Coupon Cheat Sheet


Coupon Cheat Sheet

Emily's Coupon Cheat Sheet

I created this little Coupon Cheat Sheet so that you can have a tangible list of resources that I use all the time and get started on your journey to becoming a practical money saving coupon pro!

I have included where to get coupons, which coupon blogs I follow for the latest and up to date deals in the stores, smartphone coupon apps that literally save you money or pay you for shopping, and a couple of secret weapons I use to stay ahead of the numbers game!  I would be completely lost without it!  I hope you find it to be helpful!

Where to get Coupons and Inserts

Local Newspapers

If you prefer to buy them from the local newspapers then the only paper I would recommend is the Austin American Statesman since it consistently has the most coupons in the inserts. The Dallas Morning News might have a few more but not consistently and it’s more expensive to purchase. I do not recommend dumpster diving or visiting the recycling centers because you are not guaranteed to find any coupons at all. Besides you don’t know what’s touched the outside of that insert….ick.

I do realize that everyone who reads this is not going to be living in Central Texas so I would recommend buying a copy of your local Sunday newspaper at the local gas stations.  You can usually browse through the actual inserts in the middle of the paper to see what coupon inserts are available and even comparison shop if more than one paper is available.  This might not always be possible as it isn’t in my local area.  Dallas is bigger than Austin and for some reason they keep their inserts and ads sealed in plastic wrap so you can’t really browse through it.  It took me buying both papers, taking them home and opening each insert to compare which was the better value and offered the better inserts.  Coupon inserts are not created equal!

You select the coupons you want to print and use and they usually have higher value than the newspaper inserts. You could literally coupon and save money using this method alone but your savings and stockpile will go more slowly with only printing from home. You can also download their phone app and if you have a printer set up to your phone then just click print and you’re set.  I would say that you tend to get higher valued coupons that have longer expiration dates but you have a print limit of two per IP address or device.  I also don’t feel you can quite save as much as you could with using newspaper coupon inserts in conjunction with printables.


Coupon Blogs that I follow:

There are literally thousands more online BUT these five don’t seem to have a gazillion ads that pop up and they have good content articles and posts about actual couponing. I have used these 5 blogs to streamline my extreme couponing and I stay up to speed with the latest store deals and couponing apps and policies by following these extreme coupon heavy weights.  You can also find and like all of us on Facebook and you will start to get our posts right on your newsfeed so you never miss the newest updates.  Keeping up with the blogs on Facebook made my life so much easier because everyone is located in one spot.  I don’t have to go to each individual blog because their status updates and new posts come up right on my newsfeed pages.  Just be sure and like and comment when you first add us to your feeds or you won’t see anything from us after a day or two.  Facebook has some complicated math system that some geniuses came up with to only feed your newsfeeds with information you like so no clicking like on posts = no more feeds.



Yeah…I linked my own website….did you like I how I did that on the sly?  Haha!!  🙂



ibotta-phone Coupon Smartphone Apps that I LOVE

Ibotta You buy the product promoted for the store such as Target has Scrubbing Bubbles for$1.00 rebate when you purchase, scan the product and upload the receipt. It will send you $1.00 to your paypal account immediately.  All offers are not valid at all stores so check out the app and double check just to be sure before planning your shopping trip.

Checkout 51 Pretty much the same as Ibotta but there is a minimum cap of $20.00 before they send you a check. The rebate list changes weekly and if you miss the deadline to submit your receipt they usually won’t honor it after the deadline.  The have various items like fresh fruits and veggies as well as everyday items that you use.  I like this app but I wish they paid out instantly like Ibotta.

Shopmium Just like Ibotta and Checkout 51 except there are limits and you must check in frequently to see if the offer is still valid. This app changes weekly. Best part about this app is you do have a grace period to submit your receipts for purchases once the offer closes.  But keep in mind that you had to purchase the item during the offer, you just get more time to actually upload the receipt after the offer closes.  You with me on that one?  Haha!

