Sweet deal on Coffeemate this week at HEB


Sweet deal on Coffeemate this week at HEB

Sweet deal on Coffeemate this week at HEB - just $1.75 after coupon piggyback

Sweet deal on Coffeemate this week at HEB – only $1.75 after in-store yellow coupon and digital coupon piggyback!  I have NO clue as to how or why this deal worked out like it did, but it did work and I didn’t have to do anything more than purchase the item!  The digital app is so new that most of us are still trying to figure out exactly how it works in conjunction with other coupons!

So I will say that YMMV (your mileage may vary) and you should check with your local stores!  But if you can do this deal then grab at least one and enjoy the savings because this quart size bottle is normally priced at $3.18 in my store.  This is 45% savings which is better than the usual $1 off coupon when we can find it in the stores!

***BIG FAT DISCLAIMER – The cashier and I both scratched our heads as to how this deal worked out and to be honest with you, this app is super new and I think the developers are still working out bugs so please know that I can’t answer any questions as to how or why it worked.

Your best bet would be to ask the store manager at your own store.  All I can say is that I purchased my items, entered my phone number on my digital app pin on the card reader screen and handed over my yellow coupons and let the cashier ring me up and finish out my transaction.  Nothing beeped, nothing asked for approval, nothing alerted the screen to say it was not a valid purchase, etc, etc. ***

Here is a copy of the receipt for proof:

Sweet deal on Coffeemate this week at HEB - Copy of my receipt

So again, I have no idea how it worked, I don’t really know which coupon it was to be exact BECAUSE I upload every single digital coupon to my account so I can maximize my chances of saving money.  So there you have it!  Why do I upload every single coupon?  Because I am afraid I will miss more savings if I change my mind in the store with a last minute purchase so I would rather load up every coupon and make sure I get some savings than to take the time to always worry about which digital coupons are loaded to my account.  It also takes at least an hour to upload for use (at least it was at the last update I know of) and I prefer to use the method that is easiest for me which is to upload all and forget about it!

First things first, if you haven’t yet signed up to use the app, then start here before doing your deal! If you already have the app then skip to the deal below!

Sign up for the HEB Digital Coupon App

HEB Glade Stock-up Double Dip Rebate Deal - HEB Digital Coupon App

You get more savings when you use the digital app if you shop at HEB so stop procrastinating and sign up already!  Be sure to load up ALL of the coupons so you can collect all of the coupon discounts when you shop.  I have read about so many shoppers who forgot to load the coupon before they went shopping and they purchased the items but didn’t get the discounts.

I advise everyone to load ALL of the coupons so you won’t have to worry about missing them later if you make a last minute change to your shopping deal.

Click here to sign up for HEB’s app.


  • Buy (1) Coffeemate Quart Liquid 32-oz non-dairy creamer, assorted flavors, $3.18 ($3.18)
  • Use (1) HEB Yellow Coupon $2.50 for 32-oz Coffeemate Creamer coupon (-68¢)
  • Use (1) HEB Digital Coupon for 75¢ off one Coffeemate creamer (-75¢)
  • Pay: $1.75 for a total savings of 45%

Other HEB Digital Coupons in my app: (YMMV)

  • 50¢ HEB Frozen Garlic Bread
  • $1 off HEB Ground Beef, assorted varieties
  • 50¢ HEB Frozen Waffles
  • $1.50 off Ben & Jerry’s 16oz premium ice cream
  • $1 off any HEB brand milk

I am definitely going to buy all of the above listed items and make spaghetti with meat sauce with garlic bread this week!  My family loves spaghetti and it’s so inexpensive to make!  I will also enjoy the big savings with the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream discount of $1.50 since it’s priced at $3.97 each at my store!  Now I have dinner and dessert covered for one night at my house!

Need More Coupons?

Need more coupons?  Check out my coupon databases and be sure to change the zip codes so you can find more coupons that aren’t offered in our region!  You will also need to change the state abbreviation as well but you can easily Google search it for the zip code you want to use.

Try all of these different zip codes to search for even more savings!

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