Helping You Turn Pennies Into Dollars


Helping You Turn Pennies Into Dollars

Helping You Turn Pennies Into Dollars

Helping you turn pennies into dollars is my goal as a Creative Financial & Coupon Coach.  Learn to create instant disposable income by learning to coupon.  Get started with my Beginner’s Guide to Couponing and work your way up to overhauling and creating a firm budget with The Total Budget Makeover Series.  Living frugal doesn’t mean living like a pauper and cheapskate!  Gaining control of your finances will give you peace of mind and help you sleep better at night.

Creative Financing and Coupon Coaching

If you have questions then I have answers!  I am a Certified Professional Life Coach with over 20 years of experience to share with you.  (Yes, I really am THAT old!)  If learning to coupon and save money seems a bit overwhelming and frustrating then why not consider my Coupon Coaching Services?  I can be your shopping guide, plan your weekly menus, set up your family budget and create an easy to follow system to keep you organized and to make couponing easy and fun.  Read about some of the services I offer here.

I have always been a visual learner so watching and then doing it myself is so much easier than reading or listening to someone talk about how it works.  You can watch a couple of my videos on my YouTube Channel here and look for more videos to be added soon!

Creative Financing is a term usually used in the real estate word but I have adapted it to describe my specialty field of coaching.  Creative Financing as defined by The Korean Couponer is the non-traditional or uncommon means of legally acquiring goods or services with a deep discount (75% or more) OR little to no cost to the consumer.

The goal of Creative Financing is to receive goods or services necessary for common daily living with the consumer negotiating his or her rock bottom price.  The most common means of acquiring these goods and services are through coupons, discount codes, rebates, rewards programs and referrals.  In layman’s terms, you get these items or services for very little cost to you and this “creative financing” saves you money and creates more disposable income for you and your household.

Example:  Someone might pay $6 – $8 for a bottle of laundry detergent but I am only willing to pay $2 – $3 per bottle with a store sale and coupons.  Or someone might pay $1000 for a family to vacation this summer and I spend $500 on the same exact trip using my Creative Financing and making a few small changes!

Want a jump start on Creative Financing?  Read my post devoted entirely to this subject here.

Printable Coupons and Extreme, but Practical, Money Saving Deals

I have TWO coupon databases that you can search and check for high value printables.  Be sure and experiment with various zip codes (I have them listed on the page) so you can check for higher value coupons and find coupons not offered in every region.  Make sure you read my five tips for printing internet coupons before you print to get the most out of your print session, ink and paper.  Click on the links below to see the current coupons available to print, to read the five tips for printing coupons and to see the list of commonly used zip codes for coupons.

Printable Coupon Database #1 

Printable Coupon Database #2

Follow my friend and fellow blogger – Jennifer King

I don’t regularly post coupon deals weekly because my good friend Jennifer King, the blogger of HEB Bargain Hunter and Spend Less, Shop More does such a fantastic job!  I followed her when I started learning to coupon and she is the whole reason that I actually understand how to do a catalina deal at HEB and Walgreens.  I follow her and ONLY her blogs for my coupon deals because she is an ethical couponer, which is very important to me as a couponer.

Whether you are just starting out and learning to use coupons or a seasoned pro, Jenn’s deals can be duplicated by anyone.  She breaks down the how-to and coupon math so you aren’t scratching your head trying to figure out how she did it all.  She also alerts you to when items are at their lowest prices with a headliner that says stockpile alert.  She does all of the legwork to make finding and doing your deals easy.

Extreme Practical Couponing with The Korean Couponer

The coupon deal posts I have included here are for deals that are more personal to me and not easily replicated by everyone.  These are geared more for those couponers who want to take their couponing to the next level of extreme practical couponer.  I honestly didn’t realize how different my deals were from other couponers until I started go shopping with fellow couponers and I blew their minds away with my deals.

I catch rare unadvertised deals, heavily rely on my coupon binder and I learned my local sales cycles at my stores which is what makes my kind of deals possible.  I know when to use my coupons and I write to companies and brands to get more coupons sent to me in the mail.  Read all about it in my post Your Opinion Matters.

Read about my incredible savings in the following posts: HEB Kiolbassa Markdown , Ibotta Glade Rebate & Bonus, Butterball Coupons HEB ClearanceHuggies Wipes Catalina Promotion at HEB, SPAM Lovers Rejoice!! and Pampers Cruisers Haul at Target 12.18.14.  These are not typical results but if you have a desire to learn and are willing to be patient then you can learn to do these same types of deals for yourself.

I have a favorite one-liner that I always use, “Wham, Bam, Done!” that describes my method of couponing.  Get in, get out and be done with it for 6 months to a year.  I don’t have time to chase weekly deals and I like shopping in my own garage for the items I need when I run out so this method works best for me!  The key to this method is to know your local sales cycle and the rock bottom prices for the products you buy.  Get started on your Local Sales Cycles by clicking here.

Helping You Turn Pennies Into Dollars - The Coupon Stockpile

Couponing and Budgeting are Unique and Personal to YOU

Couponing and budgeting really are unique and personal to you and there’s no way to create a “one-size-fits-all” mold that suits everyone.  This is why learning how to coupon can be so frustrating for so many people.  It takes time to learn and the only way you can learn it is by gaining experience.  This is the main reason why I prefer to teach individuals one-on-one so I can help you learn and tailor your shopping trips to what you need for your household.

No two budgets are alike because no two households are alike.  Having a detailed budget has helped me to stay on track, to curb over-spending and I actually have some money in savings in case of emergencies.  I admit it wasn’t easy to tell myself no when I spotted a killer clearance deal with coupons.  If I already spent all of my budgeted allowance for the week then I could only purchase the items if they were free with coupons because I had no more cash in my wallet.

If you haven’t heard of The Envelope System then drop everything you are doing and click here to read about it now.  It has eliminated so many of our issues concerning money, especially with our kids!  They now fully understand that in order to buy extras, we have to do without something to “fit it in” to our budget.  Eating out isn’t as much fun for them when they have to eat PB&Js, ramen and leftovers for dinner three nights in a row!

Practical Couponing for Busy People 

If you are wanting to coupon but keep it practical and easy then my Practical Couponing for Busy People is probably a good fit for you!  I don’t have time to run from store to store each week and to be honest, shopping several stores a week, every week isn’t possible for me and my schedule.  The only time I truly “chase” deals is when I am replenishing my depleted coupon stockpile, which takes me one month out of the year to do.  I normally shop only when my schedule allows and I make sure to make the most out of those shopping trips.  I ALWAYS make a pass through the clearance section at the stores where I shop before I checkout!

The only way to develop your own unique system is to gather up as much information as possible and then see what works for you.  I like to share and typically I over-share what I do and how I do it so you can get a sense if it’s right for you.  My overall goal is to make couponing efficient and easy for me and helping you turn your pennies into dollars!

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