The Best Ibotta Offers Week of 5/31


The Best Ibotta Offers Week of 5/31

The Best Ibotta Offers Week of 5/31 - Any Brand Rebates offered weekly!

The Best Ibotta Offers Week of 5/31 have so many new rebates to offer!  I am loving the Starbucks Iced Coffee offer since it’s the only Starbucks brand coffee that I actually like! Ibotta is keeping the any brand rebates available for us every week so we can actually get paid to buy items we use all the time like milk, bread, cheese, fruit and veggies and other household items.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting paid back money to shop each week!

I am loving the NIKE $15 rebate when you spend $75 because it includes FREE shipping!  I browsed the clearance section and found loads of items, just click on the filter tab to sort.  I always choose to sort by lowest to highest prices so I can score awesome deals.  Getting $75 worth of goods for just $60 is a great apparel rebate!

The newest offer from Ibotta this week!

The Best Ibotta Offers Week of 5/31 - NIKE, Glad, Red Baron, Starbucks, Hormel, Melt Organic Spread, Gardein & many others!

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Hot Deals for this week:

Hobby Lobby $10.29 for this deal!

Faber-Castell Pencils, any variety, any size for 50¢ rebate, exp 6/10  (50¢ rebates are also available for Faber-Castell brand Watercolor Crayons and Markers)

The Best Ibotta Offers Week of 5/31 - Ibotta Faber-Castell Colored Pencil 50¢ rebateHobby Lobby Faber-Castell Colored Pencil Art Kit is regularly price $17.99 this week.  This would make for a great gift for anyone who loves to draw or color.

  • Buy (1) Faber-Castell Colored Pencil Art Kit $17.99 regular price ($17.99)
  • Use (1)  40% off regular priced item Hobby Lobby coupon (Can order online and use coupon code) exp 6/6 (-$7.20)
  • Pay: $10.79 and submit for Ibotta 50¢ rebate
  • Final Cost: $10.29 with total savings of 43%



Target Cartwheel makes this deal just 46¢

Starbucks Iced Coffee, 11-oz, $1 rebate, exp 6/9

The Best Ibotta Offers Week of 5/31 - Ibotta Starbucks Iced Coffee $1 rebate

Target has a 20% Cartwheel offer for these good through 6/13 for the 11-oz & 13.7-oz bottles.  Pair the Ibotta rebate with Target Cartwheel and you get one sweet deal for coffee!!  These are also available at HEB for $1.96 each.

  • Buy (1) Starbucks Iced Coffee, 11-oz, assorted flavors at Target for $1.99 ($1.99)
  • Use (1) Target Cartwheel 20% off Starbucks Single Serve Beverage, exp 6/13 (-$0.40)
  • Use Target Redcard for 5% additional discount (-$0.08)
  • Use reusable bag discount (remember to bring a bag!) (-$0.05)
  • Pay: $1.46 & Submit to Ibotta for $1 rebate
  • Final Cost:  46¢ for total savings of 77%



Walmart ONLY makes for 16¢ per trash bag!

Glad Trash Bags Rebate, any variety, any size, $1 rebate, exp 6/10, Walmart Exclusive Deal

The Best Ibotta Offers Week of 5/31 - Gain Trash Bags ibotta $1 rebate

Walmart has Glad Odorshield Gain, 13-gallon, 40-ct, tall trash bags priced for $8.46.  There is also a $1 off any Glad OdorShield Trash Bags coupon exp 8/10 available in the 5/10 Red Plum that would make a great deal on these!

  • Buy (1) Glad OdorShield 13-gal, 40-ct trash bags, assorted varieties $8.46 ($8.46)
  • Use (1) $1 off any Glad OdorShield Trash Bags coupon, 5/10RP exp 8/10 (-$1)
  • Pay:  $7.46 and Submit to Ibotta for $1 rebate on Glad Trash Bags, any variety, any size, exp 6/10
  • Final Cost:  $6.46 or 16¢ per trash bag for a total savings of 24%


 MORE REBATES for the products you love!

