Destination – Financial Freedom


Destination – Financial Freedom

A 4-part series of posts about reaching your own personal financial freedom from Personal Finance & Money Management Coach Emily Bristol, CPLC

Destination - Financial Freedom

Destination – Financial Freedom!!  That’s exactly where I am headed!  What about you?  Are you on a clear path to financial freedom or are you skeptical that it’s a long hard road?  I’ve got good news – it’s closer than you think and easier than you ever thought possible!  This is a 4 part series that includes the following:

  1. The real reason we buy lottery tickets – the cold, hard truth uncovered and exposed!
  2. The Frugal Lifestyle – how to stop paying full retail price for almost anything, and I am NOT talking about 5-finger discounts!
  3. “The Method” – I created and developed my own proven system that creates INSTANT disposable income that won’t require getting a second job, selling off a kidney in the black market or other illegal methods!  Anyone and everyone can replicate my results!  
  4. Exponential Savings and how you can invest in your financial freedom.  Yes – more money means more happiness!  See how the whole system works and why anyone and everyone can achieve their own personal financial freedom!    

I have never met a person who said “Nope, I don’t want total financial freedom.  I would rather work myself to the bone and never have enough money to buy or do the things I want to do in life.”  If you ever come across someone who does have this mindset, please drop me an email with their contact information because I want to talk to them and see if I can understand their point of view!

The real reason we buy lottery tickets – the cold, hard truth uncovered and exposed!

Would it not be fantastic to win the Mega Millions lottery and have $270 million to coast through the rest of your life on Easy Street?   What would you do with all of that money?  Buy a big comfortable house?  Take vacations to exotic places and visit the spa everyday?  Shop at high end stores and fill a closet the size of a small home with clothing, shoes and accessories?  Or perhaps you are more of a philanthropist and would prefer to build schools, hospitals and clinics and dig wells of fresh water for underdeveloped third world countries?

The very thought of winning the lottery and what we would do with a mountain full of cash is the exact reason we buy the tickets in the first place!  We are buying into an idea of being free to do whatever we want without restrictions or obstacles.  That idea is personal to each and every one of us and it stirs up emotions and feelings about how great it would be to do everything we want with all of the freedom in the world to do it.  All of our cares would melt away and we could finally be happy and start living the kind of life we’ve always dream of, right?

Stop buying tickets and invest in your own future!  

What if I told you that you don’t need to buy lottery tickets to have that same kind of freedom?  The idea of just having enough to pay off debt and being able to afford a few of the things you enjoy won’t sell tickets, right?  Ever notice that the big huge jackpot prizes of multi-millions always sells more tickets than usual?  Ever wonder why?  We all know why – it means we can afford more freedom with more money.  $10M is nice, but $310M is even better, right?  And we all think to ourselves that just winning one of the other prizes would be great too because it would afford us more freedom than we have right now.

What happens after the drawing, when you scan your ticket and you see that you didn’t win?  Are you disappointed as you go back to your daily grind?  From time to time do ever you wonder if financial freedom can become your reality within your lifetime?  This is the reaction and thought process for most of us, but there are a few of us who have stopped buying into the idea that it’s only possible with winning the lottery.  We are experiencing financial freedom right now and enjoying the benefits of less worry and more happiness.

Take the road less traveled

I love Dave Ramsey!  His quote “If you will live like no one else, later you can LIVE like no one else” started me on my path to financial freedom.  If you have not yet read his book The The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness then I highly encourage you to read it.  He also has a workbook, The Total Money Makeover Workbook, that has tools to help you create your financial plan and I think it is especially helpful for visual learners – just like me!

What does he mean when he says “If you will live like no one else, later you can LIVE like no one else”?  To put it simply – you live within your means and you get out of debt as quickly as possible and stay out of debt forever by saving up cash for purchases.  It’s a process that starts out slow and small but it gets bigger and faster with time and consistency.  Google debt snowball method to get a detailed description of this method.

I would compare myself to being a version of Dave Ramsey in a skirt!  I love his system and I think it’s fantastic!  But I am writing all of this to tell you that I did find a flaw with his system that caused me to take my own journey down a different and alternate path and I am now sharing all of it with you!

Can you jump across the Grand Canyon?  

What was this big flaw?  I wouldn’t say it was a flaw as much as I felt it was a gap – a big, wide gap – think Grand Canyon – that made it hard for me to jump from point A to point B in his system.  I am not going to go into details about his system as much as I am going to dig into my own system since this post is not actually a review or critique of his work.  I am a huge fan of his and always will be!

The road less traveled is an idea that Dave Ramsey and I both share and agree is the right path to take when embarking on your journey to financial freedom.  You will have to change your mindset about how you approach your spending and saving habits and realistically evaluate your priorities in life.

I call the road less traveled “The Frugal Lifestyle” and let me just say that frugal is NOT a four letter word!  My own personal definition of frugal is paying less than full retail price which means you can still buy the things you want and need but your purchase price is a fraction of the cost!  It’s possible to do because I do it everyday!

