Everything Korean

Everything Korean

Everything Korean

This page is for everything korean.  I am a typical first generation Amer-Asian Korean.  My mother is full fledged Korean and my father is full fledged Caucasian.  I was raised by my mother and fully inundated with the Korean culture from birth.  Unfortunately I was not raised to in a bilingual home so speaking Korean fluently was not passed on to me.

I did spent one glorious summer living in a small town in South Korea called ANJONGRI which is located right outside of Camp Humphreys.  It was the best summer of my life and I miss being there every single year since I’ve left.  Luckily I live in Killeen, TX and Fort Hood is the largest military installation in the free world.  I have access to all of the authentic Korean restaurants, grocery stores and cultural events I could possibly want right here in my hometown.  But I will be honest, it isn’t the same as living in Korea.

My goal is to share more about my Korean heritage with my readers and introducing you to Korean food, culture, kdramas and sharing some of the people I follow online to get my daily dose of Koreanization!  You can browse through and find recipes, food and restaurant reviews and posts on culture and family life.  I will also include a direct link to YouTube so you can watch some of my favorite korean dramas with me and hopefully we can start a discussion forum going.

I hope you enjoy this page as it is a big part of who I am!

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