Sign up here –                Enter code: GMGMYMRY As mentioned above if you set your printer to your phone then you can print from there and also from your computer so more coupons = more savings. You can only print two coupons per computer or IP Address. Luckily our smartphones have different IP Addresses than our computers so you can print more than just two. You can also use your husband’s or friend’s phones to print if you need more of those really high value coupons.  You must be sure and have enough ink and paper before clicking print because if you run out of ink, you can’t reprint those coupons until they reset.  So try and make sure to print the coupons you really want the most first and then go back and print the ones that wouldn’t make your deal go bad if you don’t have them.  If you are confused then it’s okay…read my article Coupon Math and subscribe to my newsletter because I am cranking out more coupon how-to posts to teach it all to you!

Receipt Hog You get points and you can spin with uploaded receipts. There is a limit to the number of receipts and you need around 2,000 points to redeem for gift cards to your favorite stores but since you are already shopping and getting rewards then why not take the extra time to upload your receipt and get more back?  I mean C’Mon!  You’re getting paid to do what you are already doing….shopping!  So upload those receipts and reap more rewards!  ***If you want to earn more then use my referral code BROND485 when you sign up for bonus rewards!***

Load your items from your computer or your phone and scan your barcode at checkout to save.Target Cartwheel App You load up your product savings through this app for the Target stores. It is usually in percentages for the savings and you should check this daily. I have found some awesome 50-60% off deals that only last one day and these higher savings amounts sometimes have limits.

For example I purchased a Nerf brand toy for my kids and they had a high value manufacturer coupon which I used along with a Target coupon along with a 50% Cartwheel savings and they only allowed 1000 uses of the app savings. I was number 789 or something like that. Once it hit 1000 they were closing the offer and no one else could get the deal. So if you want to maximize those savings check it early in the morning around 7-8am.

I also check the cartwheel while I am in the store just in case I see a great deal and pick up something not on my list.  They have a barcode scanner in the app that you can scan and if the item has a cartwheel pin you can easily add it to your list and have the discount applied at checkout when you give them your barcode to scan.  The great thing about this app is you can always get a copy of your barcode and laminate it and keep it in your wallet.  

Coupon Coaching Tip: Print and laminate your personal Target Cartwheel barcode and keep it in your wallet or coupon binder. Why you ask?  Ever have those days when your phone battery is almost dead and you know you can’t bother to open one more app or it will die.  I mean that sucker is on red life support and you need it to stay on just in case an emergency happens!

If you had your paper barcode and all of your offers loaded on your cartwheel, then you let the cashier scan your paper barcode and you’re golden!  The nice thing is you can also load your cartwheel from your computer so you don’t need to break out your phone to use it.  The people at Target are so clever, aren’t they?  They thought of everything!

Groupon I am sure you’ve probably heard of it. You can score some sweet dining deals and once in a while Starbucks or pizza places throw in a deal. I got a $10 gift card for Starbucks for a purchase price of $5. I also got a Papa John’s $20 gift card for $10. Half price dining deals are the best in my opinion!

They have some great deals for attractions and spas and hair services among many others. If we plan to go anywhere as far as theme parks or attractions then I check to see if there are groupon offers before purchasing our tickets. You MUST read the fine print though since there are some restrictions.

Snap by Groupon  Snap gives you cash back on grocery purchases – no matter where you shop. Snap lets consumers upload their receipts from grocery shopping and earn cash back instantly. Save on your daily grocery and personal care purchases at ANY retailer.  When you are ready to redeem simply scan the barcode and upload your receipt.

SavingStar  SavingStar is the smart and simple way to save on your groceries and online shopping. Earn cash back at the grocery store with nothing to clip or print. You can redeem grocery offers by linking them to your supermarket and drugstore loyalty cards or by submitting a picture of your receipt. There are Healthy Offer of the Week, Friday Freebies, and “One or Many” high value rewards, as well as offers on your favorite brands.

SavingStar also helps you save on your online shopping. Through their Cash Back Mall, you’ll earn Double Cash Back every time you shop at great sites like Groupon, Travelocity, Proflowers,, and hundreds of other online stores. You can save even more with SavingStar’s exclusive coupon codes.

The SavingStar American Express Card helps accelerate your earnings with 10% cash back on SavingStar grocery offers, 5% cash back on eligible online mall purchases, and 1% cash back on all other purchases.

