FREE Stockup Price & Freezer Prep Lists


Free Download - Free Stockup Price List

Use my free Stockup Price & Freezer Prep Lists as tools to help you when determining what your rock bottom price should be for stockpiling.  It is an invaluable resource for those who are new to couponing and want to know the target range for the lowest possible price.  Some items are never free while others are free all the time.  If you don’t hit these same prices when first starting out then just remember that the longer you coupon, the more you save.  My stockup price list is a goal you should try to reach but keep in mind that it takes more than just a coupon to get that target price.  (Think coupon stacking, price matching, coupon apps, gift cards, Catalina deals, etc)

Free Download -  Free Freezer Prep List

The freezer prep list includes items you might not have thought about freezing before but with a little prep you can freeze it and save money by stockpiling it.  For example, I love to stock-up when a dozen eggs go on a great sale.  I hard boil them all, peel them and then freeze them whole.  I use them in tuna salad, egg salad, I toss them in my fresh garden salads and eat them as protein snacks.

I included both lists together as one download because they are great resources to add to your coupon binder.  I refer to my price list often when I shop and the freezer prep list is great for anyone who doesn’t have a vacuum sealer system for freezing.  I hope you enjoy them both!

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