Snap by Groupon Tutorial by Emily


Snap by Groupon Tutorial by Emily

Snap by Groupon Tutorial by Emily - Snap App Graphic

Snap by Groupon Tutorial by Emily makes using the Snap App a “SNAP!”  It’s easy to earn cashback on items you buy and use everyday.  The key to extreme couponing and getting extreme savings is not about chasing deals all week long.  It’s about finding ways to get the most savings for the products you buy, every week, on a consistent basis.  Read on to learn more about Snap and how it can pay you back!

How Does It Work Exactly?

Snap by Groupon Tutorial by Emily - grocery coupons on your phone

It’s more or less a grocery coupon on your phone only you don’t use it at checkout to lower your out of pocket cost like you would a manufacturer coupon or digital coupon.

All you do is: 1) Browse the offer in your app 2) purchase the qualifying item at any store and 3) snap a picture of your receipt.  It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3!

How it works

Snap by Groupon gives you cash back on everyday grocery purchases – no matter where you shop. It’s like having grocery coupons on your mobile phone, but way better!

Their offers work at any store, and you never have to hassle with clipping or redeeming paper coupons. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Download the Snap app for iPhone or Android, or use the Snap website

2) Browse our offers before you shop

3) Purchase promoted products at any store

4) Snap a photo of your receipt and get cash in your account!

Earn $20 in cash back and they’ll send you a check. It’s that simple. Plus, you can earn even more cash by sharing Snap with friends. Visit them at for more information. Happy Snapping!

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Unlimited and easy redemptions make it easy to use the app!

Snap by Groupon Tutorial by Emily - You can redeem offers multiple times

Some offers are limited to just one but most of the offers I’ve used on SNAP were for unlimited redemptions.  There is a limit of 50 redemptions per receipt.  In other words, if you decide to buy 200 units of a product, ring up 4 transactions with a maximum of 50 per receipt instead of checking out with all 200 in one transaction.

The redemptions are available as long as the offer appears in the app.  There are times when a hot item will pop up for a crazy good redemption so you won’t want to wait to submit your receipt for your rebate.  It’s not quite like other rebate apps because you can’t “unlock” or “hold” an offer and redeem it later.

Tips for uploading your receipt photos

Snap by Groupon Tutorial by Emily - uploading your receipt


I honestly never really have issues uploading my receipts but I do know of a few who have issues with getting it just right.  I use both my smartphone and my tablet and I’ve never had any issues.  You just need to be sure and capture the receipt so it has all of the necessary items like store name, date and time of purchase, capture the entire receipt and make sure it’s not blurry.

You have to remember human beings are reading these receipts with their naked eyeballs, not telescopes or microscopes so take some extra time to learn to snap a good picture of your receipt.  Once you snap a few it gets really easy and goes faster for future rebates.

Cash out at $20 and earn money from referrals

Snap by Groupon Tutorial by Emily - cash out at $20


If you’ve read any of my previous rebate app tutorials, deals or posts then you’ll know that I save up my account balances in ALL of my rebate apps for one purpose this year.  It’s to save up for Christmas shopping so I am not busting my budget and I can enjoy spending it!  I don’t miss what I don’t see, right?  Once you earn $20 in your account from rebates then you can claim your check and get paid.

You can also rack up more money by referring your friends and family using your referral link.  You make $1 per referral and I am sure you know at least 20 people who could use another rebate app that pays them back for buying things we use each and every week!

Ready to sign up and start earning cashback for your purchases today?  Click here to get started.

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