Spend $75, get FREE shipping and $15 rebate on NIKE

The Best Ibotta Offers Week of 5/31 - Ibotta NIKE rebateNIKE $15 rebate when you spend $75 through the referral link.  It’s just like getting a $15 gift card for shopping!  You get the bonus of FREE shipping and I browsed the clearance section online and it’s choke full of HOT items to check out for Men, Women, Girls, Boys and Gear!  If you love to shop and get paid to do it then take advantage of this rebate while you can!  Expires 6/9

Be sure and review ALL of the rebate details prior to making your purchase.  There are very specific requirements, like using the referral link only.  

Click here to be re-directed to join Ibotta and sign up for this rebate offer.


Best Buy Blast Motion $5 rebate, possible double-dip rebate for additional $5!


The Best Ibotta Offers Week of 5/31 - Ibotta Blast Motion at Best Buy

Blast Motion Products at Best Buy, any variety for $5 rebate.  Be sure and use your Shopkick app to get the extra points and rewards as well.

To see the different products available to purchase at then click here

NOTE – There are TWO rebates for Best Buy.  One is for the Blast Motion and one is for $5 rebate when you spend $100.  I don’t know if you can submit for two rebates and receive both of them BUT you might try submitting for both and see what happens!  At least, that’s what I would do!  (I couldn’t find any info on this in the Help Center on the app)

Other Ibotta Rebate Offers: (click to see the offer)


What is Ibotta and how does it work?  

Ibotta is a product rebate app that pays you back a set dollar amount for eligible purchases you make at participating retailers.  You can unlock and earn new bonuses as well as earn extra cash when you sign up new teammates!  Sign up and join my team and unlock bonuses faster since I am an avid Ibotta rebate user!

If you don’t own a smartphone BUT you have a tablet!  

Then you can STILL join and submit for rebate offers!  Just download the app to your tablet, unlock the offers and use your camera on your tablet to upload your receipts and scan the barcodes when redeeming your offers.  I have to use my tablet instead of my phone when my battery on my phone dies!

Preview the app here:


Glade Rebate Double Dip!!  You gotta see it to believe it!! - Ibotta Phone Rebate App

More than just groceries!

Ibotta has weekly any brand rebates for everyday items like milk, bread, eggs and fruits and vegetables.  You will also find rebates for retailers like JCPenney, Best Buy, restaurants and movie theaters.  You really will get paid to shop.  You want to be sure and join an active team if you will plan to use the grocery and drug store rebates every week, like most couponers usually do, to get more savings.

Ibotta Tutorial with The Korean Couponer - Ibotta Rebate App Retailers

Sign up to join my super active team!!

All that work…you want those bonuses, honey! 

You really want to be sure and join an active Ibotta team!  Many people throw out their referral codes and ask you sign up but make sure you pick a winning team.  The reason to join an active team is simple – if you make weekly purchases you will end up reaching weekly bonus benchmarks.  Example: If I earn $3 in rebates and my whole team earns a total of $6 this week then I can unlock the level 1 bonus. The level 1 bonus earns me an additional $2 and unlocks the level 2 bonus details.

Ibotta Tutorial with The Korean Couponer - Join an active team, use referral code: uqoqia

Your bonuses can only unlock when your team participates so having team mates who don’t really use the app or shop for the rebates might keep you from unlocking your extra money in those bonuses.  Just imagine – you’re doing all this work but your team isn’t really participating so you lose out on your extra bonuses while SuzyQCouponer and her team are cashing in on bonuses left and right.  This is the reason why I encourage you to be sure that you are joining an active team that regularly submits for rebates to unlock more bonuses for your team.

OR…become your team cheerleader and motivate them to make some purchases by sharing some of these awesome stock up and money maker deals I post!  If you link up your Facebook account with your Ibotta account then your Facebook friends become your team mates.  You might try and recruit some eager coupon newbies with your referral code to your team and see if you can unlock your bonuses faster that way.  Be sure and share my awesome money saving deals with them so they can jump on board your Ibotta rebate train!

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