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Learn to coupon and save money with Emily – The Korean Couponer

First and foremost, welcome and congratulations!  You’ve just made a huge life changing decision that will pay you back more than just money in rewards.  Everything you need to get started is located on this page but please don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Online Coupon Classes

What makes my classes different from the rest?  I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and I am specially trained to teach/coach groups.  So I am not just “another couponer” teaching yet another class.  I also tend to share and over share information so each class will be jam packed full of information and you probably won’t have too many unanswered questions about the topic we cover once the class is over.  To see what I mean by oversharing, just read my blog posts and you can see I always try cram more relevant information to help you turn those pennies into dollars!

Basic Couponing 101 - Online Coupon Class Video

Click this link to get more details about what the class covers – Basic Couponing 101 – The Frugal Lifestyle

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I am working on creating classes for the following:

Couponing at the following stores –

  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • HEB
  • Walmart
  • Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Family Dollar

Classes on the following areas –

  • Rebate Apps and Digital Coupons
  • Gray Areas of Couponing
  • How to buy brand new brand name clothing for a fraction of the cost (no formal title yet)
  • The Total Budget Makeover
  • How I Bought My House to Fit My Finances (pending title)

Since these videos will be created from scratch, it will take some time to create, edit and make available for viewing.  Please be patient with me as I work on making these available to you.

I love teaching people how to turn their pennies into dollars and offering these classes to you makes me super excited and hyper focused on getting these to you as soon as possible!

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Coupon Lingo – Learn to Speak Couponese

Couponese is a language all its own and is entirely unique to couponing.  Click here to read Coupon Lingo – Learn to Speak Couponese and start decoding the mystery.  (This post includes a video going through each term with details and explanations)

For example:  “I went to Target to PM, but the cashier said I couldn’t use my CW, MobQs and MQs so my OOP was $11.43 instead of being overage, talk about YMMV!  I also couldn’t find the tp qs for the TP or PT.  Guess I’ll need to do ISO or UFT on my FB group page.”  

What did all of that mean?!?  Use my Coupon Lingo cheat sheet to help you decode the mystery!  It’s good practice because we will always use these abbreviations and code terms to talk about coupon deals.  You MUST master these terms to keep up in the advanced classes so create note cards, flash cards or tape a copy to your bathroom mirror until you have it down like a pro!

Coupon Math

I do realize that we all know how to add and subtract but I promise you that you will need to re-learn how to do these basic math skills in order to re-program your brain into coupon and money saving mode!  Things can get complicated really fast!  And sometimes just the very basic idea of elementary math can easily trip up the most seasoned pros!  Click here to read Coupon Math.

Where to get your coupons

Print From Home – You can find FREE printable coupons right here on the blog!  Be sure and check out all of the databases!  I have two databases and a Red Plum coupons database too.  That means more chances to save more money!  Click here to get started AND be sure to read my five tips for printing internet coupons before you get started.

Newspaper Inserts – I buy 4 newspapers every Sunday from my newspaper stand sales lady Wendy.  She sets up her stand in Killeen, TX on the corner of Stan Schleuter Loop and Fort Hood St, right next to McDonald’s.  She charges just $1 for the Austin American Statesman, which is priced at $2.50 full price.  I’ve never had any problems getting my inserts and ads from her over the past year that I’ve been blogging and buying my papers from her.  If you go and see her, please mention that I sent you and tell her I said hi.  I don’t get anything out of referring her to you but I like for her to know that I am spreading the word to help her continue her business and supply us all with discounted newspapers!

Libraries, Recycling Centers, Friends and Family, Co-workers – Ask everyone you know and see if they subscribe to the newspaper and ask if you have their unused inserts.  This is a great way to get FREE inserts because your friends and loved ones are usually more than willing to help you save money.

The local recycling centers that allow you to remove items from their bins are great places to find free extra inserts.  Libraries, hospitals, churches and other organizations usually subscribe to the daily newspaper so checking there is always a good idea.

What I don’t recommend – I don’t recommend using coupon fairies and “clipping services.”  They are priced a bit higher because they charge per insert.  I pay $1 per paper, whether it has 5 inserts, 1 insert or 3.  You also have to chase down your fairy, because they are people with lives too, and you have to place your order and pay via paypal by a deadline.  In my honest opinion, it’s a big PITA.

If you have a super large family or you want to fast track your way to a coupon stockpile then using them to buy massive inserts for the short term might work better for you, especially when beginning or replenishing your stockpile.  Overall, I prefer to only use them when necessary and not on a regular basis.

I don’t recommend clipping services that ship to you and I never, ever recommend buying coupons from ebay.  You pay far more in shipping for those coupons, even the single clipped coupons, than you would to just buy your own papers on Sundays.  I like hassle free and buying my papers from one reliable source, on Sundays, works best for me.

You typically get your coupons later in the week which means that other couponers have already beat you to the deal at the stores because we shopped on Sunday, when the sales all started and you won’t get your coupons delivered via snail mail until Tuesday or Wednesday.

