5 Tips for Printing Coupons


5 Tips for Printing Coupons successfully.  Sometimes printing isn’t as straight forward as we hope, especially when it comes to internet printables.  Problems arise with the website or links and other times it’s our printer settings.

You can save money by changing a few printer settings and I offer a great tip for when ink levels are low but you really want that one high value coupon!

5 Tips for Printing Coupons

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Five tips for printing coupons:

1.  Change your printer settings to print in grayscale to save ink. Color ink is not cheap!  You can also save black ink by changing the print setting to draft quality instead of selecting normal or best quality prints.

Keep in mind that the better quality print settings do scan better at checkout.  I still use the draft quality setting since my cashiers never seem to mind using their hand held scanners to scan my not-so-perfect-print-quality coupons for me.

2.  Save paper by making sure you select coupons in multiples of 3.  Three coupons fit per sheet of printing paper.  Target.com coupons will print 4 to a sheet and so do some other retailer store coupons.  Try to be sure and fit the maximum coupons per sheet to save paper.

If I get a coupon offer for one product, like Coffeemate creamer from Facebook or email, then I print the one coupon on a sheet.  I then take that same sheet and turn it the other direction and print the second coupon on the other side.  This way I still get two coupons to print on that sheet.

You can test this out on a practice piece of paper that didn’t have a valuable coupon.  To figure out your printer orientation begin by printing a test page then mark a dot on the end that comes out first and facing you.  Then put the paper back in the paper tray with the dot at the top of the page.

Keep using the dot method until you memorize which way to load the paper back in the tray for the second print.  It does leave a big blank space in the middle of the page but I also have use for that little piece of paper!

I save cost on memo and note paper by saving the middle section of the two coupon sheet.  I use those little cut out sheets for my grocery and deals lists and to write quick memos.  It’s much cheaper than post-it notes and I am happy that I am not killing more trees!  I also save them and let my kids use them to color and draw on.

Practical Couponing for Busy People Method Hack:  My kids bring home a weekly folder that highlights and announces all of the weekly activities going on at school.  It amazes me at how much paper they use to get the message out to the parents!  Some of it is even printed on colored paper!

I use a magazine file box to store these blank sheets instead of tossing them out after reading them.  The school is good about using two-sided printing but there are still plenty of sheets that have a blank back side.

I allow my kids to color, draw or turn these sheets into comic books.  I make sure to remind them to be conservative because once those sheets are used up they have to wait to collect more.  I believe it’s important to teach them to reduce, reuse and recycle and this is a great way to show them how it’s done.

3.  Make sure your ink levels are good.  There’s nothing worse than running out ink halfway through a big print out of coupons.  If the coupon barcode can’t be read or scanned at the register then it could potentially be rejected.

Practical Couponing for Busy People Method Hack:  If you are low on ink and really want to print a few coupons then pick three that you want the most, print those three first and then check your ink levels again.

Keep selecting just three at a time and printing those three until you fear your ink will not hold out.  This way you won’t lose the coupons your printer didn’t print in this session.

Example: If you know your ink is low and you selected 21 coupons to print but you printed them ALL AT ONCE.  Let’s say the printer ink runs out in the middle of printing Coupon #8 and all of the pages that comes out afterwards are blank.

Although the pages were blank, the coupon printer software STILL COUNTS all the other coupons as being printed in THIS PRINT SESSION even though you couldn’t finish printing them.

You’ve lost those coupons and you can’t reprint them and if you reached your print limit (remember, you can only print two per IP address) then you’re not able to print unless the coupon resets again.

This was a hard lesson for me to learn.  It cost me quite a few high value coupons and aggravation so heed my advice carefully and go slowly when printing on low ink.

4.  Be careful when cutting/clipping your printed coupons.  The outside border of the coupon has writing that includes important information about you like your IP address.  Don’t cut the writing off and definitely don’t cut inside the border!  The cashier can reject the coupon if you do cut off the tiny print around the coupon.

Internet printable coupons image

Internet printable coupon image

5.  Last Tip:  Use various zip codes to see more offers.  I use 77477 the most since it has the biggest availability of coupons.  You can change the zip code settings in the profile tab at the top right of the page.  You also have to change the state so 77477 is in Texas.  I am working on getting a list of zip codes with their states together so you can search them anytime.

90210 is California and you should try Google for other well known cities.  Also try the zip codes of friends and families in different states.  You’d be surprised at the numbers of coupons that vary from region to region.

I hope my 5 Tips for Printing Coupons helps you to save time and money!  I love being able to print the coupons from home.  It feels like I am printing money except it’s legal!

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One last resource I highly recommend is my Beginner’s Guide to Couponing and Coupon Cheat Sheet.  These are great to help you get a head start on turning your pennies into dollars!

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