Mexican Seven Layer Bean Dip


Mexican Seven Layer Bean Dip

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Mexican Seven Layer Bean Dip is by far one of my favorite dishes.  It is perfect for a small gathering (Hubby and me) on a Sunday afternoon in front of the TV watching an awesome football game or you can take it to a potluck or party and dazzle everyone with your mad culinary (layering) skills!

I will reiterate this point once again….I ONLY MAKE FAST, EASY AND TASTY HEALTHY RECIPES MY FAMILY WILL EAT!  If it isn’t fast and easy or can be made in the slow cooker so I don’t have to babysit it then I ain’t cooking it anytime soon!  With three kids, one being a 7 month old breastfeeding infant, and a full-time job blogging and couponing….who has time to make complex food???

The only offending point (for those doing WW) busting culprits in this recipe are the tortilla chips and cheese but if you only eat it once in a while then you can enjoy it guilt free.  You will also be surprised at how fast you fill up with just 3-4 heaping tablespoons of this dip on your plate.

All you do is simply layer the seven ingredients into a casserole dish so it is very fast and easy and that’s a good thing because you want to get to the eating part as soon as possible….trust me on this one!!

You will need a total of seven ingredients to make this recipe but you need 8 total to eat it with enjoyment!  Ingredient #8 is tortilla chips to use as a spoon to scoop this delicious merriment of flavor into your mouth!  You will need the following to make this Mexican Seven Layer Bean Dip recipe:

Ingredients for Mexican Seven Layer Bean Dip:

2 (15oz) cans fat free refried beans (I prefer the generic but use what brand you like!)

2 cups of  my Easy Guacamole Recipe (See my recipe and yes I made this recipe the same day)

1 (15oz) jar of chunky salsa (Don’t use watery or fresh salsa because it will ruin your bean dip)

1 (8oz) tub of fat free sour cream (Bring to room temperature before using so it will be easier to spread)

1 (8oz) bag of good quality Mexican blend shredded cheese (Don’t skimp on this because the cheese will make or break your recipe)

1 packet of Taco Bell brand Taco Seasoning (Yes, you can use the other brands but nothing in this recipe is cooked so use good ingredients to get the best results)

1 cup of fresh chopped cilantro (I chop the entire stem with leaves but you can use just the leaves or leave out the cilantro and substitute black olives or pickled sliced jalapenos)   Mexican Seven Layer Bean Dip Ingredients

Step 1:  Layer the refried beans in the bottom of a 13 X 8 casserole dish.  You can use glass so your guests can see all of the layers.  I don’t bother with the glass because the bean dip is never out long enough to admire.  Once the whole family recognizes that it’s my seven layer bean dip they attack the dish like a pack of ravenous wolves!

Step 2:  Sprinkle 3 tablespoons of the Taco Bell taco seasoning evenly and carefully over the refried bean spread.  I use a small little dish to hold the seasoning while I use my clean fingers to sprinkle it on so I don’t end up dumping a massive amount of seasoning in one area.

You might think it’s actually too much to use but it won’t be when it has to flavor all seven layers of ingredients.  You can save the rest of the packet for the next time you make this recipe by storing it in the freezer in a freezer storage bag for up to 6 months.

Step 3:  Spread the sour cream carefully over the refried bean and taco seasoning layer.  This can be tricky to do so take your time but once you finish with this layer you will have mastered the hardest part of the whole recipe.  I use a rubber spatula and I always make sure the sour cream is room temperature so it is easy to spread.

It helps if you really mix the heck out of the sour cream prior to spreading too.  I usually use this step to take out some pent up aggression and really whip the heck outta that little tub!  If this layer turns a little orange or red (depending on your taco seasoning) then don’t panic because no one will see this layer anyway!

Step 4:  Spread the 2 cups of my Easy Guacamole Recipe over the sour cream layer.  This is not something you can really compromise on.  The guacamole will make or break your dip.

If you absolutely refuse to make my Easy Guacamole Recipe then be sure and use a really good tasting guacamole.  Good tasting as in you can eat it all by itself and consider it to taste good.

Be sure and use enough guacamole so that you can’t see the sour cream underneath.  Again don’t worry if the sour cream and guacamole end up mixing because no one will see this layer anyway.

When you dip your chip or spoon into the dish to scoop out your dip you really do want to see all of the distinct layers of flavor.  Remember we eat with our eyes first.

Step 5:  Dump out the jar of salsa onto the guacamole layer and spread evenly.  Use the chunky salsa variety and don’t use fresh or watery type salsas!  They will ruin your bean dip with all of that extra moisture and make for one watery and unappetizing bean mush.  Yuck!  Chunky salsa all the way!

Step 6:  We are almost into the home stretch now!  Cut open the top of that bag of cheese, no don’t peel it open and save some for later, rip that sucker open and pour that glorious mountain of shredded golden cheese all over that salsa!  And do it like you mean it!

Be sure and cover all of the salsa and don’t let any red peek through.  The cheese will actually soak up some of that salsa gravy-ish stuff and stick to it.

Step 7:  Make it rain cilantro all over the top of that cheese!  Or make it hail black olives or jalapenos….whatever you like.

I would advise you to wait until you are ready to serve this dip before adding the black olives or jalapenos.  I would also drain these both about 30 minutes prior in a strainer in the sink so they don’t over saturate your dip.  Remember too much moisture kills the texture and flavor.

The black olives will also bleed black juices onto your cheese so if you don’t like that image then maybe serve it on the side and let your guests decide how much to put on their plates.

HEB Taco Flavored Tortilla Chips

My husband works at a retail chain grocery store called H-E-B here in Central Texas.  They have some unique items that they develop and sell in their brand such as Texas shaped corn chips, Whataburger Whatafries in a bag and Creamy Creations Ice Cream which is almost as good as Blue Bell Ice Cream…almost.

The great thing about H-E-B is that they release new upcoming products to their employees (called partners) to try out and preview before their official release.

My husband brought home these H-E-B brand Taco Flavored Tortilla Chips (pictured above) to try but the funny thing is that over half the bag was already eaten when he brought it home!  He usually waits to share it with us all but this time he devoured half the bag and all it took was one chip for me to understand why!

These are the perfect pairing with the bean dip but if you do use these chips to scoop up your yummy bean dip be sure and use only 1 tablespoon of Taco Bell Taco Seasoning instead of the 3 tablespoons I instructed you to use in step 2.

If you don’t use these particular chips or they aren’t available in your area (outside of Central and South Texas) then I strongly recommend using a sturdy corn chip like Santitas brand because the flimsy little Tostitos brand chips will frustrate you when they break with your first scoop.

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