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Pley – Rent LEGO® Sets $9.99/month – up to $75 value. Lost a piece? We won’t charge. Clean and sanitized. Free shipping both ways!


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When you compare the cost of actually buying a LEGO® set for your child and the cost of renting the set, I think renting is the best option.  My nine year old LOVES to put these together and break them down and rebuild again.  But after about a month solid of playing with the same “nose-bleed-expensive-drained-my-wallet-why-is-plastic-so-darn-expensive” set he is ready to purchase another one.  My heart sinks and and the guilt sets in because I feel like a horrible mother for telling him that he has to save up his own allowance if he wants another set anytime this year.  Don’t worry, the guilt only lasts for a minute because all three of our children are well provided for and we believe it’s good for them to learn that they can’t always have what they want just because they want it!

But now that I have found Pley……thank goodness someone came up with this incredible idea by the way…..I will now be able to fulfill his request for a new set on a regular basis since we can rent them for about the same cost as our two sets per year limit.

There is a no risk free trial offer right now.  You sign up and try one LEGO® set for free then it’s $15+ per month.  You add sets to your queue and you can choose from 100s of sets and add as many as you like to the queue.  Shipping is FREE both ways and you don’t need to worry if you lose a piece from the set because they won’t charge you for the missing piece.  The sets are cleaned and sanitized between shipments so you know that you always have a fresh clean set when it ships to you.

You can choose from over 250 sets which include Star Wars, Friends, Super Heroes, City, Duplo, LEGO® movie and more!

If you’re like me then you probably have some reservations so let me get the FAQs out of the way for you right here:

(Courtesy of Pley)

  • What’s in the free trial?  

Don’t miss out on our free trial. Just sign up and you’ll get one free LEGO set shipped to your home so you can see what all the buzz is about. If you’re not happy with the service, just return your set within 15 days and cancel your account – you won’t be charged. No-risk. All fun!

  • What do I get in the box?

We send you a beautifully designed package that contains: a LEGO set, the mini-figures and the manuals. Be sure to keep an eye out for some sweet freebies. The fun starts right in the box!

  • What happens if I lose a piece?

No worries – we understand that pieces can get lost during play. Our service includes a guarantee so that you will not be charged anything extra if normal loss (up to 10 grams) occurs. Also, you can visit your Account page to report to the set status or any missing pieces.

  • What happens if the set is missing when it arrives?

We check every set to make sure that each one leaves our processing center with all their pieces intact. But sometimes an incomplete set might pass through our rigorous process undetected. If you can’t find a piece, you can return your set and a replacement set will be shipped to you right away.

  • Do I need to pay for shipping?

No. We ship your LEGO sets both ways — for free. When you receive your Pley LEGO set in the mail, you will also get a pre-paid return shipping label for easy returns.

  •  How often can I get a new LEGO set?

It usually takes 2-3 days to get a set depending on the USPS delivery schedule. Having more sets on your Pleylist helps you get matched faster! There is no limit on how long you can keep each set. Once you return your set, the next one is shipped out to you right away!

  • How much does the service cost?

We have three plans based on whether you want to rent small ($15/month), medium ($25/month) or large sets ($39/month). All plans provide members with multiple rentals per month – one set at a time.

  • Can I buy the set if I want to keep it?

Yes. If your child loves the set and wants to keep it, you can easily purchase it from us at a discounted rate. You will get the next rental set in your Pleylist right after your purchase.


When I add up the yearly cost to rent the medium set versus the cost to buy the sets for my son, I come out at about the same price which is $300/year.  Yes, we really do purchase sets that cost about $75 each after all discounts and coupons are applied.  Our son is on the honor roll, is an overall good kid behavior-wise and really enjoys building his LEGOS® so we don’t mind shelling out a small fortune four times a year.

But I am no longer going to purchase the sets that will sit in his room and collect dust once the newness of it has worn off.  Instead we will sign up to subscribe and everyone will be happy in the end.  The best part of it all will be the fact that he can play with the set and ship it back as soon as he finishes with it so the next new set can be on it’s way.  He will look forward to each new set as if it’s Christmas!  Our son expresses his gratitude easily and often so hearing him say thank you all the time will be a nice bonus for me!

This subscription would also help justify why I simply cannot afford to purchase yet another video game for his game system as well!  We only purchase gently used games and he usually has to help with his purchase by chipping in with his allowance.  So signing up for Pley will give me good reason to justify why I simply cannot help cover the cost of his new games since I am already covering the cost of his LEGOS® sets.

If you’re ready to sign up for your trial then simply click on the yellow button on the picture at the top of this post that says START YOUR FREE TRIAL.  

What are your thoughts?  Think this is a good idea?  Or are you already a member enjoying the monthly benefits of Pley?