Create a Secret Facebook Group for Coupon Deals


Create a Secret Facebook Group for Coupon Deals

What???  Why in the world would I ever want to create a secret Facebook group for coupon deals???  To store all of your coupon deals in one location, that’s why!!  No more scrambling to find the deal post or scrolling through your feeds hundreds of times a day!  (Don’t feel bad, I am sooooooohhhhh guilty of that myself!)  Did you know that you can use your smartphone to share the content to your new secret group page?  I like the fact that I only add the deals I am interested in and I can see the details of the deal quickly when shopping.

First create a group page

Create Your Own Secret Group on Facebook - How To Image

On your homepage of Facebook at the far left of the screen and halfway down the middle is a menu bar that says Create Groups.  You will click on this bar and name your page.  I named mine TKC’s Secret Deals Feed and I made it private so no one can find it or see my posts.  I do this so people won’t ask to join because this group is just for me and my coupon deals.  I don’t want their deals, posts or spam to be added to my group feed.  Nothing personal there, but the whole idea is to keep it to my deals only otherwise it becomes yet another coupon group.

If you regularly coupon with a group of friends then it might be a good idea to add them but still keep the group in secret status so no one can see your posts.  Your small group can now have one central location to share content and deals and you don’t have to scroll through a billion other posts or feeds just to find it again.

Share from other social media sites using your smartphone

Create Your Own Secret Group on Facebook - Easy to share from your smartphone

If you follow deals on other social media sites besides Facebook then you can share them to your Facebook group page with your smartphone.  My Samsung Galaxy III allows me the option to share any content to Facebook so I click and share the link to my Facebook secret group feed.  The coupon deals are now located in my feed and I don’t have to write anything down or try and remember where I saw the deal.

I check my feeds on all of my social media accounts several times a day and all day long.  I will scroll and check it when I am out and about shopping or running errands and while waiting in the pick up line to get my kids from school.

I like to think of using my method the same as collecting a bunch of sticky notes.  If I wrote down the deals and breakdowns for everything on a sticky note and put them in a pile then I could easily find them and comb through them, right?

I have so many deals to catch within a week that I don’t really remember the details all too well when shopping.  I make spreadsheets and detailed deal breakdowns before I go shopping but every couponer knows that YMMV and my mileage varies all the time!  Being able to quickly pull up the deal post on my phone while in the aisle shopping is a great way to save time and frustration.

How to share to group feed quick tutorial

Create a Secret Facebook Group for Coupon Deals - Quick Tutorial to Share from your smartphone

Step 1 

Create a Secret Facebook Group for Coupon Deals - Quick Tutorial step 1

Step 2

Create a Secret Facebook Group for Coupon Deals - Quick Tutorial step 2

Step 3

Create a Secret Facebook Group for Coupon Deals - Quick Tutorial step 3

I can add personal notes in the comments and no one will see them

Create Your Own Secret Group on Facebook - My Secret Deals Feed

I am one of those people who has to write things down or I will forget it later on!  If I need to add notes to the post to remind myself of something then I simply write in the comments.  I am the only one reading it so I can write whatever I like!  I usually make notes about sale dates (mostly about Target’s sale dates since they last longer than a week) and special promotions (HEB Catalina deals or Target gift cards).

I also remind myself to print out the coupons or make note if I saw a better deal at another store instead of the one in the post so I can go get that better deal.  I tell myself how many products to buy for the deal in the comments so I can avoid having a billion sticky notes all over my desk because my monitor is already covered in so many!

I shared some of my own posts to my secret group to see if I could see what I wrote in my comments and I can’t see anything except that my content was shared.  So add whatever notes and comments you need to add to your posts in your group without worrying that the whole world will see it.  Like I said, be sure and keep the status as secret if you don’t want your posts and comments available to the public.

Having a secret group feed for your deals helps you learn your sales cycles

I always preach to learn your local sales cycles so you can learn to spot and find your own deals without relying on coupon bloggers to do it for you.  Bloggers can only post so many deals and we can’t catch every last one of them and still manage to sleep and live normal lives.  But if you find a product that you regularly use and you want to spot a trend in how often it goes on sale then having your secret group will help you track it.

I wrote an entire post about learning your local sales cycles, click here to read it.

You can scroll back as far as you like because Facebook stores the history of the posts for you.  Perhaps you want to compare store sales and see which one actually turns out to be the better bargain and being able to browse through the previous posts and deals is easy with your deals feed in your secret group.

You can easily share deals in your own coupon groups

I know many couponers who partner with a friend to tackle the deals at the stores.  Having your own secret group feed will allow everyone to post the deals to the group so you can see the same deals.  You need to be sure to change the settings if you want to allow everyone in the group to post easily enough by changing the group settings option.

I added my husband to my secret group so that he could see exactly what I am talking about when I tell him about a deal.  If I need him to go and grab a deal for me then he has the post with the breakdown right there in front of him.  I don’t have to explain much since it’s all right there for him to read.  Plus there’s no guessing at what product to buy or which coupons to use since it’s all included in the post.

