Money Saving Deals Week of 6/14 – 6/20


Money Saving Deals Week of 6/14 – 6/20

Money Saving Deals at The Korean Couponer - Week of 6/14 - 6/20

Money Saving Deals Week of 6/14 – 6/20 brings us incredible stock up deals on Physician’s Formula makeup at Target – as low as free with rebates!  You can score an entire stockpile of various household cleaners at Walmart for as low as $10.55 after rebates – which is perfect for coupon newbies or anyone starting out with stockpiling.  There were a few freebies this week and you can definitely beat the heat with this crazy good Ben & Jerry’s & Pillsbury piggyback deal at HEB.

FREE, F-R-E-E, all FREE printables and freebies!

I am the FREEBIE queen so be sure and grab yours to make it look like Christmas in your mailbox every week!  I am looking for ways to make money in my spare time, (like I actually have any!), and I found a couple of paying survey websites that will pay you for your time without spamming you like crazy!  I tested out a bunch of others and saved you the headache so you can thank me later!

Be sure and browse the THREE coupon databases and gazillion zip codes I listed for you to try out to find even more awesome money saving coupons! And don’t forget to browse through the YouTube section at the end of the post because I’ve added several new videos and tutorials to help you with your couponing!



The Korean Couponer turns 1 on 6/16!!  This whole first year has gone by so fast and I will admit that it’s been a lot of hard work but I love helping you turn your pennies into dollars!  I went back to my archives and looked at my very first blog post and I see that I’ve learned so much since then!  I can pat myself on the back and say that I was fearless when I started!  I didn’t know a single thing about blogging or posting deals but I sat at my desk and did it anyway!


I would love to read comments and feedback from my readers.  Did you know you can leave a comment or question right on the blog post?  Just scroll to the bottom and type in your comment or question.  Chances are if you have a question, ten other readers are wondering the very same thing.

My goal is to help you all learn to coupon and save money but it can be very difficult to meet your needs if you never tell me what you think.  Blogging and posting deals can feel like mind reading because I never know if you find the information useful or relevant to your needs.

Please help me and tell me how I can better help meet your needs.  Let’s open up lines of communication and discuss what you would like to see more of, less of, tell me your concerns and how I can better serve you.

This week’s Money Saving Deals:

FREEBIES, Samples and Coupons

    • Prilosec OTC Free Sample – still available, just be sure to answer that you actually suffer from heartburn to get your sample!  I answered no and ended up with a $2 printable but I wanted the sample for my husband – who actually suffers from heartburn frequently!
    • Inbox Dollars pays members – Inbox Dollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! New enrollees also receive $5 just for joining and it’s easy to earn money by searching the web!  You can request payment once you reach $30 and also earn referral cash when friends and family sign up through the referral invites.
    • Freebie Sign ups at TKC – Who wouldn’t want their Freebie Sign ups at TKC this week?  (TKC- The Korean Couponer)  I am listing all of your freebies this week in one big post so you can just go down the list and catch ALL of your free samples, sign ups and coupons this week!  The best part?  It’s all FREE of course!!  Make sure you get your Nutella Coupons!!
    • PinchME – PINCHme Samples, Freebies & Coupons is like Christmas in your mailbox ALL YEAR LONG!!  I was so surprised at how easy and fast it is to get samples, freebies and coupons from!  New freebies to be released on Tues 6/9!!
    • P&G Everyday Offers – Coupons, Freebies, Samples, Community and Recipes

Couponing Tutorials

  • Join The Korean Couponer on tsū – Ever wonder how other couponers get a jump start on the deals long before you even know about them?  They are following couponers on tsu for the latest and hottest deals up to 3 weeks ahead of everyone else!
  • How To Ibotta Tutorial by The Korean Couponer – If you aren’t using Ibotta for rebates then you will NEVER see the same extreme savings that other extremers experience.  Extreme couponing doesn’t have to take over your life when you have the right tools in place to help you succeed!
  • SavingStar Tutorial with The Korean Couponer – If you aren’t signed up for savings with SavingStar then you need to read this post and watch the video.  Extreme couponing and extreme savings will require you to be rebate app savvy!
  • Checkout 51 Tutorial by Emily – Checkout 51 Tutorial by Emily gives you a preview of the app and it’s features for couponers or anyone who wants to save money and get cashback on purchases for their everyday items every week.
  • Snap by Groupon Tutorial by Emily – The key to extreme couponing and getting extreme savings is not about chasing deals all week long.  It’s about finding ways to get the most savings for the products you buy, every week, on a consistent basis.

Where can I get more FREE coupons?

