It Pays to be Polite


It pays to be polite!  I just scored an awesome money-saving, stock-up deal on Butterball Everyday Turkey Bacon at Walgreens for simply being polite!

It pays to be polite

It pays to be polite in this day and age in our society!  I popped out to my nearest local Walgreens location (corner of Elms Rd and Stan Schlueter Loop for my local folks) yesterday to pick up some of my favorite Butterball Turkey Bacon that was on sale for $1.29 and use my coupons to get an awesome deal.

When I picked up the Butterball Turkey Bacon I checked the expiration dates because this is a firm habit of mine.  I want to make sure the product is not out of date when I purchase it and I need to know how long I have before I need to freeze the surplus.  I found 15 packages that had an expiration date of 1/31/15. So these were already expired!

I found an employee who was stocking items in the back room and politely, calmly and quietly explained that the 15 packages I found were expired and there were more in the refrigerator case but I was not able to reach them.  I also asked if they had anymore in stock that hadn’t expired yet.  She was more than happy to take the expired packages off  the shelves and find fresh turkey bacon for me.

She ended up needing help reaching the product in the stock room and asked her manager David to pitch a hand.  He noticed that the dates on the packages in the back were to expire within a week so he offered to let me purchase as many as I like for $1.00 per package.  I made sure to ask if it was okay to use my coupons with the adjusted purchase price and he was more than happy to oblige!

It pays to be polite! Butterball Turkey Bacon Deal at Walgreens

He said he would rather sell them to me at a discounted price than have to throw them out as expired products later.  So if you want some 45¢ turkey bacon then run to this location and ask Mr. David if he will adjust the price for you.  I did warn him that I would write up this post so he should be expecting couponers to come and ask!  I also told him I would fill out the survey on my receipt and tell them how wonderful I think the employees are at this location!  It’s my favorite location of the three in my local area.

Practical Couponing for Busy People Method Hack:  Have you ever noticed that employees in stores are more likely to go above and beyond what is asked of them when you are polite, nice and patient?  The old saying that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar really does apply here!  I am not saying you should flatter someone to death or be insincere but you really should make it a habit to smile, use eye contact and be patient.

Besides, with as much money as you are saving using your coupons and getting your money saving deals, you should be nothing but happy and cheerful!  You want to be remembered as the happy, nice and polite couponer rather than the one everyone hates to see walk in the door.  Mind your manners and watch it pay off!

So here’s my deal breakdown:

I bought (27) Butterball Everyday Turkey Bacon packages at $1.00 each, reg. $1.50

I used (25) $0.55/1 Butterball Everyday Turkey Bacon or Turkey Breakfast Sausage  1/4 SS (3/1)

I used (2)  $0.75 on one (1) package of Butterball® Turkey Bacon coupons printed from Butterball’s website

Final Price:  $11.75 for 27 packages of turkey bacon or 71% savings!  

I have enough turkey bacon to last us one entire year!  This is just yet another way that I save my family money with practical couponing!

I am sure you have a few questions so let me just go ahead and answer them and get them out of the way.

Where did you get 25 coupons for turkey bacon?  I purchased extra newspapers (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston) and a friend donated quite a few inserts in the month of January so I ended up with multiples.

How did you use the printables with the insert coupons in one transaction?  It varies from store to store and at management’s discretion.  It states on the coupon that there is a maximum of two identical coupons in one transaction.  It is talking about the identical printable, not the identical insert coupon, which had no limits.  I read the fine print carefully while waiting for Mr. David to grab 27 packages of turkey bacon for me.

Can I freeze these and how?  These are perfect to go straight from fridge to freezer in the original packaging as long as you have never opened it.  If you want to freeze leftover uncooked turkey bacon then I suggest freezing it flat in a freezer zipper storage bag or use my favorite method, The Food Saver Vacuum Sealer System.

I don’t suggest freezing cooked turkey bacon.  As a matter of fact, I don’t suggest keeping any leftover cooked turkey bacon.  It’s not pork bacon so after it has sat around for a few hours it gets soggy and not so crispy.  After all…it is turkey and turkey is a really lean protein.  This is why we don’t see packages of pre-cooked turkey bacon like we do pre-cooked pork bacon!

WORDS OF CAUTION:  This sale ends tomorrow (2/7) so hurry on over there if you want some cheap turkey bacon!  Also please keep in mind that Mr. David extended a courtesy to me and none of us are entitled to any discounts, mark downs or price adjustments.  It is a privilege to use coupons to help cut down on our costs and if more people were polite, patient and appreciative then the world would be a much better place.

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