Mental Road Blocks


Mental Road Blocks

Mental road blocks - Sidewalk closed

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Mental road blocks can be difficult to navigate when you are not expecting an obstacle to slow you down.  I hate to admit that sometimes the solution to the problem is simple and obvious but it may not seem so simple or obvious to the person experiencing the mental road block.  The solution to this problem seems pretty simple and straight forward – simply step onto the grass and go around the gate.  But there are many people who don’t know or realize that it’s okay to step on the grass for a moment and I hope to inspire more open-minded thinking when it comes to solving our problems in life.

More than one way to skin a cat

There really is more than one way to skin a cat and the best way to get the most solutions is to first tell people that you want to skin a cat.  Metaphorically of course, no animal cruelty or harm is implied, intended or suggested here!  Just borrowing the cliche since it really is cliche!

It’s amazing at how much advice people freely give these days!  Social media is the greatest and worst outlet in the world!  I say it’s the greatest because so many people can connect, support and rally around a cause or idea and spread information so quickly but also the worst because trolls literally live there, like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week live there!  Trolls love nothing more than to help you stay stuck in a problem,  see you fail to meet your goals and they can’t stand to see you succeed or be happy because they are the most miserable people on the planet!

When the obvious isn’t so obvious 

There are plenty of times in my life when I feel like a complete and total dumbass.  No seriously, I will admit it because it’s totally true and I am not ashamed, well – just a little!  It’s always so much easier to see how easy and simple the solution really is once you solve the problem or overcome the mental road block but when you’re hyper-focused on meeting your goal and you unexpectedly come across a distraction, the obvious isn’t always so obvious, especially for someone like me with my personality!  I start to cuss and fume and I get highly agitated and frustrated because I hate to be interrupted or break my focus and I blame that on my Type-A personality.

I felt like a dummy when I was finally successful at learning to use coupons and put together a money saving coupon deal.  I swear I felt like I was dyslexic when it came to learning how to coupon because the concept was not easy for me to grasp right away.  I tried and failed 3 times before I finally got it and the light bulb clicked on.  I later experienced anger and frustration at myself for not taking the initiative to learn sooner – yeah, it was the shoulda, woulda, coulda syndrome for a whole minute but I got over it once I started to save some serious money from using coupons!

I’ve had plenty of “aha” moments in the past and the most recent are me realizing that my blog is just that – mine and I could do, write and make it whatever I want it to be.  I kept trying to corner myself and only talk about one subject but I am passionate about many things and I can’t limit myself that way.  I finally realized I could step off the sidewalk and walk all over the grass since it was in my yard anyway!  Like that corny analogy?  Haha!!

I also realized recently that my own mental road block to exercise and nutrition stopped me from experiencing the happiness that I’ve always wanted to experience in these areas of my life.

Just take one step

When I feel like I am not sure that the ground I walk on will support my weight, is safe to tread upon or will not harm me then I take just one step to see what happens.  I am almost always surprised to find that it’s never a mistake and the ground is as solid as it appears!  You can also see in this image above that there are more than one solution but it’s in our nature to try and find the fastest and most efficient solution to our problem so we can continue on our journey.

One step on the fence to climb over it would indicate that the fence might not be entirely stable, able to withstand our body weight and once we scale it, we have to climb over to get down the other side.  Taking one step back means back tracking the way we came but we will no doubt have to overcome another obstacle along the way so why go back when you can go forward?  Digging under the sidewalk and gate is way too much labor and completely unnecessary when you consider the alternative to simply step onto the grass and walk around the gate to continue on your path.

What  is the size of your mental road block?  The size of your obstacle determines your progress

It’s called a mental road block because that’s exactly what we do, we mentally block ourselves from seeing the solution or staying on the path.  The size of your road block will determine your level of progress in finding the clear-cut solution.  Let me explain….there are times when the obstacle is a small one like this gate on the sidewalk and there are times when the obstacle is an entire mountain or larger-than-life sized boulder and you need to clear the path before you can go forward.

The first time we try to overcome a problem the mental road block could be a mountain of issues, insecurities and stinking thinking and we need to spend some time sorting through it or blasting it out of the way with a stick of dynamite.  Keep in mind that if we use dynamite to blow it up then there will still be debris and clean up.  You simply can’t Nutri-Bullet a mountain because there isn’t a blender that big or powerful in life!

Once you clear that big obstacle out of the way then you will overcome others in your journey through life until you reach your destination.  Ever watch zombie apocalypse movies or The Walking Dead?   The major roads are littered with abandoned cars, dead zombies and human corpses and fallen debris from the zombie hoardes that move like cattle in the series.  For the record, I cannot wait for season 6 to finally come out on Netflix or Fire TV so Hunny Bunny and I can get caught up!  Please don’t tell me anything about it….no spoiler alerts!  I had to unfollow a friend on Facebook because she kept spilling the beans endlessly on new movies and books!

Slay those zombies!  

Ironically, our mental road blocks are usually nothing more than zombies!  They are the walking dead of our memories, our past failures and our fears all summed up into one.  They attack us, they are scary and they can overtake us in an instant and there really is power in numbers.  One zombie is easy to slay but 100 zombies require some back-up and bad ass weapons!

Zombies are dead weight, walking corpses and shells of what used to be a living person with a soul.  Our memories and our baggage are much the same in that the living person or the live situation or event has already happened in our past and the person or persons have since moved on but we are carrying them around in our minds like dead weight dead zombies.  Dragging their stinking, rotting, maggot filled bodies with us everywhere we go to remind ourselves of what we encountered in the past.

I stopped dragging them with me everywhere I go now and I simply slay them and let them fall.  The more experience you gain slaying zombies, the faster and more efficient you become at dodging them and their attacks.  The same is true for our mental obstacles.  The more we tackle them and overcome them, the faster and more efficient we become at spotting them from far away and taking them down without ever having to miss a beat.

What’s your mental road block?

What’s your mental road block?  Are you stuck and need some help finding a solution or need help slaying zombies in your path?  I hope that I can encourage you to open up and share with loved ones or with me and let us help you overcome whatever has you stopped for the moment.  Humans are not designed to live alone and no one can become successful without support and community so I invite you to become part of mine!  If you aren’t comfortable sharing publicly then please feel free to send me an email at  Life Coaching is my passion and seeing you succeed is what makes me tick!

Slay those zombies, kick ass and enjoy your weekend!  I am going to slay my fat zombies this morning with a 2-mile walk and then lavish my family with love and affection!!

Remember – you only get one life so live it with passion in all that you do and live today as if it’s all you’ve got because we never know when our journey will end! – Emily Bristol aka The Korean Couponer

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