Learn To Become An Extreme Couponer


So….You want to learn to become an extreme couponer, Huh?  Are you sure? I mean have you really spent time thinking about this and you are ABSOLUTELY sure you want to learn how to extreme coupon? If you are beyond a shadow of a doubt 100% sure, then skip this post and if you aren’t sure, then read on before proceeding any further or you will surely get frustrated and give up long before you reach that prized goal of the coupon stockpile with money saved!

Extreme Couponing is how I managed to stockpile my garage with items for my family

I will be completely honest with you and tell right now that if you aren’t committed and ready to roll up your sleeves and do some work then extreme couponing is not for you. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE wants to save money or spend less when they shop. But if you want to do it with coupons then you need to invest time, money and some serious hard work because your time is your money. You will end up spending one or the other.

Let’s face the facts, if it were so easy to extreme coupon and save money then why are you reading this? There are plenty of FREE classes out there along with tons of free information, including the information on my website, to help you get started and on your way to becoming an extreme coupon expert. Oh wait…you’re reading this because it isn’t the least bit easy to extreme coupon and you need my help to crack the coupon code!  Hope this doesn’t sound harsh….I am just a firm believer in telling it like it really is.  

Our society has grown accustomed to the fast food drive-thru mentality. You want to drive up, place your order and have everything you asked for right when you pull up to the window. This is not how it works in the coupon world. You are going to have to study and learn the sales cycles of all the stores in your local area and you are going to have to wait for the perfect timing to use your coupons for the maximum in savings. I compare extreme couponing to training and running a marathon….full marathon. You will have to do the hard work and boring runs all alone and then when it’s race time you get all of the glory in your shining moment!

Extreme couponing is a numbers game and you need help to crack the code. It is not impossible to understand or learn but it’s not an easy cake walk either. You will feel as though couponing has taken over your entire existence before it’s all said and done. Your kids will cry when you drive up to yet another store to grab yet another coupon deal. Your spouse will no doubt think you’ve lost your mind and will ask why in the world do you need to buy more big jumbo packs of toilet paper and paper towels. And they ask you just where in the world do you plan on putting it all? (My husband was never like that so your special someone may not be either.) You will be so sick and tired of doing deals….trust me….you will get burned out. But before you ever get burned out or fed up you will experience the coupon high.

The coupon high is like crack cocaine to a drug addict. It’s powerful and mesmerizing and it only takes one time for you to get completely and utterly hooked on it. I did manage to give up trying to learn to extreme coupon once but when it came down to it and the rubber hit the road, I forced myself to learn. I wasn’t going to let it beat me this time and quit again. I knew the only way I could afford to stay home with my kids once our infant son was born was to learn it but it was a painful process.

Realize that the pain of learning it is probably the reason why you don’t get much help in learning how to do it. It’s a long slow process. Think of what it’s like to watch paint dry….yep….I am serious. And now try to imagine teaching someone to watch paint dry. Dull right? Believe me all it takes it one trip where you get items free or nearly free and you are looking for ways to get the next deal going. You get anxious and you pray that the next sales ad will have even more deals. Then you start setting goals like how you could buy $300.00 worth of groceries with coupons and only pay $9.32 out of pocket. (Yes, it really is possible.)

So this is the moment of truth…..if you are serious and if you realize that you will be spending countless hours combing through the sales flyers and clipping coupons until your hands hurt from cutting and sorting and you understand that you will live, breathe, eat and sleep coupon deals then let’s go onward and I will show you how to crack the code! Ready?  

First things first…..learn and study your sales cycles.  The next post will be about this topic.  Until then, be patient and remember that this is a marathon not a sprint race.  I will be posting more about extreme couponing.  For now just get your mind ready to eat, sleep and clip coupons!