The math usually doesn’t work out to be beneficial either.  Free doesn’t mean free in the couponing world.  If you had to take time and energy and pay for coupons, then the free item really wasn’t free at all.

Either way, you have to decide for yourself what you are willing to put up with and deal with.  I like things easy and reliable so I purchase my newspapers every Sunday and I still purchase papers from my lady when we don’t get inserts.  I buy one local paper so I can see the local sales ads and I give her the remaining $4 as a tip.

I don’t tip her every week, just one the weeks that she doesn’t have coupon inserts in her papers.  Remember, she’s relying on making regular income to support her family so I am happy to contribute my $4 a week whether I get coupons in the paper or not.

Finally – I don’t recommend stealing papers from driveways, taking more than one paper out of coupon machines (people really do get arrested for it) and I would not recommend following newspaper carriers or stealing newspapers.

It’s been all over the coupon news and there are so many ways to save money without breaking the law that it isn’t worth it.  Imagine telling the ladies in jail with you that you are in there because you stole coupons!  I would straight up laugh at you and then punch you in the face for being so foolish!  (I think I watch a little too much Orange is the New Black!)

Freebies, Samples, Surveys and Sign ups

I love freebies, samples, surveys (not spammy ones, these are legit and tested before I share them with you so I get spammed first!), and sign ups because you can turn your mailbox and your coupon email account into a money making machine!  It’s like Christmas every week in the mail and my kids LOVE to check the mail to see what is coming this week.  I have everything listed in one big post so click here to get your free freebies!!  Click here to see how you can contact your favorite product and brand companies for more free coupons and score some awesome deals!

Be sure and pay attention to the part where I tell you to create a new coupon email account in the sign up posts.  You can also use these for the survey sites and since you never give out personal info you don’t need to worry about getting spammed or hacked!

Organizing Your Coupons

I recommend the binder method and it’s the only method that I teach my couponers to use.  I do agree that it’s not for everyone and I won’t say it’s the only way or the only right way.  It works for me and it’s in line with the coupon method that I teach.  You never miss a sale or a deal when you use the binder method and I don’t spend hours and hours sorting, clipping or cleaning out my binder.  Watch my videos and you’ll see what I mean!

I created YouTube Videos on my YouTube channel to show you how easy it is to cut and organize with the binder.  

I have a FREE downloadable coupon binder organizer you can print

Learn your local sales cycles

The stores usually all carry the same brands, products and items but the sales and prices of the products can vary from week to week, and from region to region and even from store to store in the same town.  One of my local CVS stores has items priced higher than another store just 10 miles down the road.

Learning the sales cycles at your local stores will help you save more money because you will know how often the items you buy and use go on sale and how much you need to buy to hold you over until the next sale.  I have downloadable spreadsheets you can use to help you track the sales and deals too.

Tracking your local sales cycles is the absolute most vital key to building up a coupon stockpile successfully.  You want to make sure you buy items when they are priced at their absolute rock bottom price and you want to buy enough to last you and your family until the next rock bottom priced sale.

#1 Thing to keep in mind when learning to coupon – Couponing, stockpiling and saving money requires an entire lifestyle change.  It takes time and there are no shortcuts so compare this to training for a marathon rather than sprinting down the track.  The longer you coupon, the more you save but beware of coupon burnout.

Coupon burnout is when new couponers give up on couponing because they get tired and worn out of the “rat race” of chasing “run deals.”  What is a “run deal” you ask?  It’s deal so good that you must hurry because quantities are limited and it has a short expiration.  You usually get items free with coupons or you make money on the deal.

Click here to read Habit #3 – Learn Your Local Sales Cycles (downloadable spreadsheet is included in this post)

Learn “The Method”  

New couponers don’t realize that there is actually a proven method that works to avoid burnout and keeps you couponing all year long without selling your soul.  It’s called Practical Couponing for Busy People Methods and I save both time and money using it to maintain my frugal lifestyle.  The most important aspect of my method is learning your local sales cycles.

Basic Couponing 101 – The Frugal Lifestyle Online Coupon Class covers “The Method” extensively and in complete detail.  

The Coupon Stockpile 

Destination - Financial Freedome - My Coupon Stockpile

My Personal Coupon Stockpile in my garage

The first time I heard about coupon stockpiling I was genuinely offended.  I thought people who did it were depraved hoarders living in with irrational fears….until I became “one of those couponers“!!  It made sense after I realized that logic behind having a stockpile.  Let me break it down a little bit for you in My Top 5 Advantages of the Coupon Stockpile

  1. I never have to run to the grocery store and pay full retail price for an item ever again!  I don’t need to shop the store when I have grocery store aisles in my garage!
  2. I only buy items to stockpile when they hit their absolute rock bottom prices so everything was bought at discounted prices.
  3. You don’t have to coupon week to week with a stockpile….you can take “couponing vacations” and still save money because you won’t run out products anytime soon!
  4. You can easily donate to others and you don’t feel burdened to give, especially when you stockpiled 30 tubes of FREE toothpaste!  I am now cheerful when I can donate items to someone in need.
  5. If my husband loses his job suddenly, we won’t have the stress of figuring out how to feed our family of 5 or buy personal care items like deodorant, shampoo or feminine hygiene.  We would only need to purchase perishable items like milk, bread, eggs and produce, and most perishable items can be frozen and stockpiled too!

