Dollar Tree Coupon Haul 1/28/15


Dollar Tree Coupon Haul 1/28/15 - items purchased

Here is my Dollar Tree Coupon Haul for 1/28/15.  I am still surprised to learn that people don’t know that you really can use coupons at Dollar Tree stores.   The woman behind me at checkout was shocked to see that you could use coupons and was blown away when I left the store with 20 items and only paid $4.75 out of pocket!

Dollar Tree Coupon Haul 1/28/15 - store receipt and deal breakdown


PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOU MILEAGE MAY VARY.  ALL items at Dollar Tree are $1.00 unless otherwise posted in the store with a big green sign.  But not all coupons are created equal…literally!  So please be sure and read the fine print in your coupons carefully.

You also need to be really familiar with the Dollar Tree coupon policy.  You can read and download your copy of the coupon policy here.  You can only use two (2) internet printable coupons per household per day.  You can also only use four (4) like coupons per household per day.  Which means I will be visiting my local Dollar Tree stores everyday until I either run out of coupons or they run out of stock, whichever happens first.

Print your $1.00/2 HORMEL Pepperoni Packages here.  Remember, you can purchase ANY size.

Dollar Tree Coupon Haul 1/28/15 - $1.00 off 2 HORMEL Pepperoni packages coupon

Practical Couponing Tip:  I ALWAYS ask when in doubt about the coupons I can use in the stores.  I place all of the items in my basket and pull out all of my coupons.  I then seek out a store manager, ask nicely and explain that I just want to ask for clarification before checkout and then hand over my coupons for review of all the products.  Trust me….THEY ALWAYS appreciate this gesture.  

If there are discrepancies and I am still not sure why, I simply explain that I am still learning and nicely ask if they will help me better understand so I can become a fully informed couponer.  After all is said and done, I sincerely thank them for their time in helping me and head over to checkout.  

At checkout, I make eye contact and greet the cashier with a smile.  I also make sure to explain that I am using coupons and I hand them over BEFORE the transaction begins.  I don’t like to hand over my coupons at the end of a transaction unless I am using a threshold, catalina-dollar-amount-off or special-offers coupons which require to be discounted first.  Cashiers I have spoken to hate when customers try to stay in control at checkout with the coupons.  They spent hours in training prior to reaching the checkout register – so relax and hand over all of the coupons and then let the cashier do their job.  I still carefully, but cheerfully, watch and monitor each coupon scan and discount taken.  If you did your math right, which you should always be calculating and figuring your checkout totals, then your total and the register total should be within a few pennies of each other.  

Be sure and thank the cashier by name and sincerely give a parting farewell.  You want to be remembered as the “nice couponer” and not one of the DCHs that make us all look bad.  What’s a DCH you ask?  Why, it’s a Durty Coupon Hoe!!  Yes it’s misspelled on purpose!  She mindlessly clears shelves, makes demands and yells at everyone at checkout when her coupons beep or mis-scan and she makes the whole store tremble in fear and angst when she walks through the door.  You don’t want to be remembered as THIS kind of couponer!    

If you are wondering what in the world would you do with ALL of that Hormel pepperoni then have no fear because I have a few ideas to share with you!  You can actually freeze the packages I purchased pictured above.  Simply lay them flat and freeze.

My local store also had the 1.75oz boxes which contain two vacuum sealed pouches of the smaller sized pepperoni.  These will keep in the deep freeze for at least 12 months.  If you don’t own a deep freezer then stuff these all the way in the back of your freezer and they will keep just fine for 12 months.

Practical Couponing Tip:  Leaving these in the freezer door slots will quickly diminish their freezer shelf life so only put items you eat quickly and regularly in the slots like ice cream bars, popsicles or frozen smoothie bags.

Read my recipe post for Easy Peazy Pepperoni Recipes here.  When you stock up and only pay $0.50 per package you can easily save money making these recipes.  The recipes are also kid friendly so be sure and include them when assembling.

My husband and I love the big chain sandwich store’s Spicy Italian foot long sandwich but we hate paying $12.00 for a sandwich, chips and drink that we share.  When I purchase pepperoni and salami on the cheap then I can definitely afford to make my own sandwiches for cheaper than $5.00 for less-than-a-real-footlong!

Practical Thought for the Day:  When you find great deals like these at your local dollar stores you know you’re already saving money when you shop there.  And when you can pair a manufacturer coupon with the deals, you double your savings.  It’s not always practical or feasible to go out chasing down every good deal at 100 different stores.  Pick one or two stores in your local area where the deals are constant, such as Dollar Tree, and you will see the savings add up over time when you shop there regularly.  And when you get lucky, an awesome coupon comes along and you get items for free or nearly free.      

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