Online Coupon Classes


Online Coupon Classes

Coming Soon: TKC's Online Coupon Classes

Learn to coupon and save money with Emily – The Korean Couponer

Online Coupon Classes!  I am very excited to offer my first online class!  You will be able to attend in your pajamas and learn at your own pace!  You can play, pause, rewind and replay at your own convenience!

See a short preview here:  

You can now purchase and view Step 1 of “The Method” Basic Couponing 101 – The Frugal Lifestyle

Basic Couponing 101 – The Frugal Lifestyle Online Video is part of The Korean Couponer’s Online Video Series.

Learning to coupon can be frustrating and hard so I made an online coupon class to make it easy to learn! Learn how coupons create instant disposable income without getting another job!

Over 4 hours of video covering the following topics:

1. “The Method” – I teach you the system to finding your own killer deals, how to start and build your stockpile with FREE items, how to follow and track the sales cycles, I teach you to get started with digital coupons and rebate apps so you don’t need to buy coupons or hunt down a fairy and I cover personal money management and how couponing and the frugal lifestyle leads to total financial freedom – you can afford more of what you want in life without spending more money when you use my system.
2. Where to get coupons – without hunting down a coupon fairy
3. Coupon Math – how to accurately calculate your savings to see if you really are getting a good deal
4. Coupon Use/Abuse/Misuse and Gray Areas of Couponing – how to properly use coupons, BOGO deals and so much more
5. The Stockup Price List and Freezer Prep List – compare and see when your products are at stockup prices with my list
6. The Coupon Stockpile and how to build it with FREE items
7. Selling Your Coupon Stockpile….Is it legal?
8. Digital Coupon Apps and Rebate Apps – I go into detail about Ibotta, SavingStar, TopCashback, HEB and Dollar General’s digital coupons and so many more apps!
9. Money Management and Exponential Savings – how a household budget will keep you from overspending, how couponing and stockpiling saves you money and how this whole system (“The Method”) creates instant disposable income without you getting another job!

You will also receive a free workbook to download and print with your purchase!  Your workbook contains the following:

  1. Coupon Lingo Cheat Sheet
  2. Where to find your coupons list
  3. Coupon Math
  4. TKC Bogo Grid
  5. Sales Cycles Spreadsheet
  6. Digital Coupons Sign Up Sheet
  7. Coupon Coaching
  8. The Korean Couponer’s Stockup Price List & Freezer Prep List

Click this link to watch now!!

© 2015 The Korean Couponer – Emily Bristol |All Rights Reserved.  These downloads and materails may not be shared, distributed, altered or copied without the express written permission of Emily Bristol aka The Korean Couponer.  To send a request contact me at or mail me your request to:
The Korean Couponer 
c/o Emily Bristol
PO Box 2162
Harker Heights, Texas


I am working on creating classes for the following:

Couponing at the following stores –

  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • HEB
  • Walmart
  • Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Family Dollar

Classes on the following areas –

  • Rebate Apps and Digital Coupons
  • Gray Areas of Couponing
  • How to buy brand new brand name clothing for a fraction of the cost (no formal title yet)
  • The Total Budget Makeover
  • How I Bought My House to Fit My Finances (pending title)

Since these videos will be created from scratch, it will take some time to create, edit and make available for viewing.  Please be patient with me as I work on making these available to you.

I love teaching people how to turn their pennies into dollars and offering these classes to you makes me super excited and hyper focused on getting these to you as soon as possible!

Learn to Coupon

In the meantime, please view my Learn to Coupon page and go through the FREE resources available for you.  I have free downloads for you such as my stockpile price sheet so you can compare with national prices and see if your deal is a good stockup price.

You can also download the free coupon binder organizer, watch the free YouTube videos, check out the coupon deal posts to see how coupon deals work out with Coupon Math.  Don’t forget to check out my recipes section to find easy to make meals that include items from your stockpile.

Find ALL of the above and more on the Learn to Coupon page.

Couponing Tutorials

Here are a few tutorials I have created on my YouTube channel for you to view now.  These will get a major overhaul in the near future but please view these for now to see how you can save money while shopping.

  • Join The Korean Couponer on tsū – Ever wonder how other couponers get a jump start on the deals long before you even know about them?  They are following couponers on tsu for the latest and hottest deals up to 3 weeks ahead of everyone else!
  • How To Ibotta Tutorial by The Korean Couponer – If you aren’t using Ibotta for rebates then you will NEVER see the same extreme savings that other extremers experience.  Extreme couponing doesn’t have to take over your life when you have the right tools in place to help you succeed!
  • SavingStar Tutorial with The Korean Couponer – If you aren’t signed up for savings with SavingStar then you need to read this post and watch the video.  Extreme couponing and extreme savings will require you to be rebate app savvy!
  • Checkout 51 Tutorial by Emily – Checkout 51 Tutorial by Emily gives you a preview of the app and it’s features for couponers or anyone who wants to save money and get cashback on purchases for their everyday items every week.
  • Snap by Groupon Tutorial by Emily – The key to extreme couponing and getting extreme savings is not about chasing deals all week long.  It’s about finding ways to get the most savings for the products you buy, every week, on a consistent basis.

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Happy Couponing My Friends!!  


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