On Break – Be Back Soon


On Break – Be Back Soon

On Break - Be Back Soon/Electric Fireworks Photo

 Electric explosion George Alexander Ishida Newman CC 2.0

I am officially going on break – be back soon!  I have just realized that I have not yet taken a vacation since launching my blog last June and it’s starting to take its toll on me.  I just need a quick little break away from working to get some rest, mostly a mental rest, and to break away from the computer and social media for a bit.  Blogging can sort of take over your life if you let it and I certainly love what I do so it doesn’t seem like work, but I need a break nonetheless.  Like the photo of fireworks exploding, so much is going on that it feels like everything is exploding and setting off.  (Not sure if that makes sense to you but it’s the best I can do to describe it.)

I am going to be focusing my time on getting some long overdue doctors appointments and personal errands taken care of and spending some quality time with the family without distractions.  Which means I will be putting away my phone and logging off of my computer during the day!  (GASP)  I am trying to convince myself that I will survive….trying hard!  Haha!

On Break - Be Back Soon/I got bombed!!!

My husband dropped a huge bomb on me yesterday that will forever change our lives and made my year – not my day, not my week….my YEAR!  He tells me he wants to have another baby.  It came out of no where and I was stunned, shocked and I couldn’t stop crying because I was so happy and also so very scared that I was dreaming and I could wake up at any moment.

The reason it is such a big deal for our family is because my husband was so dead-set against having another baby for the entire last year of our lives since our youngest son was born last January.  He has since changed his mind and decided to share the news with me yesterday.  He said he caught “baby fever” since everyone at work is having babies.  I told him that my prediction came true when I told him a year ago that he would change his mind when our son starts to walk.  Sure enough, I was right!!  By the way, I didn’t gloat over being right, I simply mentioned it matter-of-factly.

Marriage Coaching Hack:  I was always very, very, very careful to never bring up the subject or nag my husband about wanting another baby.  Men usually give you what you want when you let them think it was their idea first!  The more I want something, the more I don’t push the issue.  I simply tell him what I think or where I stand about that subject or idea and then I let it go.  He usually comes back after a period of time and says “Baby, I was thinking that I want to (insert desired thing you wanted here).”  True story!  Read John Gray’s Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus if you don’t believe me!

(OMG…..I am STILL working as I type this!  I really need to stop!!  This is why I need a break!!  Ahhhhh!!)

Unscramble my brain!!

So now I am so distracted that I really can’t concentrate until I process this big chunk of news and get things re-organized in my brain.  I feel as though my brain wants to shut down and go into idle mode so the best thing I can do for myself and for all of you is to give it a break.  I will be fully recharged, energized and ready to get back to work in a few days!

Public Service Announcement – Two weeks of vacation in June

I have also decided that I will be taking two weeks off in June, one week for a family vacation, and the other week is to completely re-vamp the website.  Change is always good and sometimes things need to get thrown out and overhauled in order to better serve my audience!  I will announce those dates later next month and tell you about the changes I plan to make.

I hope everyone has an awesome week and I will be posting another great post about financial management and couponing on Sunday April 26, 2015.  See you soon and Happy Couponing!

P.S. – I will be re-posting some of my past posts so you will have something new to look at read!