I’ve had many readers ask me this question this week so here you go my coupon friends!  Browse away at all 3 of the databases and print to your heart’s content!  If you are on a mobile device then give it a second to load and keep in mind that you might have to email them to yourself and then print them later.  ***If you are using Google Chrome and can’t print (including Smart Source, Hopster, Red Plum databases) because of their update then open up Internet Explorer or Firefox and you should be able to print without any problems.  I have to do this myself because I use Windows 8 and Google Chrome***

Try using all of these different zip codes to get different coupons:

77477- TX 21286-MD  10009-NY  19342-PA  90210-CA  33033-FL  29063 -SC 19187-PA  73132-OK  97207-OR  80109-CO  44117 -OH 15007-PA  63047-MO  57007-SD  51559-IA  48816-MI  53511-WI  55080-MN  71055-LA  73003-OK  27520-NC  89109-NV  30180-GA  95820-CA  85331-AZ  92111-CA  45435-OH  90630-CA  30802-GA  74128-OK  12345-NY  76543-TX  11223-NY  18465-PA 16322-PA

Coupon Database #1 

Coupon Database #2 

Red Plum Coupons

Foodie Central

      • Sample Source Freebie Box – Sample Source Freebie Box is another one of my favorite freebie mailbox surprises!  I am telling you, I am so addicted to free samples and coupons!  It’s so much fun to get these cute little boxes in the mail!  I love the surprise of getting nice little samples of free stuff to sample and try!
      • Eat on the Cheap at Jack in the Box – Eat on the Cheap at Jack in the Box with a text message coupon for a free medium curly fry with a purchase!  I paired this deal up with a bogo coupon and scored a big huge meal for only $3.88!!  Not bad considering I can’t buy a value meal for that price!
      • Freebie Sign ups at TKC – Who wouldn’t want their Freebie Sign ups at TKC this week?  (TKC- The Korean Couponer)  I am listing all of your freebies this week in one big post so you can just go down the list and catch ALL of your free samples, sign ups and coupons this week!  The best part?  It’s all FREE of course!!  Make sure you get your Nutella Coupons!!
      • PinchME – PINCHme Samples, Freebies & Coupons is like Christmas in your mailbox ALL YEAR LONG!!  I was so surprised at how easy and fast it is to get samples, freebies and coupons from!
      • Betty Crocker Free Recipes + Exclusive Coupons + Free Samples! – Sign up for FREE email for the best of Betty! Get exclusive coupons, access to free samples, the hottest recipes, and more!  They have a ton of great resources on their website you should check out, preview them in my post!
      • Prilosec OTC Free Sample – Still available!  With just one Prilosec OTC® Free Sample pill a day, you can block frequent heartburn before it begins for a full 24 hours with zero heartburn. So you can get through the day – and rest at night – without the worry of heartburn flare-ups on your mind.  Be sure not to answer “never” when they ask you often you get heartburn or you won’t get a sample, just the $2 printable coupon!  True story…happened to me!!

Parenting & Baby Gear with The Korean Couponer

      • Free Baby Gear – Free Baby Gear with coupon codes!  All you pay is shipping!  That’s right….I said F-R-E-E!!  What a steal considering the individual cost of these items at retail stores!  These make perfect baby shower gifts!!
      • Coming Soon:  Babywearing 101 with The Korean Couponer YouTube Video – I’ll demonstrate the baby sling and why you’ll need it beyond your baby’s first year
      • Coming Soon:  Make your own baby wrap and save a fortune!  See how fast and easy it is to DIY and save a bundle!  See how easy it is to wrap and wear your baby, even your toddlers!!
      • Coming Soon: YouTube video of The Coupon Stockpile – why I can’t live without it and how it saves me money.
      • UPDATE – It has FINALLY stopped raining for a whole minute in Texas!  Hubby and I are spring cleaning our house this weekend and the final outcome will be a stockpile video!!  It will take some time to edit and write up, but I can now promise you that it’s actually on it’s way!!  

Did you also know?

      • Your period just blows my mind! – Your period just blows my mind!  Pretty catchy title, huh?  Truth be told, your (.) in the comments of the Facebook posts really does blow our minds!  It BLOWS up everyone’s notifications and all for a small little period!  There’s a better way to follow posts and no one will get mad at you for it!  Read on to see how!
      • Free downloads – Download your FREE Stockup Price List, Coupon Binder Organizer and Budget Spreadsheet to add to your coupon tools for couponing!
      • The Girlfriends’ Guide to Couponing at The Korean Couponer – The Girlfriends’ Guide to Couponing at The Korean Couponer is everything your best friends won’t tell you to your face but probably should about staying calm while couponing, coupon abuse, misuse and why you hear crickets when you ask questions in groups.  Read the common mistakes new couponers make and let the girlfriends’ save you from making them!
      • Haul of Fame – The Thrifty Girlfriends’ Brag Gallery for UMS – You’ve earned the right to brag after saving yourself so much money!  Let everyone’s jaw hit the floor with your savings by letting us show off your haul!  Details to show off your haul in the post.

Watch the videos here!! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you see new videos as soon as they upload!  Remember, the early bird ALWAYS get the best pickings!

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