Join me on tsū – the new social media network for couponers 

 Create Your Own Secret Group on Facebook - Join me on tsū - the hottest new social media for couponersIf you ever wonder how couponers know about the hottest deals early on and why you always end up getting the tail end of the deals is because you are still using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hunt for your deals.  Couponers are not sharing the best deals on those social media sites because they can get paid to comment, like and share content on tsū.  Makes sense, right?  Why give away the information for free when you can make a little money instead?

Sharing from tsū is easy, just follow the same steps from above to share and save from your phone.  I just want to let you know that if the content on tsū has a picture then it won’t carryover to FB until you open the post in the group.  You also can’t share it from the group to any other place on Facebook.  I don’t see it as a problem since I know that I can make notes in the comments section of the posts to know which deal I am sharing.

Use my invitation link to join my network on tsū –

Tsū is not at all like Facebook so let’s cover a few things before you get started.  First, you have to join through an invitation link because it’s all about networking.  It’s free to join and you are under no obligations at all.  The more you network, the more people you can reach and the more money you can earn.  It will take time to start earning more than a few pennies a day but focus more on growing your network and try and keep your expectations realistic.  I’ve only been in the network for three months and I have 655 friends and $7.34 in my account.  Not bad considering I am not as active as some serious couponers and users.

A few quick tips to help you get started

When you first join, be sure and send me a friend request right away.  You have the ability to see my friends list on my profile page and you can send requests to all of my friends too.  I highly encourage you to befriend them all!  No will reject you or think you’re crazy because we all want to share, trust me!  I would say 98% of my entire friends list on tsū are couponers who post the hottest deals so send requests until you reach your limit of 50.

We are limited to how much we can like, comment and share daily as well as only sending out 50 friend requests in a given seven day period.  I hardly ever notice the limits except when I first started out because I wanted as many coupon friends as possible so I could see all the deals.  There is literally tons of information posted daily about the limits and the best ways to use tsū to your top advantage.  Just remain diligent about logging in to tsū as much, if not more than Facebook on a daily basis.

It will take at least a full day to get your feed going since everyone posts late in the evening and early in the morning.  It could possibly seem like a ghost town when you first join but keep in mind that it’s not Facebook so be patient.  You won’t be on your own to fly solo either since we are a community.  I would say it takes a full week to really get into it but once it gets going there’s no stopping what we loving call the “tsunami!”  All of a sudden your status elevates, you are on the map and you are engaged and interacting with thousands of people daily.

Once you send requests and give it at least 24 hours you will find that your feed will be flooded with posts for the hottest coupon deals.  I will get a notification that you joined my network and I will ask my whole entire coupon community to welcome you, send your friend requests and help you get started.  Joining tsū is kind of like getting married to a large family, once you join our family, we welcome you with open arms and take you under our wings.

As your new tsū momma, I will share posts to your feed for you to view, especially of the hottest coupon deals and money makers, and I will spend time checking in on you to comment, like and share your posts and content on a regular basis.  The more active you are, the more content you will see and the more money you will earn.

Tsū is all about building community, supporting one another and staying connected.  You find lots of love, super helpful answers and feedback from some of the nicest people I have come to know in social media.  We build each other up and help each other all the time.

Hashtag is KING on tsū

Hashtags (#______) are king on tsū as they group everything together in that specific hashtag.  The only drawback is that if anyone else uses your hashtag then you see all of the content under that same hashtag too.  You can type the hashtags on google, any search engine and most especially in the tsū search bar and it will bring up all of the relevant posts and content associated with it.

I always use #thekoreancouponer for my content so you can type this in the search bar on tsū and find all of the posts and content I shared.  I highly recommend you create a hashtag with your tsū user name so that everything you post will point back to you and can be found under your unique hashtag.  It will be super helpful when you want to grow your network because your tsū babies can find coupon deals and content under your unique hashtag while they wait for their “tsunami” to get hit.

The best hashtags to see all of the best coupon deals on tsū are:

#tsucouponcommunity  #tsunation  #tsunami  #couponcommunity  #couponfamily #couponnewbie #extremecouponing #freeisbetter #hebdeals #txcouponers

There are literally hundreds more but these will get you off to a great start.  Once you join, you can add your friends to your network and they can see the deals through your network and hashtags!  I love sharing on tsū because its super active and everyone is engaged because we all have the same motivation to interact!   I never got paid a dime to do all of this work on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!  Once you reach $100 in your tsū bank, you can request a check to be sent to you for payment.

Just imagine all of the coupon deals you could do with that extra $100 cash!  Where else besides tsū can you get paid to find the hottest coupon deals before everyone else and get paid to do it?  If you know of anything like it, please drop me an email at and share!  I would love to know and join!

Final Thoughts

I am all about making things easier, faster and more efficient when it comes to my couponing and frugal living lifestyle.  I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and I offer coaching services.  I love helping people turn their pennies into dollars and frugal lifestyle coaching is my specialty.  I can help you with money saving recipes, budgeting and finances, stockpiling, shopping trips and the list goes on and on.  Click here to read my service menu.

Feel free to email me your questions at as I am happy to help in any way that I can!  

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