Paypal Friends & Family Payment Tutorial


Paypal Friends & Family Payment Tutorial

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the screen shots to complete the transaction.

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Still have questions?  No problem, I’ve got you covered!  Check out my Q&A below!

Why do I have to use PayPal?  

PayPal is a third party and this protects both the buyer and the seller.  I don’t have any access to your personal banking information and you don’t have access to mine.

Yes, I do realize that many small business owners have the little box devices that they plug into their phones so you can swipe your card for payment.  I personally don’t feel comfortable using this method of payment because what if I ever lost my phone?  Your credit card information could be stored in my phone through email or an app and now that my phone is lost or stolen, your bank information can be too!  YIKES!!

Have you ever had to sort out an identity theft issue?  It ain’t pretty!  I steer clear of this option for this reason and to avoid any liability issues in case your information does get hacked.  (Think Target and that whole database hack on Black Friday the year before last.)

There is also a fee of 2.90% + $0.30 per transaction, and that’s on the lower end of the charge rate scale.  All of my services are $25.00 flat so this adds up to $1.43 in additional fees.  Guess how I would most likely cover the additional fee in my services?  You guessed right, by charging YOU a transaction fee!

Using PayPal allows you and me the option to avoid the fee on both sides by using the Friends & Family option.  Keep reading to learn more about Friends & Family.

 Why do I need to choose the Friends & Family Option?

To save on fees of course!  PayPal wants to charge a flat fee of 2.90% + $0.30 to ME per transaction that occurs into my PayPal account when you don’t use the friends and family option.

Again, this additional and unnecessary cost will be passed on to you when I charge you an additional $2.50 transaction fee when you don’t use Friends & Family option.

I thought I would eliminate this problem altogether by telling you to ONLY choose the friends & family option so everyone wins!  Yay!  More money to spend on our deals!

You said choosing Friends & Family would save me fees so why is PayPal telling me they will charge me a fee for using a credit or debit card?

Because like all businesses, they need to make money too.  This fee can be easily avoided by choosing the option to use your PayPal balance or bank account for your payment.

There are various ways to link up all of these and PayPal can best assist you with those options.  Click here to read more about linking your bank account, debit card, credit card or applying for their various cards and offers.

If you’d like to read more about the PayPal fees then click here to be re-directed to their site.  It’s their payment vehicle so they can answer those burning questions you might still have if you need more information.

Why don’t you accept cash payments?

While we all love cold hard cash in hand, pre-payment for services is required to set up a meeting.  Besides, I am a really, really, really nice person and I tend to feel sorry for people when they give me their sad circumstances and I end up working for free.  Let’s face it, we all need to save as much as we can and we all need more money.

You would be surprised at how many people mistakenly think that The Korean Couponer is charitable organization!

Sorry to say that it is not and I am not able to donate any of my time or information. The payments for my services cover the costs to run and maintain The Korean Couponer blog and will allow me continue to work from home and write up more posts, recipes and make videos on how to save you more money!

I also don’t accept cash payments because I could possibly be tempted to splurge on a great deal while shopping with you!  I want to make absolutely sure that I am not in anyway distracted during our session so pre-payment before meeting keeps everything in perspective!

Do you offer services that are not listed above?

I am your Coupon Coach so the offers listed above are just a general idea of the type of coaching you can receive from me.  If you would like a customized and tailored-for-you coaching session then send me a detailed email with your request to

Be sure and include these when emailing me:

Your first and last name

A good working phone number where I can reach you

Give a brief description of the type of coaching session you would like

Keep in mind that meeting locations are limited to the following:

A retail store like HEB or Target, a restaurant or coffee house (like Starbucks or IHOP) or your home.

I do not give sessions from my own home for security and privacy reasons.

If you would like to schedule a session in your home then please know that my husband will be tagging along with me for my own safety.  This is non-negotiable so please keep that in mind when selecting services.

I look forward to coaching you soon!  Happy Couponing!  

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