TheKoreanCouponer YouTube Channel


TheKoreanCouponer YouTube Channel

Watch my videos on TheKoreanCouponer YouTube Channel!  Learn to organize coupons in a binder, make my Watergate Salad or Dump Chicken Soup, make a chore chart for your kids so you can keep your sanity too and see my review of Wonder Loom Crafts for my kids!

Be on the lookout for more videos to come in the near future as I plan to record and edit as soon as possible!  Fair warning to couponers watching my coupon videos – I will be editing and re-vamping those videos first as they have some outdated information about coupon inserts.  Don’t be surprised when those are no longer available and new videos are uploaded!

I look forward to serving your viewing needs very soon!  If there’s something you want to see then tell me about it in the comment section!  I will do my best to make a video for you!

I do most of my video recording, editing and publishing so though it might lack polish, I more than make up for it with content!  I tend to try and include every bit of information that I can since I know I personally like to have all the information available.  I admit that it’s also fun to make a video but I’ve never really been camera shy or afraid to speak publicly!

TheKoreanCouponer YouTube Channel - Subscribe to The Korean Couponer YouTube Channel

Subscribe to The Korean Couponer YouTube Channel

I hope enjoy watching me and will continue to watch future videos!  Be sure and subscribe to my channel so you can see the latest video when it uploads!  I’ve been a bit quiet these past few months but look to hear more from me in the future!

I love my YouTube subscribers and fans!


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