Free Downloads Updated to pdf


Free Downloads Updated to pdf

Free Downloads Updated to pdf

Free Downloads Updated to pdf – finally!  So now you can download and print easily and you won’t need to worry about finding an application that open the files for you.  These files had not been available in pdf format originally but I have taken the time to convert them so now you can easily download, save and print!

I hope you will take a moment to review the Free Downloads Updated to pdf and consider using them as tools to aid you on your journey to total financial freedom!

Coupon Lingo Cheat Sheet

Keep a copy of this handy quick reference list in your coupon binder so you can easily decode those tricky terms couponers use all the time!  Be sure and watch the Coupon Lingo Class so you can get an explanation of each term.

Stock-Up Price List and Freezer Prep List

New couponers will find these lists handy because you can see the national average stock up prices for items you use and stockpile.  You really can find cake and brownie mixes for 13¢ – 25¢!  Keep in mind these rock bottom prices are not available all year long and you must learn your local sales cycles to know when they come around.  Click here to read all about learning your local sales cycles so you can save more money while stockpiling.

The freezer prep list also makes it easy to prep food without using a vacuum sealer system like the Food Saver.  Did you know you could freeze milk, eggs, cream cheese and so much more?

Free Budget Spreadsheet

I hate to be the one to point it out, but what’s the point of couponing and saving money if you won’t stick to a budget?  The whole point of saving is to save money, right?  I know it seems easy enough without a budget but you’d be surprised at how fast spending can get out of hand with couponing. Click here to read all about budgeting and get control of your finances so you can do more with all of the money you save in coupons!

Sales Cycle Spreadsheet

The sales always cycle back around.  Let me repeat that, the sales ALWAYS cycle back around!  But each cycle can vary so you need to learn to track for your items that you use and purchase because I can guarantee you that none of the bloggers are doing it for you!  We’d never sleep if we did!  I tell you why we can’t possibly post every deal possible for you in this post, click to read about it here.

Use this spreadsheet to help you keep a master list of the items you use and you can track how often those items cycle so you can ALWAYS buy them at their rock bottom prices!  Click here to read up on learning your local sales cycles and why it’s necessary so you save the most money when couponing and stockpiling.

Freebies, Samples and Coupons Tracking Spreadsheet

I created this master list so I knew which companies I contacted, when I contacted them and what incentives or rewards they sent me.  Huggies sent me a VISA gift card, Pampers sent me $10 off coupons, the list goes on and on and I wanted to keep track of who sent me big nice gifts so I could be sure to contact them again!  I also kept track of the companies who didn’t respond or fulfill my request for coupons so I wouldn’t be wasting time in reaching out to them again.

The Korean Couponer’s Coupon Binder Organizer

Free Downloads Updated to pdf - Free Printable Coupon Binder Organizer

The key to saving money is to be organized!  I honestly don’t know how anyone can keep it all straight without an organized binder.  I think you can feel less overwhelmed when learning to coupon when you start off with good organization and having all of the tools you need to make putting your deals together easy.

Use my organizer to keep categories of coupons grouped together and to find them easily.  Each category has a tab on the bottom right of each page so you can flip through you binder quickly to find those money saving coupons!

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