JCPenney Huge Anniversary Sale


JCPenney is having a Huge Anniversary Sale Sat 4/18 – Sun 4/19

FREE coupon giveaway while supplies last!  Hurry in to grab yours!

  • Hurry in to stores at 9am on Saturday to receive your FREE $10, $20 or $50 coupon giveaway while supplies last.
  • The doorbuster specials are from 9 am Saturday through 1 pm Sunday.
  • You can also receive additional $10 off $25 coupons if you signed up for email or text alerts on your phone.
  • Text the word DEALS to 527365 to sign up for JCPenney text alerts.  I am not entirely sure if you will receive this offer via text for THIS particular sale but it never hurts to try and you will certainly get coupons for the future offers if you sign up today.
  • Dollar off coupon expires on 4/19/15 so you can save it and use tomorrow or online, if you choose
  • JCPenney mailed out sales flyers with $10 off $10 coupon, $10 off $25 coupon last week so you can use these with this sale for deep discounts

JCPenney Huge Anniversary Sale - Okie Dokie Separates on Sale

My Personal Shopping Haul today:

Transaction #1

Okie Dokie separates, 1 short and 1 pant @ $4.99 each

* White shoe laces (Filler item) $2.49

Used (1) $10 off $10 coupon

Final OOP: $2.67

* The filler item was required because the associates cannot adjust down the total for coupons.  You must spend $10 or more, before tax, to use the $10 off $10 coupon.  My kids always need shoelaces and this was the absolute cheapest item I could find in the store so it was my filler.*

JCPenney Huge Anniversary Sale - Sleepwear and Rompers

Transaction #2:

Okie Dokie Separates shirt and shorts @ $4.99 each

 * Black Shoelaces (Filler Item) $2.49

Used (1) $10 off $10 coupon

Final OOP: $2.67

JCPenney Huge Anniversary Sale - Boys' Tees, 50% Girls' Flip Flops and Shoe Laces filler items

Transaction #3

Girls’ Flip Flops (50% off) $5.00

Okie Dokie Separates Shirt and shorts @$4.99 each

Used (1) $10 off $10 coupon

Final OOP: $5.38

Transaction #4

Toddlers Boys 2pk Rompers $15.99

Okie Dokie Separates Shirt and shorts @$4.99 each

Used (1) $10 off $25 coupon

Final OOP: $17.29

DCH Disclaimer:  My final transaction #4 was a special manager markdown so please understand that this was a special circumstance that is not typical.  I believe that it never hurts to politely ask for a discount but if the answer is no then I end the conversation and move along.  In my mind, “no” is a final answer and I don’t like being THAT crazy customer who frustrated everyone at the store with my overbearing demands.

I loving term “those” couponers DCHs or “Dirty Coupon Hoes” because they ruin the good deals for everyone.  So please mind your Ps and Qs and don’t be a DCH.  Let’s strive to be the couponer that everyone flocks to help when you walk through the door.  Yes, this really does happen to me and more often lately!  Sometimes I really feel like a celebrity and other times cashiers make me feel like a criminal, so it’s a hit and miss!

I wrote a post about how being polite pays and it seems to be paying more and more these days as I shop.  Click here to read my post It Pays to Be Polite.

With all that said, here is my steal of a deal breakdown: 

Transaction #4

JCPenney Huge Anniversary Sale - Disney Frozen Elsa Costume and Slippers

Disney Frozen Elsa Dress-Up Costume

Original Price was $36, marked down to $14.99 because of stains and damage

Elsa Princess Shoes, heavily worn & returned, $18 reg price, marked down to FREE

Skylander’s Boys’ Tee $5.00

Misc Boys’ Tee $5.00

Cotton Footie Pajama Set $9.99

Used (1) $10 off $25 coupon

Final OOP: $20.52

Final total for everything today was $48.53.  Original price total would have been $195.91 so this is a total savings of 75%!!  Not entirely extreme since I consider 85% or more to be extreme couponing but not a bad haul at all!  Hubby and I had (3) $10 off $10 coupons and (2) $10 off $25 coupons so I ended up with $50 off my total.

We received two of the $10 off $10 coupons at the jewelry counter when we walked in the door at 9 am for the special giveaway.  Some extremely lucky shoppers got $20 off $20 and $50 off $50 coupons.  I also had (1) $10 off $10 coupon and (1) $10 off $25 coupon that was mailed to me a week ago.  The other $10 off $25 came to my email address and I also had one on my phone via text.  So I had a total of six coupons but only used 5 of them.  I couldn’t find anything else that we needed today so I saved one coupon to see if I could catch a special tomorrow.

Note:  I have personally noticed that I usually get another text or email message on the second day of a two-day sale for extra specials so I try to save at least one coupon.  I also make sure to check my email and text notifications right away so I don’t miss the special offers.  The retailers want you to take advantage of these special promotions as much you want to shop for them!

Special Circumstances and Ultra Nice/Helpful Sales Associates

The sales associates are usually more than happy to give you one scan of their $10 off $25 coupon that they keep in their drawers if you happen to need one more coupon, or incentive to spend just a little bit more.  But please keep in mind that this is at their discretion and they are not in any way obligated to do it.  It helps if you ask nicely and say please and thank you in a sincere manner because it’s always hard to say no to someone when they are smiling, right?

The Elsa Costume has some staining on the sleeves so I will place it in a pillowcase and wash it on the delicate cycle in my washer and lay flat to dry.  I will also need to stitch up the front tolle since it has a small rip from the empire waistline.  It would be my guess that the little girl who wore it before accidentally stepped on it while walking, our own daughter has done this countless times.  It’s an easy fix with my sewing machine and the priceless reaction from our daughter will be worth every bit of effort!  My husband gets kudos for spotting the costume hanging on the return rack and I take credit for asking for the discount.

Practical Couponing Hack:  Our sales associate spent quite a bit of time with us at checkout out since I had five total transactions.  He educated us on asking for discounts at JCPenney.  He told us that we can usually ask for an additional discount on clearance items if they are visibly stained or if shoes are scuffed or previously worn.

Damaged items, like a small inseam coming apart or an irregular item can also be marked down by management.  They would prefer to sell the item for a discounted cost than to scan out the item as damaged and toss it out.  Keep in mind that you most likely can’t return these damaged items for a refund or exchange and if you do try and return them, you most likely won’t get your entire purchase price refunded.  After all, it’s a total loss on the store if you do return it so consider it “sold as is, where is.”

My rule of thumb is to ask when in doubt because the worst they can ever say is no.  I have asked for discount pricing on opened packages of diapers and wipes and opened packs of socks and underwear that are missing a piece or two.  Sometimes I just ask if there is an additional discount they can add, with no reason at all, just because it never hurts to ask.  Like I said before, worst they can say is no and if they do say no, I drop the conversation and move on to checking out, changing the subject or walking away.

I hope you get a chance to get out and grab your dollars off coupon.  For those of you who get the $50 off $50 coupon, LUCKY YOU!!  Enjoy it!  NOW hurry out and get your deals!!  RUN!!

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