SureFire Tacos & Tortilla Grill Review

Surefire Grill Review

Surefire Grill Review

SureFire Tacos & Tortilla Grill Review

Get the full menu here.  Be sure and check out their Happy Hour Specials from 4-7 every night, $2.00 bottled beer or 12 oz margaritas.  

TACO Weekends every Saturday & Sunday- Crispy Taco Plates only $3.69.  Comes with three crispy tacos, refried beans (get the black beans) and amazing rice and drink.  What a bargain!  But don’t expect it to stay this price forever so rush on over and order up your special while you still can!

Hubby and I ate here last weekend when our older kids were gone for the weekend with their dad.  We are a blended family so we do the every other weekend visitation thing.  I suggested that we try out this new Sure Fire Taco & Tortilla Grill because I got a flyer in the mail with their Crispy Taco Plate Special and coupons.  I like trying new food joints and if they run a promo special then I am more inclined to go sooner rather than later!

The atmosphere is relaxed and open with a bar in the right corner when you walk in.  There is also an outdoor seating area that would be perfect for cooler evenings and happy hour.  When we walked in we were greeted by happy and upbeat employees who were busy with food prep and ordering and drive thru service.  (That’s always a good sign when they are busy because it means the food is fresh and good.)  There was a special of the day menu board and laminated menus to browse prior to ordering.

Once we got to the order counter I asked about the Crispy Taco Plate Special for $3.69 and my husband ordered the full size Build Your Own Nacho Plate for $9.99.  You know it’s big when my hunny can normally eat his meal and some of mine too.  The portion was so big that he said he would order the lunch size next time, only $6.99.  You can choose from over 8 protein choices and 13 toppings (no doubling) and you will definitely get your money’s worth from this order alone.  Hunny ordered the grilled marinated sirloin steak as his protein and topped it with crispy potatoes, guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes and jack cheese.

We were given a number card and instructed to be seated and wait for our order number for pick up.  While waiting I perused the fresh salsa bar and was shocked at how fresh and clean it was!  Everything had a lid and a sneeze bar so no yucky germs floating in my salsa.  Taco Cabana ain’t got nothing on this place!  The pico de gallo was fresh and not in the least bit watery.  You could tell they only used the best ingredients by just looking at it.  It tasted even better than it looked.  I loaded up on the pico, fresh tomato salsa, which was neither too spicy or watered down in flavor, chopped cilantro and fresh lime wedges.  There were quite a few choices on the salsa bar, ranging from grilled jalapenos, green salsa, hot sauces in bottles and fresh onion and fresh toppings.

Our food came out in less than 5 minutes and I nearly fell out when I saw the ginormous metal saucer plate my hunny’s nachos arrived on!  This thing was as big as a large pizza pan and fully loaded with nachos and toppings.  We could have made a meal of the order of nachos alone and priced at only $9.99 you can fill up and leave quite happy.  I dove right in and instantly fell in love with the queso blanco and fresh tomatoes.  I also picked at all of the leftover toppings once hunny was finished and I had cleaned my entire plate of tacos and sides.  Yeah….I was little Miss Piggy that day!

My tacos were cooked to perfection.  The crispy shells were actually crispy and not bogged down in grease.  I hate seeing the corn shell with wet grease spots because when you bite into it you can taste the heavy fat in each bite.  This shell was light and crispy and made as if angels from heaven came down and made them for me.  The ground beef had a great texture and the seasoning was not your usual run of the mill Tex-Mex taco pouch seasoning.  If you are looking for Taco Bell keep driving because Sure Fire is far from fast food!  I wished I had looked a little more closely at the internal parts of the taco since I am writing this review but at the time I wasn’t thinking about review writing….all I wanted to do was get it all in my mouth as fast as possible!  So I have no idea what little tidbits of flavoring was in my taco but I do know that it was so good that I didn’t waste a single bit!

The rice and beans were the star of the plate.  No kidding here!  They are usually just cheap filler sides that make it seem like you’re getting more food but I literally cleaned my entire plate of food and was sad when the whole experience was over.  The rice was not the typical orange color and I can’t tell what flavor/seasonings were used but I do know that I paired the rice and beans with the fresh pico de gallo and chopped cilantro from the salsa bar and it was a marriage made in heaven.  My mouth sang true love from the first bite.

When I placed my order they advised that they were out of refried beans and suggested I try the refried black beans.  Black beans are my favorite so I gladly accepted the suggestion.  I could literally make a meal of just the refried black beans and rice with tortilla chips and the pico de gallo.  I was literally taking my plastic spoon and trying to scrap up every bit of that yummy bean smear on  my plate.  It was thick and creamy but not the least bit dry…you know what I am talking about….when the refried beans are thick and hard and trying to eat it is like trying to down a spoonful of peanut butter without choking.  No, these beans were creamy and velvety and seasoned so perfectly.  Gosh….this is making me wish I had some right now!  🙁

We were eyeballing the people at the table in front of us….well, we were actually eyeballing their margaritas and wishing my hunny didn’t have to go back to work so we could have imbibed ourselves.  But we decided to save it for another day when he’s not working and the older kids aren’t with us.  They looked so refreshing and the people kept commenting on how good they were which me made salivate with envy.

So overall…..5 Stars out of 5 Stars for Service, Menu and Pricing.  Five stars for everything really!  I hope they do very well and will be around for a long time to come!  I recommend you get there as fast as you can and return as fast as you can!  I will be thinking about those darn beans and rice this week!  Haha!!  They did have a comment card on the table that states that you can receive some discount (I was so mesmerized by the food that I forgot the details) on your next visit if you write a review of their restaurant on Yelp.  Since this is my blog and not Yelp I won’t get a discount but it’s okay because I am all about supporting our local businesses!

*I am not paid or endorsed to write this review.  The opinions and comments in this review are mine and I was not compensated to write it.  But if they ever decided to repay the kindness….I would be happy if they repaid in rice and refried black beans and pico de gallo!

Have you eaten here already?  What did you have and did you like it?  Will you going back soon?  I am looking forward to attending at least one Happy Hour soon!