Get paid to floss!! CVS Deal – today only!


Get paid to floss!! CVS HOT money maker ends today!

Get paid to floss!! CVS HOT money maker ends today! - $2.61 Money Maker

Get paid to floss!! CVS Deal – today only! Listerine, Reach, Rembrandt or Select Listerine Floss are spend $10 get $5 Extrabucks Rewards with an offer limit of two which means you can do this all in one transaction and get $10 ECBs! This deal ends today so don’t hesitate to grab these up!  I love to stock up on FREE oral care items but it’s even better when they pay me to take the product out of the store!!  Don’t you agree?

What if the store is out of stock???  No problem!!  

If the store is out of stock then ask for a rain check and be sure to include the coupons you plan to use for the transaction.  The cashier will usually staple them to the rain check so you won’t be hunting them down later.  Double check that they include the 11-digit code for the ECB deal so you get your ECBs for buying the products.

Get paid to floss!!  CVS Deal - today only! - CVS Rain checks and ECBs

**Some stores won’t accept expired coupons and some will – so your mileage can and will vary in this instance.**

Your money maker/freebie deal breakdown:

Get paid to floss!!  CVS HOT money maker ends today! - Deal breakdown details

$1.00 off (1) LISTERINE Floss or Flosser Product$1.00 off any (1) LISTERINE Antiseptic Mouthwash$1.00 off any (1) LISTERINE SMART RINSE 500ml
Deal Breakdown Details:

  • Buy 7 Listerine Floss @ $2.99 ($20.93)
  • Mix or match the following:
  • Use (2) $1 off Listerine Coupons (-$2)
  • Use (2) $1 off Listerine Coupons (-$2)
  • OR Use (2) $1 off Listerine Coupons (-$2)
  • Use (3) $1 off Listerine Peelies Coupons (-$3)
  • ***Just remember, you need a total of 7 coupons, with a maximum of four being alike or identical***
  • Use 30% off Toothpaste, Toothbrush or Floss CVS Store Coupon (-$4.17)
  • Use 30% off in-store purchase exp 5/10 (-2.92)
  • Pay $7.39 & receive $10 ECBS

$2.61 Money Maker so you get paid to floss!! Can possibly be a higher money maker if you have other $ off CVS store coupons. You might have to break this up into two separate transactions because you can only use (4) of the same coupons in this transaction, which will affect your final OOP.  In that case, I would use (1) 30% coupon per transaction.

Get paid to floss!!  CVS Deal - today only! - Possibly higher money maker when you use these $ off CVS store coupons


Couponing at CVS and the Coupon Policy

If you aren’t familiar with the CVS store coupon policy then click here to read and print out to keep in your coupon binder.  It has been my personal experience that each and every store management has the support and backing of CVS Corporate to decide how they handle their coupon redemption at each store.  I highly encourage you to get to know your staff and ask questions BEFORE you go through the checkout if you aren’t familiar with your store’s redemption policy.

I find that letting the staff know that I am willing to learn, cooperate and use coupons within their guidelines will get me further than throwing a temper tantrum at checkout.  They are also eager to let me know about the great deals in the store as well as clearance and upcoming product sales and new product launches.

With that said, I hope that you net a big money maker today!!  I find that flossing actually saves me much more money because I don’t have to see my dentist as much!!  I am a dedicated flosser after I shelled out over $2000 for root canals and crowns for just two teeth and that was with dental insurance!!  Now I floss like a dedicated nun and I don’t have to hear my dentist tell me that I need more dental work done!  Win-Win!!

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