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Use my Free Downloads to help you get started on your journey to achieve total financial freedom with The Method! These are designed to make your life easy!  Simply download and print!

Free Printable Coupon Binder Organizer

The Coupon Binder Organizer will help you keep your coupons in specific categories in your binder.  I personally designed this organizer with a special quick flip feature at the bottom right side of the page.  This will enable you to spend less time digging out your coupons and give you more time to spot money saving deals when you shop!  Watch my YouTube Video and see why I only use the binder method for couponing.



Coupon Lingo Cheat Sheet

The Coupon Lingo Cheat Sheet is super handy to keep in your coupon binder so you can easily decipher and decode those pesky abbreviations!


Freebies, Samples and Coupons Tracking Spreadsheet

Use my Product Reviews Working Lists to write to companies and keep track of how often you make contact and list the goodies they send back in appreciation for your feedback.  I have a list for your products and brands and a spreadsheet to track the frequency and response.  Be sure and add new brands and products to your list so checking your mailbox becomes a fun chore.  I feel like it’s Christmas every week when new products, samples and coupons arrive.


Sales Cycles Tracking Spreadsheet

Sales Cycle Tracking Spreadsheet

Use my Sales Cycle Spreadsheet to track sales, trends, coupons and specials for the products you use in the stores where you shop.  My spreadsheet makes it easy for couponers to learn their sales cycles and stay organized for practical and successful couponing.

Free Download - Free Stockup Price List

Free Stock-up Price List AND Freezer Prep List

Use this Stock-up Price List as a guide when finding your rock bottom prices to stockpile.  Use the Freezer Prep List when you want to freeze items without a vacuum sealer system.

Step 2 - The Total Budget Makeover Series Spreadsheet Graphic

Use my free Budget Spreadsheet to get on track with your budgeting!  You can’t achieve total financial freedom if your spending is out of control.  Download and print to get started today!


2 thoughts on “Free Downloads

  • Deana Wade

    what works well for me is I have a binder of course and I have dividers, I keep plastic sheet protectors on the paper, and I keep a written list of ITEM NAME (meat) BRAND NAME (BUDDIG) and then write the deal (Buy 5 get $1 off) and I put like 7/16, 8/30 next to it, preferably on a single line….those numbers at the end tell me the expiration date. It makes it an easy look up if I see something and need to find the coupon (that I instinctly know I have), and I can also cross off an expired coupon date and also remove the expired coupon with a quick look down the list if I see any that are expired. I learned this method by trial and error…..of going to the store and picking through and dropping coupons and getting a headache and taking an insane amount of time grocery shopping. I keep the coupons that are listed on the list in a stack with a paperclip and keep them and the list in the sheet protector. As long as I don’t dump out the binder it works great for me. I figure I can have two feelings by the time I get to the register after shopping….I can feel good that I saved money using coupons or I can be so exasperated that I swear I’ll never coupon again. You’re right that finding a way to be organized is a crucial key to successful couponing. And the selection of how to do that, is very individual as well. I so enjoy your videos, thank you for all you have taught me about couponing (which is just about everything).

    • The Korean Couponer Post author

      I love that you are working on creating your own personal system to coupon. I use what I like to call a “coupon wallet” to carry all of my shopping trip coupons in. You might have seen it in my sorting and clipping YouTube Video. It has divided tabs so I can separate stores and keep the coupons I am going to use for that trip separate from my binder or if it’s a small trip, then I just take the coupon wallet and leave the binder at home. I love it because I can also keep track of my store catalinas, register rewards and ECBs and since I use it like a regular wallet everyday, I am reminding myself of those items so I don’t lost track of when to use them. You can find nice starter wallets at Dollar Tree and then if you find you like using it, I would upgrade to one at an office supply store.


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