Product Reviews Working List


Product Reviews Working List

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Use this Product Reviews Working List to help you keep track of which companies or brands you contact, when you contacted them and the response you received back.  Be sure and add new brands and products as you work your list so you remember to include them in the contact cycle.

I left plenty of room to write in or type in the names of the companies or brands that I might not have included in the checklist or new ones that you try and like.  Once you contact them you can simply check off the name and move on to the next one.

The spreadsheet makes it track the date you made contact, when they responded back and what they sent you in return.  I also included a column to add frequency.  For example, Johnsonville Sausage allows you to request coupons every 90 days whereas other companies may vary.

The ‘Q’ in my spreadsheet is the medical abbreviation for “Every”.  So Q90 Days translates into Every 90 Days.  Feel free to use it to your heart’s content as I certainly enjoy typing and writing less than necessary!

If you are curious about the kinds of crazy good deals you can do with those coupons then click here to read how I paid $0.28 for 1,938 Huggies Baby Wipes!  Click here to see how I did a deal for Pampers diapers.  The companies send coupons with unusually long expiration dates so hang on to them until a really good deal comes along.  Be sure and download the Sales Cycle Spreadsheet so you can keep track of how often these deals come along!

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