Your period just blows my mind!


Your period just blows my mind!

You period just blows my mind! - Did you know?

Your period just blows my mind!  Pretty catchy title, huh?  Truth be told, your (.) in the comments of the Facebook posts really does blow our minds!  It BLOWS up everyone’s notifications and all for a small little period!  There’s a better way to follow posts and no one will get mad at you for it!  Read on to see how!

We ALL have that one friend or co-worker….She annoys you to no end!!  

Let me just clarify one thing though, this is designed to be fun and just to inform you, not make anyone feel bad.  So we all know that one person, you know who she is, EVERY single time she gets her period she announces it to the ENTIRE world so everyone knows because she thinks the whole world needs to know about her monthly cycle.  She’s a little bit annoying, right?  We women folk all go through the same song and dance every month and she’s no exception.

She pulls out the big bulky bag of pads, tampons, liners and bottles of Midol PMS.  She also tells everyone and I mean EVERYONE about how bloated she is and how her uterus and ovaries are torturing her with cramps.  She also makes sure to give you a play-by-play description of her flow and makes you want to toss your cookies.  She can’t lift anything because her back aches and she’s crampy all day long.  She’s the most annoying person you know when she’s like that, right?

Your Facebook (.) in the comments is kind of the same concept, when you post your (.) we all wonder if you know that you can follow a post WITHOUT letting all of Facebook know about it too. For the person who posted the information, it will drive us nuts all day long because we want to respond to comments and questions and your (.) looks like a valid comment and question but it’s just a small and annoying (.) begging for attention!

To follow a post without notifying everyone else you can do a few things:

Your period just blows my mind! - Correct way to follow a post, no one has to know!

 So now you can see how easy it is to follow a post!  I know you may be concerned that you may not get ALL of the notifications from the post and I had the same thoughts when I first stopped telling everyone about my (.)!  But it really does work and the whole group and community will really be glad you stopped announcing your (.) to all of us!

Stop it already!  Everyone gets it!!  

Your period just blows my mind! - Stop it already!

I hope you understand that the purpose of my post is to poke fun and make things funny while giving you a little bit of really useful information.  One last thing, not using the (.) to follow a post will ALSO keep the post comments from getting really long so you can easily scroll through the group or page feeds.  Less time scrolling to find what you’re looking for, every wins, right?

On behalf of everyone in the Facebook communities – Thank you so much for reading this post and for trying a new method for following posts!  We really appreciate you understanding our point of view!

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