Click here to read my article on the Coupon Stockpile

Coming soon:  YouTube Video on the Coupon Stockpile – I made one already but I dropped too many curse words to use it.  My hubby said it wasn’t too professional to beep out the words so we have to create a new one!

Store Coupon Policies

These are the current Corporate Store Coupon Policies for each store.  Please keep in mind that each store has the right to refuse coupons, limit quantities and to revise their coupon policy at any time.  Couponing is a privilege and not a right so please be nice and courteous when couponing and when in doubt, ask a store manager for help or clarification.

Click on each store name for the policy.  Print a copy and keep it in your binder for quick and easy reference when shopping and doing your deals:

Rebate Apps and Why Extreme Couponers Love Them!

Honey – did you know you can get paid cashback on things you buy and use everyday?  Yes, you read that right, cashback for buying things you are already buying and using!  I won’t get into too much detail here because this post is already long enough, but click on each link to see the tutorials and how you can bank with these apps!

Couponing Tutorials

  • Join The Korean Couponer on tsū – Ever wonder how other couponers get a jump start on the deals long before you even know about them?  They are following couponers on tsu for the latest and hottest deals up to 3 weeks ahead of everyone else!
  • How To Ibotta Tutorial by The Korean Couponer – If you aren’t using Ibotta for rebates then you will NEVER see the same extreme savings that other extremers experience.  Extreme couponing doesn’t have to take over your life when you have the right tools in place to help you succeed!
  • SavingStar Tutorial with The Korean Couponer – If you aren’t signed up for savings with SavingStar then you need to read this post and watch the video.  Extreme couponing and extreme savings will require you to be rebate app savvy!
  • Checkout 51 Tutorial by Emily – Checkout 51 Tutorial by Emily gives you a preview of the app and it’s features for couponers or anyone who wants to save money and get cashback on purchases for their everyday items every week.
  • Snap by Groupon Tutorial by Emily – The key to extreme couponing and getting extreme savings is not about chasing deals all week long.  It’s about finding ways to get the most savings for the products you buy, every week, on a consistent basis.

Visual Learner?  Me too!  

I have a YouTube Channel dedicated entirely to helping you see so you can easily learn!  Be sure to like and subscribe so you can see the newest videos when they upload!

Click here to LIKE and Subscribe so you never miss another video again!  

It Pays to be Polite

It really does pay to be polite.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have received “special exceptions or offers” from store managers simply because I was nice and polite and asked for clarification before checking out.  Read my post It Pays to be Polite to see what I mean.

My husband works at my local HEB as a store manager and he tells me that the cashiers and store employees remember ugly couponers who throw nasty fits at checkout.  Trust me, you don’t want to known as a DAC or DCH because you will easily be black-listed.  Develop good working relationships and it will be off in the end!

Click here to read It Pays to be Polite!

Couponing Goes Beyond Groceries

You can literally coupon for just about anything!  Watch these two videos and see how retailers practically beg me to shop in their stores.  Most important thing to remember – always ask for a discount before you checkout because the worst they can say is no and the best that can happen is they throw a discount on top of your coupons for incredible deals!  Have no shame in your coupon game and happy dance your hiney out of the store wiht massive savings like me!

Read all about my incredible deals at JCPenney by clicking here and then click here.

And Finally…… 

The best way to stay on track and keep couponing in it’s proper perspective is to create a household budget and stick to it.  Deciding on a long term goal will help you stay motivated to learn while limiting your spending to a pre-determined amount will keep you and your household happy.  I’ve seen many married couples fight over couponing and it’s because the couponing takes over the entire household in priority.

I’ve literally read once in a coupon group that the husband told the wife (the couponer) that it’s either me or the stockpile – she chose the stockpile.  True story!  They were having problems on top of the couponing but I think the couponing and stockpile sent him over the edge!

Use my free downloadable spreadsheet, built by my loving husband and business partner, and see how I really live my frugal life in these series of posts about Practical Money Management.  I am not just a coupon blogger, I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and Creative Personal Financing is my specialty!  I love teaching people how to save money and create instant disposable income with coupons.

Money Management Posts to Read:  (Just click on the title to read the post)

The 5 Highly Effective Habits of Practical Couponers Series

The Total Budget Makeover Series

 Free Downloads – click here to be re-directed to the page to view and print

Under Construction – Thank you for being patient!!  

I will be making some changes to the website in the coming weeks and it’s due to the fact that I will be offering online coupon classes.  I thank you for being patient as I work to make navigating the blog easier while adding many new features and products.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, whether in the comments or via email.

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Happy Couponing My Friends!!  



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