Shop and Save at HEB with digital coupons


Shop and Save at HEB with digital coupons

Shop and Save at HEB with digital coupons

Shop and Save at HEB with digital coupons.  You don’t even have to own a smartphone to use the app!  All you need is a phone number and your computer, tablet or laptop and you can utilize this incredible money saving tool.  I love the digital coupons because if you don’t like to clip weekly newspaper coupons but you like to save to money then this app makes that possible.  It has many of the same coupons that couponers find in their weekly newspaper inserts or online for printables.


First things first – if you haven’t already signed up for the app then go here to get started –  You will need to create an account and enter a mobile phone number.  Your phone number will be the account number for your digital app.  You will also select a PIN to use so no one can just enter your phone number and use your coupons.  There is a brief video that overviews how the app works so be sure and watch it.

Add your digital coupons for massive savings

Once you sign up and create your account, you can add all of the available coupons to your account.  The app is still fairly new as it just launched a little over a month ago so you will need to load up your digital coupons at least an hour before you plan to shop.  You can easily create a shopping list that you can print, check prices of the products you plan to purchase at your store and HEB stores in your area and even find items on sale or marked down at your store.

Create your shopping list and print it

I created my shopping list of items I plan to purchase today and I wanted to share it with you so you can see how much you can really save using these digital coupons.  With my list today I will save a total of 36% and I didn’t have to clip any coupons or hunt down HEB yellow coupons in the store.

It’s as easy as ABC, 123 to use!  I just use the app to a) load up my digital coupons, b) add the products to my shopping list and c) print the list by departments (there is an option to go A-Z or Z-A but I like knowing where to find my products better).

Then I go to the store and 1) shop for the items on my printed list and check them off as I go, 2) I go through checkout and 3) enter my phone number on the keypad to utilize my coupons.

My personal shopping list:

The store price is listed in blue and the digital coupon discount is in red

  • HEB Ground beef 1lb chub $5.17   $1
  • HEB It’s Juice 100% Apple Juice 64-oz $1.39   $0.50
  • H-E-B Frozen Waffles 6-24 ct., assorted varieties $1.29  $0.50
  • H-E-B Texas Peanut Butter, 18 oz., assorted varieties $2.37  $0.75
  • H-E-B Frozen Garlic Bread or Breadsticks, 8-16 oz., assorted varieties $1.29  $0.50
  • H-E-B Bake Shop Bagels, 20 oz., assorted varieties $2.48  $1
  • HEB Bake Shop 100% Whole Wheat Round Top Bread, 16-oz $0.98  $0.50
  • H-E-B Toothpaste, 3.4 – 5.8 oz. $2.97   $1
  • H-E-B Milk, 1 gallon, assorted varieties $3.37  $1
  • Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars 3.5 oz., assorted varieties $3.98   $2
  • Bounty Paper Towels, 1 big roll $0.97  $1
  • Shout Wipes Portable Travel Pack Stain Treater Towelettes, 4-ct $0.97  $1
  • H-E-Buddy Watermelon Mint Cavity Protection toothpaste gel, 4.2-oz $1.97  Buy H-E-Buddy toothpaste, get H-E-Buddy toothbrushes free
  • Ben & Jerry’s Super Premium Ice Cream 16 oz., assorted varieties $3.97  $1.50
  • H-E-Buddy Extra Soft Toothbrushes, 2-ct $1  FREE with purchase of H-E-Buddy toothpaste
  • Shout Wipe & Go Instant Stain Remover 12-ct $2.48  $1
  • Gevalia Coffee 12-oz bag $6.42  $1
  • H-E-B Radiant White Fresh Mint Fluoride Anticavity Whitening Toothpaste, 5.8-oz $2.97  $1
  • HEB Classic Selections Frozen Waffles 10-ct $1.29  $0.50
  • (2) NIVEA for Men Platinum Protect Ocean Burst Bodywash $3.97  $3/2

Pre-coupon total:  $55.27

Total coupon deductions:  $19.75

Final total:  $35.52 for 21 items for a total savings of 36%

Now there are literally hundreds and thousands of combinations of deals to be had with these coupons.  I wanted to show new digital coupon users how the app works and how easy it is to save money without having to become an extreme couponer.

