Free Baby Leggings Coupon Code & More!


5 Free pairs of baby leggings with coupon code ENBABY.  There are over 70+ styles to choose from for boys and girls.  Keep your little one’s legs warm while they crawl and toddle around the house.

These are super cute and they have numerous styles to choose from for both boys AND girls!  I only paid $14.99 for standard shipping and you can get free shipping when you refer five friends and use your referral code.  They simply refund your shipping charges to whatever method you used to pay for your order.

If you have a baby shower to attend then these gifts are a great idea!  Everything is FREE and you cover shipping.  Again, if you refer friends to purchase with your referral code then you get everything shipped free!

I was not able to afford a baby sling with my older two kids and I have no idea how I actually ever accomplished anything around the house without it.  I wore my baby 40% of the time in a given day.  He enjoyed being worn as much as I enjoyed wearing him.  He has rebelled against being worn and carried around now because he enjoys his independence in learning to walk.  But I am thankful I still have the sling because he refuses to be put down on days when he’s not feeling well.  The second image is my little peanut when we first starting baby wearing.  He was so tiny then!

 Free baby Sling with coupon code

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the nursing covers.  This might be a little too much oversharing….BUT I am really “ample” in the mammary glands and this cover made it really easy to comfortably nurse in public when my baby was a brand new nursling.  It also made for a great cover when we were outside because it shielded his face from the sun and kept his baby smooth sunburn free.

The breast pads are washable and reusable.  Have you ever had to buy nursing pads?  Without the very few coupons they do distribute?  Those things will eat a family budget in no time!  Getting these for free will leave you plenty of extra cash to splurge on the pricey made-just-for-baby laundry detergents.

The Carseat Canopy was the greatest thing anyone ever designed for a newborn! When my older two kids were infants I was naive enough to just use baby blankets to cover up the carseat when we were outside or when baby gawkers would get too close and breath all over my immuno-weak baby.  But whoever thought that it was a great idea to create tabs to keep it from flying, slipping, falling, blowing off is a genius!  (Wish I had thought of it first!)

It is ultra thick and made of great quality material so no stranger kooties flying all over your precious cargo.  It’s also long enough and wide enough to actually cover the baby and the carseat!  I had so many stop and ask me where I got mine when our baby was still in his infant carrier.

Finally….the belly button band.  If you’ve never used a maternity band before then you won’t understand the pain of trying to keep your pants up without one.  It’s super comfortable, lightweight, breathable, stretchy and it really does cover everything!  Have a pair of killer jeans you can squeeze your butt into but your baby bump won’t let you zip?  Then use the belly band and cover the front and pants stay up!

I will be completely transparent and tell you that I actually wore mine for about 3 months after the baby was born since the leftover baby storage doesn’t disappear right away.  I can’t imagine living without it!