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Foodie Central is my outlet to talk about everything concerning food!  I am a self-proclaimed foodie, home chef, recipe writer and re-writer and restaurant/food critic.  My passion for food began at an early age and I consider myself lucky that I grew up in a diverse culture at Fort Hood, Texas.  It also helps that my mother is full fledged Korean and my exposure to various cuisines started when I could begin to chew solid foods.

Growing up in Killeen, Texas gave me a childhood steeped in culture and community like I have never experienced anywhere else in my life.  My father was in the Army we moved around quite a bit and I am labeled as an “Army brat.”  There are plenty of opportunities for someone with limited exposure to new cultures to experience the diversity in full force in our community without ever leaving the state!  We have numerous festivals and community events to celebrate and bring awareness to different groups in our community.  This increased awareness brings unlimited exposure to the food, celebrations, customs and traditions that tie in to the members in our tight-knit community.  I will be writing about some of these as I attend this year and will share those experiences with you!

I had the opportunity to travel and live in South Korea for an entire summer in 2002.  It was the best vacation experience of my life and I wish with all my heart to go back and visit once all of my kids are old enough to walk independently and for long periods of time!  Vehicles are prohibited in many shopping and tourist areas so walking is mandatory and travel is often done by bus or subway in Seoul.

I get my fill of the Korean culture by watching my Korean Dramas online through my Netflix and Amazon Prime TV subscriptions.  Don’t laugh, well at least not too hard, but I only recently discovered that I could watch with English subtitles.  Now I don’t have to guess at what’s going on, trust me, so much can get lost without subtitles!  Sadly enough, I never learned to fluently speak Korean and watching without subtitles didn’t help me learn either!

Ironically, I have just recently learned to cook authentic Korean food like Kimchi and Banchan side dishes although I already knew how to make main dishes like bulgogi and kimchi stew.  Iam so happy to be able to share these field tested and family approved recipes with you.  You can find them under my Korean Food Category in the recipe archives.  Let’s expand our palates as we try not to expand our waistlines!  Luckily enough, most asian food is on the healthier side so we can enjoy our dishes more often and not feel guilty about it!

Super Awesome Kitchen Hacks (SAKHs)

I love to find ways to cut down on my time in the kitchen and methods that make my life easier.  I am a full-time work from home blogger and mom with three kids, ages 9, 6 and 1 as well as loving and devoted accidental cougar trophy wife to my younger cub husband so you know I am one busy woman!  I like to make things simple for myself so I can spend more time with my family and less time in the kitchen slaving over our meals.  I share how-to tips that I use called SAKHs or Super Awesome Kitchen Hacks that will save you time and make your life easier since my methods are field tested and foodie approved!

Check out my Training Wheels for Chopsticks SAKH video above.  It’s perfect for anyone who wants to learn to use chopsticks without making a complete mess or fumbling and dropping food everywhere!  It’s also perfect for younger kids who might not have well developed finger dexterity and making these are far cheaper than buying those flimpsy training chopsticks at retail stores!  All you need is chopsticks, the wrapper they come in (or a small piece of paper, about the size of a post-it note) and a rubber band.

Money Saving Recipes

Money Saving Recipes

I am The Korean Couponer, and as my name implies, I am asian, frugal and I love to coupon for savings!  My weekly grocery/gas budget for my family of five is $136.  Notice how it’s a grocery AND gas budget?  I also have to find ways to figure in the cost of diapers since our youngest is only a year old.  I create, test and write (sometimes re-write) my own money saving recipes and I hope to put together a collection to publish my first Money Saving Recipe Cookbook.

I use items that I have on hand and in my coupon stockpile for my recipes.  I do admit that not all of my recipes are healthy or good for you, but I believe in enjoying things in moderation rather than completely restricting everything I like out of my life.  My recipes will include variations (ex: use chicken as well as beef) and tips on how to freeze, reuse ingredients for another meal.  I am all about efficiency so join me in my pursuit of easy money saving recipes that you and your family will love!

My recipes include a wide range from vegetarian/gluten free (Quick Cucumber Kimchi) to low sodium/heart healthy (Dump Chicken Soup) and easy homemade like Easy Guacamole and then I have few downright not good for you but oh-so-tasty recipes like my Mexican 7 Layer Bean Dip and coming soon will be my Cheesecake Sopapilla Recipe.  Like I said, I believe in enjoying everything in life, but with moderation!

Watch me Cook!

I have a YouTube channel called The Korean Couponer and I create recipe videos so you can see how easy it is to replicate in your own kitchen!  Look for many more videos to come in the future and if you want to see one of my recipes in a video then let me know in the comments section of the recipe.  Just promise me that you won’t laugh at me as most of my videos are homemade and I am the one doing the recording myself!

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