SavingStar automatically adds the value of each offer you redeem into your SavingStar account, which you can cash out to your bank or PayPal account, to a gift card, or as a donation to charity.

I have found SavingStar to be by far the easiest and fastest way to stash up savings of ALL of the coupon phone apps and it’s my favorite!

Favado   You simply download the app to your phone, enter a little bit of info, select your stores and then you can select which stores to compare like Target VS Walmart.  This app also tells me what I can find at my local Dollar Tree without having to actually step in the store.  Since everything at Dollar Tree is just one dollar, it’s fun to find dollar off coupons for the items they have listed and get them for free!

My Secret Weapons to Getting Ahead of the Game

 There are a couple of websites that I follow that help me stay ahead of the game when thinking about saving the most money.  These sites help you see the next few weeks ads before they are published and then you can comparison shop ahead of time.

The price of laundry detergent, soda or canned tuna may be on sale this week but it might be even cheaper or garner a better rewards/cashback deal if I buy next week.  The key to extreme couponing is learning that timing is everything.  It’s all a numbers game and you want your numbers as low as possible to keep as much green in your wallet. 

This is for the CVS drug stores and she usually keeps us 3-4 weeks ahead.  I always pay attention to the soda, tuna, pasta sauce and detergent sales.

This is the same type of site, I think it’s even owned and run by the same person as IheartCVS.  Walgreens has recently changed their coupon policy and reading up on it on this site is an excellent resource.


FREE Resources and Tools for you are available on the website – click this link to see them ALL on the Learn To Coupon tab.  Be sure and check out the FREE Online Coupon Class – Coupon Lingo and watch the YouTube videos for everything about couponing!


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9 thoughts on “Coupon Cheat Sheet

  • Ashlea Williams

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cartwheel app and use it everytime I go to Target! I scan everything I put in my cart to make sure that there isn’t a savings that I am missing. As for the other sites, I follow a bunch on facebook but I am excited to add the apps to my phone and start collecting those reciets! Thanks so much!

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  • Deana Wade

    I love your blogs, I’m learning so much. The problem is the one question I really lhat I really have right now, if there has been posted an answer/solution, I keep missing it or it isn’t gelling. Maybe I just need it simpler put, but “How” do you keep track of your stores cycling sales. How does one do that…………………… Thank you in advance and thank you kindly for considering my question. Deana

    • The Korean Couponer Post author

      Thank you so much for comment. I am glad that you are learning a lot and I do understand that it can be very frustrating at times to learn to coupon. I find that being really organized helps in so many ways. I have a free downloads tab, if you highlight the tab that says Helping You Turn Pennies Into Dollars, a menu will pop up and the free downloads are the last item on the list. If you are using your phone to view then this feature isn’t available in all mobile functions so you will need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and there will be a sections titled “pages” and you can find the FREE downloads and under it will be the Budget Spreadsheet, the printable coupon binder organizer, the stockup price list, the list to contact companies for more coupons and the sales cycle spreadsheet, which will help you keep track of the sales cycles of your local stores so you can spot patterns and trends.
      There’s really no “simple” way to track sales cycles but I would start by choosing the 10 or 20 items in your home that you use daily and make a list, or use my spreadsheet and list the prices of the each product at each store in your area. Let’s just use toothpaste for an example, so write down the brand, then write down the prices at each store this week.
      Colgate Total toothpaste:
      Heb – $2.96
      Walgreens – $3.29 with $2 register reward
      CVS – 2/$7.98 with $3 Extracare bucks
      Target – $3.69
      You would track these prices for 6-8 weeks and spot two things, where is the cheapest and how often? I would also highly encourage you to browse your local Dollar Tree first, it’s the easiest place to coupon because everything is the same price – $1 and you can use coupons so if you have $1 off Colgate toothpaste coupons, then it’s free! Just be sure and read the coupon fine print and size restrictions carefully. Also review the Dollar Tree coupon policy and ask managers in the store for help with questions. They would much rather help you before you check out so things go smoothly. I hope this explanation helps and again, I thank you so very much for your comment. 🙂

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