t see these high value coupons that often….maybe two or three times a year.  When I do see them, I print them immediately and use them to buy up my storage bag refills.  I highly recommend using this vacuum sealer if you are serious about stockpiling freezer foods.

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer System Coupons - Model V2244

I love my model V2244 and I purchased it for about $85.  I became an Amazon Prime member so I could get the free shipping!  Amazon currently has the V2244 model for sale for $69.50, but remember prices are subject to change at any time on

The refill bag rolls are listed at $9.85 for the 11″ size and they run about the same price at Target and HEB and I like to use the $3 off coupons.  Once in a while, when the moon and stars align just right, I find a couple of rolls on clearance for a few dollars off the shelf price so pairing it with the $3 off coupon makes for a sweet deal!

An investment worth it’s weigh in gold

I do admit that it seems like a costly investment in the beginning when you initially make the purchase.  But it’s much the same way when you begin to coupon as you have to spend a little more than you normally would to start saving and stockpiling.  This freezer system has literally saved my frozen food from going bad.  That seems so ironic, doesn’t it?  Freezer food going bad?  But the truth is that my deep freezer can ruin my food when I leave it in the original packaging it came in when I purchased it.  Freezer storage plastic bags are designed for short term freezing but it will ruin your meats after a 3 month span because of the air in the packaging.

The Food Saver Vacuum Sealer literally sucks out the air and creates a tight seal around the food.  It keeps the integrity of the food fresh and takes up far less space in your freezer or deep freezer.  I test drove this theory when I vacuum sealed red bell peppers to see how well it would do for delicate vegetables and they were still crisp when I used them for my stir fry.  I was surprised that they weren’t mushy and they did not have that weird freezer taste….you know what I am talking about….the one where you can tell it’s been sitting in there for a while.

One last perk…you can make more room to stockpile when you use your vacuum sealer.  I make everything I freeze lay as flat as possible so I can fit more in my freezer.  The vacuum sealer helps to make everything super flat and packaged tight too.  I also pre-cut large chunks of meat like roasts into cubes or chunks before freezing so it can lay flatter and thaw faster.  (We never eat whole roasts and if we ever do, I would cook it first and then slice and freeze flat)  I make sure to label every bag/package with a freezer label so I never have to guess what the contents are or how long it’s been in the freezer.

SAKH (Super Awesome Kitchen Hack) – I recently started numbering my freezer packages so I know when I am running low to replenish my stockpile.  I recently made up four batches of my Easy Guacamole Recipe to freeze.  I wrote the date and the contents on the label and numbered each bag.  Now I know that I start with bag (# 1 of 4) and when I get to bag (#3 of 4) that I need to stock up again.  I also won’t have to keep count in my head of how many I have because it’s on the bag.  Some people use spreadsheets and keep it on hand in their binders but I admit that I am not there yet.

Make your own bags to save buttloads more!  

I also strongly recommend that you purchase the rolls instead of the bags if you plan to divide up your packages of meats to create more than one meal.  Pinterest has a gazillion pins for freezer meals on a budget and they recommend you purchase value packs of meat and divide it up.  The rolls allow you to cut to custom sizes to fit whereas the bags are pre-cut for you.  I hate wasting so the thought of using a quart size bag for 3 small hotdogs bugs me when I can cut a smaller size with the uncut rolls.  Either way, it’s your personal preference but I thought you might want to hear my two-cents worth of advice.

By the way, if you do vacuum seal bread or any soft item that needs to hold it’s shape, pre-freeze it first so it’s hard and then vacuum seal it.  If you vacuum seal those fresh hot dogs buns all you will end up with is a flattened ball of bread!

It literally takes two extra seconds to make your own bags.  You would cut the roll to your desired size, leave enough room for the bag to seal once you stuff it with your freezable goodies.  Once you cut it to desired size, seal one end by placing it on the sealing strip, locking down the device and pressing the seal button.  The vacuum sealer does the heat sealing process in two seconds and you’ll know it’s finished when the red light goes off.  Unlock and open and check that the seal is good by gently opening and inspecting the bag.

If it didn’t quite seal well enough the first time, simply re-seal.  I add this last little bit because it took me a few tries before I got to where I could cut, seal and stuff a bag without wasting.  It’s ironic to say wasting because there’s nothing wasteful about vacuum sealing your food but I wanted to make that roll last as long as possible and since I was freezing fresh cut veggies for stir-fry, I wanted to be sure and use as small of a bag as possible.  You really need to leave at least 1.5″ inches of clearance to get a good to seal by the way!  After a few tries, I have it down to a precise fit!

Amazon Prime Membership Benefits  

I purchased my Food Saver System from and didn’t have to pay shipping because I have a Prime membership.  If you are not a prime member then I HIGHLY recommend you try the free trial and then join!  There is a $99/year fee but trust me, if you shop at Amazon at all then you will save loads of money with this membership.  I buy books and products all the time and the shipping alone would have cost more than the $99.  You get the benefits listed below with your yearly membership:

FREE Two-Day Shipping
FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items.
Prime Instant Video
Unlimited instant streaming of over 40,000 movies and TV episodes.
Prime Music
Unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists.
Prime Early Access – NEW
30-minute early access to select Lightning Deals on Amazon, and new events on
Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Borrow one Kindle Book per month from over 500,000 titles for free on any Kindle device with no due dates.

Amazon Mom Benefits
20% off diapers subscriptions.
A 15% baby registry completion discount.
Access to Amazon Mom exclusive discounts and deals.

I just learned about the Prime Music, Early Access and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library recently as these were not available when I joined.  I haven’t used Amazon Mom or Amazon Pantry but those are services I am looking into utilizing in the very near future, which are also included with Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

If you only decide to sign up for the free shipping then the membership would absolutely pay for itself.  But the Amazon Prime Video is a super cool perk too!  Hubby and I have basic cable for our TV because we use Time Warner Cable for our internet.  Crazy how you can’t really choose too many options because it’s all based on where you live and who services your area.  Anyhow, we can’t eliminate cable entirely because my husband would die without his sports and we subscribe to Netflix basic service as well.

Click here to sign up for your Amazon Prime Membership!  Be sure and like us on Facebook to see updates!

The Amazon Prime Video is so awesome because Netflix and Amazon don’t offer the same exact programs at the same time.  So I can check both services and watch different programming.  I also have the option to purchase movies and series on Amazon, like the newest seasons of Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead, that I aren’t available to purchase on Netflix.  I LOVE Amazon Prime Video!

I also purchased a Fire Stick which is a remote and device that allows me to connect my TV to one central location for Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, Youtube, Hulu and other on demand services.  No more switching and driving myself crazy because everything is controlled with my Fire Stick, except for my basic cable, of course.

Download my free Stockup Price List and Freezer Prep List

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Use the stockup price list as a reference to keep in your binder so you can check to see if your deal is at what couponers love to call “rock bottom prices” for stockpiling.  You can also the freezer prep list for items you purchase but may not want to vacuum seal if intend to use immediately or you are waiting to purchase your Food Saver at a later date.  I always print the coupons for the rolls to make bags when they come out and purchase them because the coupons only come out a few times a year.

I have never once regretted buying my vacuum sealer and I definitely save loads of money using it to keep my food frozen foods fresh and easy to store!  Let me tell you a little secret…almost anything can be frozen!  I freeze whole hard boiled eggs, peeled first in my vacuum seal bags.  I purchase produce when it’s on sale, like corn and green beans and I flash cook it and then cool it completely and freeze it for soups, stews, stir-fry, etc.  This is how you can eat healthy while still saving money!

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