Glade Rebate Double Dip you gotta see it to believe


Glade Rebate Double Dip you gotta see it to believe

Glade Rebate Double Dip!!  You gotta see it to believe it!! - Coupon App Graphics

Glade Rebate Double Dip you gotta see it to believe!!  This deal is so good that you won’t believe it unless you see with your own eyeballs, so let’s get to the deal already, right?!?

Sign up for the HEB Digital Coupon App

You get more savings when you use the digital app if you shop at HEB so stop procrastinating and sign up already!  Be sure to load up ALL of the coupons so you can collect all of the coupon discounts when you shop.  I have read about so many shoppers who forgot to load the coupon before they went shopping and they purchased the items but didn’t get the discounts.  I advise everyone to load ALL of the coupons so you won’t have to worry about missing them later if you make a last minute change to your shopping deal.
Click here to sign up for HEB’s app.

Sign up for Ibotta and Checkout 51 rebate apps

Ibotta and Checkout 51 are product rebate apps that pay you back a set dollar amount for eligible purchases you make at participating retailers.


Glade Rebate Double Dip!!  You gotta see it to believe it!! - Ibotta Phone Rebate App

Ibotta has weekly any brand rebates for everyday items like milk, bread, eggs and fruits and vegetables.  You will also find rebates for retailers like JCPenney, Best Buy, restaurants and movie theaters.  You really will get paid to shop.  You want to be sure and join an active team if you will plan to use the grocery and drug store rebates every week, like most couponers usually do, to get more savings.

Join my super active team!!  

Glade Rebate Double Dip!!  You gotta see it to believe it!! - Join an active team, use referral code: uqoqia

All that work…you want those bonuses, honey! 

The reason to join an active team is simple – if you make weekly purchases you will end up reaching weekly bonus benchmarks.  Example: If I earn $3 in rebates and my whole team earns a total of $6 this week then I can unlock the level 1 bonus. The level 1 bonus earns me an additional $2 and unlocks the level 2 bonus details.

Your bonuses can only unlock when your team participates so having team mates who don’t really use the app or shop for the rebates might keep you from unlocking your extra money in those bonuses.  Just imagine – you’re doing all this work but your team isn’t really participating so you lose out on your extra bonuses while SuzyQCouponer and her team are cashing in on bonuses left and right.  This is the reason why I encourage you to be sure that you are joining an active team that regularly submits for rebates to unlock more bonuses for your team.

Checkout 51  

Checkout 51 is straight forward and offers fewer bonuses but the biggest perk is that you can submit for multiple rebate offers when permitted.  So if you purchase (3) of each of the Glade offers then you can submit for each rebate for a total of (3) times!!  Other apps only allow you to get the rebate for only one item.

 You don’t need a referral code to join so click here and download now so you’ll be ready to cash in on your savings!!

  My HEB Catalinas and Deals this week

I have 4 HEB P&G catalinas to burn up this week and next week so stocking up on frozen pizzas and getting free Glade spray refills for my automatic spray “sprayers” seems like a perfect deal idea for me!!  My family literally freaks out if we don’t have frozen pizzas in the house so I am going to purchase enough to get us by until the next big stock-up deal comes back around!

HEB P&G Catalina Deal Idea:

$1.05 off ONE DIGIORNO pizzeria!™ thin pizza$0.75 off any Two (2) TONY'S Pizzas

  • Purchase (3) DiGiorno Pizzeria! Primo Pepperoni Pizza, 19.6oz, assorted varieties, $5.86 each ($17.58)
  • Use (2) $1.05 off ONE DIGIORNO pizzeria!™ thin pizza (exp 6/13)  (-$2.10)
  • Use (1) SAVE $1.05 on ONE New DIGIORNO® pizzeria!™ thin pizza or DIGIORNO® pizzeria!™ HEB Digital Coupon (exp 7/3, limit 1) (-$1.05)
  • Purchase (4) Tony’s 14.14oz pizzas or larger, assorted varieties, $2.25 each ($9.00)
  • Use (2) $0.75 off any Two (2) TONY’S Pizzas (exp 6/13)  (-1.50)
  • Purchase (3) Glade Automatic Spray Refill 6.2-oz, assorted varieties, $4.88 each ($14.64)
  • Use (2) $2.oo off any ONE (1) Glade Automatic Spray Refill or Sense & Spray twin refill (-$4.00)
  • Use (1) HEB Yellow Store Coupon – Buy two (2) Glade Auto Spray Refills 6.2oz, assorted varieties, Get 3rd FREE! (exp 5/19)  (-$4.88)
  • Use (1) $10 off when you spend $30 or more P&G catalina- valid use dates 5/13 – 5/26 (-$10.00)
  • Your total BEFORE coupons at the register:  $41.22
  • Your coupons, digital coupon & catalina deductions:   -$23.53
  • Final Total to pay at the register:    $18.17 (tax on the Glade included)

Then you submit for your double dipping rebate:

  • Submit to Ibotta for (1) $1.50 rebate, limit 1
  • Submit to Checkout51 for (1) $1.50 rebate X 3, limit of 3 rebates per Glade product = $4.50
  • Final rebate cashback total: (+$6.00)

If you just did the Glade deal alone, this would be a 24¢ money maker deal!!  

Want to see that deal break down? Click here to read it.

Your final cost for this entire haul is $12.17 for 10 items, $1.22 per item, for a total savings of 70%!!

Not bad considering I really needed frozen pizza and the entire haul cost half the price of a Papa John’s Delivery Special!!  And I have one less catalina to worry about using and I scored a killer deal in the process!  I have more deal ideas to come over the next day or two so if you have a few catalinas left and you need deal ideas then stay tuned!

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