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Pillsbury – Free Recipes & Coupons

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Exclusive Coupons

Pillsbury Free Recipes & Coupons - Exclusive High Value Coupons

Take a look at these coupons!  The Big G Cereal coupons alone made me drool just a little!  I will be printing this ASAP because my kiddos eat the heck out of cereal, especially during summer break and the coupons for cereal in the coupon inserts are pitiful with their $1/3.  Don’t get wrong, I am always grateful to have coupons, BUT these $0.75/1 make for much better deals in my opinion!!

I sign up for these free recipe and coupon offers just for the high value coupons alone!  These are not identical to the ones you see on Coupons.com or other databases because they are much higher in value.  Read up on my five tips for printing internet coupons then click here.  It will help ensure that you get the most out of your print sessions and save ink & paper!

FREE Recipes

I love getting free recipes because I honestly do “borrow” a lot of dinner and meal ideas from recipes just like this one for Ground Beef Totchos.  It seems pretty practical and easy to me and that’s what I am looking for when it comes to weeknight meals!  Fast and easy and nothing complicated with ingredients I would most likely have stocked in my fridge and pantry!  This one dish casserole is great because that means less dishes for me to wash and clean up too!

Pillsbury Free Recipes & Coupons - Ground Beef Totchos


There’s nothing complicated about this dessert recipe either!  Just press the cookies into the sheet pan, cover with marshmallows, chocolate chips and pretzels and bake.  How so-not-complicated is that???  This means I can do dinner and dessert in 20 minutes of prep time, pop in the oven to bake and while we eat dinner, dessert can cool and the whole meal is done without any complications!

Pillsbury Free Recipes & Coupons - PretzelChocoChipCookieBars

I like this cookie bar recipe because I can cheat using store bought break apart cookies and just layer the other ingredients on top.  If I made this for a bake sale it would sell out and no one has to know that it was the easiest dessert to bake!  I might do a bit of a variation by adding other toppings like chopped pecans and changing it up during the holidays.  It would be easy to make this “Christmas-y” by using a sugar cookie base, topping with marshmallows, broken candy cane pieces and maybe even mint chocolate chips!

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In the last two years that I’ve been a member I received an email offer for a FREE wall calendar with even more recipes to be mailed to me!  It’s a really nice full color wall calendar and it features a recipe every month.  May’s recipe of the month is the Ground Beef Totchos which is why I featured it in this post too!  It was too good not to share with all of you!

From time to time they will also send emails for exclusive gifts, offers, freebies and samples from new or upcoming products and brands.  I like knowing about them early because I can get ahead start on printing high value coupons when I see them and be on the lookout for promotional store sales when the manufacturer is trying to create new brand awareness.  New brands and products are always really cheap when they first launch so people will try their products!

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