Haul of Fame – The Thrifty Girlfriends’ Brag Gallery for UMS


Haul of Fame – The Thrifty Girlfriends’ Brag Gallery for UMS

The TGFs Haul of Savings - Show us your best hauls!

It’s easy to be featured in the Haul of Fame – The Thrifty Girlfriends’ Brag Gallery for UMS. Just upload an image of your haul and your receipt showing the final out of pocket (OOP) total. Breakdown details are not required but it is very much appreciated so that everyone can see how you got your final cost so low!

UMSUnstoppable Money Saver

Brand new couponers – Please don’t be shy and think your savings aren’t good enough to showcase! At some point and time – EVERYONE was new to couponing and just trying to save our families money. I was happy to get free toothpaste and deodorant or save 25% on my final total.

TRUE STORY – I tried to learn to coupon three times and failed miserably and gave up learning before I finally caught on to how it works!! Three years later, here I am – sharing my secrets to saving with you and showcasing your hauls!

Sharing your haul will let other couponers give you helpful advice to save even more the next time around!

To be featured in the Haul of Fame –

1.  Snap a picture of your haul. Please be sure it isn’t blurry or fuzzy so it can be resized if necessary!

2.  Snap a picture of your receipt, make sure the final total is clearly visible so our jaws can hit the floor!

Be sure you cover up your personal information like credit card, rewards card numbers, etc. If a survey was included on your receipt make sure to cover up the survey code. Sometimes I fold the receipt so all that’s visible are the items I purchased, coupons and discounts I used in the transactions and final total (OOP).

3.  Please include a little something about your deal in “quotes” that I can include with your haul post. Honey – you’re a celebrity in the Haul of Fame so talk to your fans!!

4.  Send your images and/or breakdown via email to:


Please type HALL OF FAME in the subject line

I know it’s probably easier and faster to send it by Facebook messenger but I can’t pull your images off the messenger to post here. I also can’t make any edits to resize your photo so please send it all via email. Thank you for cooperating my UMS!

5.  Sit back and watch us oooooouuuuuhhhhh and ahhhhhhh over your haul!!

Not quite ready to post your haul?  No problem, come on in, browse and take it all in!  One day soon you will be ready to showcase your incredible savings too!

Welcome and Enter the Haul of Fame!  



Kiolbassa wasted by Joshua Bristol

TGFS Haul of Savings - Insane Kiolbassa Markdown at HEB - Emily


Joshua Bristol – Husband of The Korean Couponer – Emily Bristol

 1st Extreme Coupon Haul

Joshua says: “I just saw this good deal, grabbed the coupons (HEB Yellow coupons) and now we don’t have to worry about sausage for the rest of the year.”


P&G Catalina Accidental Haul – Kimberly Olivarez Briseno 

Kimberly Olivarez Briseno was a Couponing 101 Seminar — A How-To Chat For Newbies! Attendee

Coupon Class - Haul of Savings - Kimberly Olivarez Briseno

Kimberly Olivarez Briseno says “Saved a total of $23 on 3 transactions with $69.42 oop. $2 on produce (heb app) and $21 on health and body. I received 2 p&g catalinas for future use. This was an unplanned trip but I needed diapers so I went ahead and tried it. I was able to piggyback and used multiple coupons. I think I could’ve done better but I’m proud of what I purchased. Thanks for the help and inspiration.”


CVS Triple Stack Savings by UMS – Bebekid Delgado

The TGFs Haul of Savings - CVS Triple Stack Savings by UMS - Bebekid Delgado

The TGFs Haul of Savings - Deal Breakdown by Bebekid Delgado


More hauls wanted!!  Your haul can go here!!