Just 10 minutes a week could save you over $1000 per year in groceries!  

Confession – I see numerous customers in line ahead of me at HEB and they don’t use the app so all I see are dollars being wasted on paying more for groceries than necessary.  All it takes is a few minutes of time and a bit of planning to save yourself almost $20 on this trip alone!

If you used the digital coupons to help you save just $20 a week in groceries then you will have saved $1040 per year!  I can’t understand why a person wouldn’t want to take the ten minutes a week to load up the coupons to save this much money!  It makes me scratch my head in disbelief!

Rebate apps that you pay you back cash money for items you use EVERYDAY! 

I will also admit that I am a rebate app addict!  I am not a deal chaser kind of couponer.  If I had to label myself it would be practical extreme couponer who is too busy to chase deals week to week.  I can shop and buy the things that I need while still saving money and I didn’t have to clip or print umpteen dozen coupons or run to the stores and hope to find products still on the shelves.  I call this kind of couponing Practical Couponing for Busy People and it’s my kind of couponing and savings!

The rebate apps pay me back money on items I purchase and use everyday like fruits, vegetables, peanut butter, ice cream, pretty much anything and everything I use.  The rebates aren’t always the same week to week but I’ve made out pretty well so far this year.  I’ve earned back over $200 in rebates with all of the apps I use.

It would probably have been more but I admit that I wasn’t as diligent in using the apps at the beginning of this year.  I am saving up all of the rebate app dollars for my Christmas shopping for my three kids and it won’t break my budget because it’s all money I earned back and haven’t seen all year long.

Learn all about the rebate apps in the tutorials I created below.  I have YouTube videos and easy explanations so you can see how easy it is to save money without losing your mind in coupons!

 Couponing Tutorials

  • How To Ibotta Tutorial by The Korean Couponer – If you aren’t using Ibotta for rebates then you will NEVER see the same extreme savings that other extremers experience.  Extreme couponing doesn’t have to take over your life when you have the right tools in place to help you succeed!
  • SavingStar Tutorial with The Korean Couponer – If you aren’t signed up for savings with SavingStar then you need to read this post and watch the video.  Extreme couponing and extreme savings will require you to be rebate app savvy!
  • Checkout 51 Tutorial by Emily – Checkout 51 Tutorial by Emily gives you a preview of the app and it’s features for couponers or anyone who wants to save money and get cashback on purchases for their everyday items every week.
  • Snap by Groupon Tutorial by Emily – The key to extreme couponing and getting extreme savings is not about chasing deals all week long.  It’s about finding ways to get the most savings for the products you buy, every week, on a consistent basis.
  • Join The Korean Couponer on tsū – Ever wonder how other couponers get a jump start on the deals long before you even know about them?  They are following couponers on tsu for the latest and hottest deals up to 3 weeks ahead of everyone else!

Are you a visual learner like me?  Watch the videos to learn to coupon here!! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you see new videos as soon as they upload!  Remember, the early bird ALWAYS get the best pickings!

Need Some Coupons?  I have printable databases if you are interested in learning to save more money.  Print in black and white to save on ink.  Why not just browse to see if any of these could save you some additional cash?  

Try all of these different zip codes to search for even more savings!

77477- TX 21286-MD  10009-NY  19342-PA  90210-CA  33033-FL  29063 -SC 19187-PA  73132-OK  97207-OR  80109-CO  44117 -OH 15007-PA  63047-MO  57007-SD  51559-IA  48816-MI  53511-WI  55080-MN  71055-LA  73003-OK  27520-NC  89109-NV  30180-GA  95820-CA  85331-AZ  92111-CA  45435-OH  90630-CA  30802-GA  74128-OK  12345-NY  76543-TX  11223-NY  18465-PA 16322-PA

Database #1

Database #2

Red Plum Coupons

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