This is good news for those who love “retail therapy” and I love it because I get to save in ALL areas of my life while having and doing more with less money!  The Frugal Lifestyle is available to everyone through “The Method.”

Introduction to “The Method” 

I created my system called “The Method” to fill in the gap I was talking about a moment ago.  I had a really long technical name for my system and it was more than a mouthful so I shortened it to make it easy to say and remember.

What is my system aka “The Method”?  It’s a practical approach to creating your own instant disposable income without getting a second job or doing something illegal or crazy – like selling off a kidney to the black market.  Anyone and everyone, no matter what age and where you are in life, can use my system which is the beauty of it all!

First of all – what is instant disposable income?  Let’s break it down:

  1. Instant – available immediately, instantly
  2. Disposable – readily available to use and spend without hindrance (think paying off debt)
  3. Income – money received or available on a regular basis through work

“The Method” allowed me to quit my 9 – 5 and blog from home (without pay for over a year!) 

Using “The Method” afforded me the opportunity to quit my 9-5 day job and start blogging from home.  My husband and I have three kids, ages 9, 6 and 18 months and I wanted to be a self-employed work from home mom with the freedom to grow my coaching practice on a professional level.  The thought of coaching while changing diapers and singing Elmo songs was a dream come true for me, as corny as it may sound!

Exactly how were you able to quit your job and work from home without pay for over a year Emily?  What did you do exactly and tell me more about “The Method.”  Okay sure, I’ll tell you, since you’re twisting my arm!  Did I happen to mention that we bought and sold a house in that time frame too?  Talk about a full plate!!  We were expecting our third child, I quit my job, we moved to a different city, we bought and sold a house and we started The Korean Couponer!  Ambitious to say the least, right?  Yeah, I had to toot our horn there for a sec!  Hunny Bunny and I are “go big or go home” kind of people!

Yeah, yeah, BUT – What did you do, woman?!?  Well we stopped spending more than we earn while paying down debts and saving money.  Sounds simple, right?  It is simple, but if you have no idea of how or where to begin then it’s not so simple at all!

Coupons are the ticket to it all!  I am NOT talking about TLC’s Extreme Couponing…..this is realistic and easy to do

Couponing and having a coupon stockpile is the one and only reason we were able to afford to do so much last year!  We learned the trick to getting more of what we need and want while spending less money to obtain it.  Couponing is like a game, and if you know how to play the game then you can beat the system.  And I am NOT talking about unethical methods or cheating the system like so much hype that is tagged with couponing and extreme couponing.  I am talking about using my practical couponing for busy people methods.  (That was the original name of “The Method” – told you it was a mouthful!)

I have a system that anyone can follow and replicate that makes it easy and practical while saving you time and money.  It’s funny how we can think that having more stuff will make us happy and secure in life and sure enough, having a coupon stockpile gives me peace of mind.  If my husband lost his job tomorrow or if one of us was completely disabled temporarily then we have everything we need right in our garage to sustain us for at least six months, if not an entire year.

Destination - Financial Freedome - My Coupon Stockpile

The coupon stockpile was the reason I could afford to quit working and be without income for over 2 years.  I used my second income while working to start and grow my stockpile and then I used coupons to replenish my stockpile for a fraction of the cost.  I will admit that I am what most would call a “lazy couponer” but I prefer to label myself as an “efficient couponer” who is just way too busy to chase deals from week to week, month after month, year after year.

Some people enjoy chasing deals and get their retail therapy from doing it but I like to purchase my 6 – 12 month supply and be done with couponing for a good long spell.  It also gives me more time to write blog posts, create coaching videos and learning materials and spend more time with my family.

I filled the Grand Canyon with my coupon stockpile!

So there you have it, I filled the gap – the Grand Canyon- with my coupon stockpile.  Dave Ramsey recommends that we save up a $1000 emergency fund first, before we do anything else.  When I started out on my journey, we didn’t have any wiggle room in our budget to squeeze out money for savings.  We were barely getting by and we didn’t have a household budget to keep our spending in check.  We earned, we spent and we complained about not ever having enough.  Sound familiar?

I used my system “The Method” and was able to turn my finances around completely in 8 months.  I share the step-by-step how to in my online coupon video Basic Couponing 101 – The Frugal Lifestyle.  Use coupon code FIVEOFF to get $5 off at checkout, valid through 8/9.  I also included a printable workbook that you can download with useful tools and resources because I am the type of person who needs something to visually see and work with and take notes on!

Watch my video to learn more about The Method and Basic Couponing 101


Do you have the Winning Golden Ticket?

Am I trying to sell you on the idea that “The Method” works?  Absolutely!!  We buy into the idea that winning the lottery would give us that freedom so why not “The Method?”  Just like in the movie Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory – that golden ticket is the key to everyone’s dreams of happiness.  Chocolate and candy for days and days and seeing the secrets to it all means getting closer to that happiness.

I have already achieved my own financial freedom with this system and I will continue to use it until I reach my final destination which is TOTAL financial freedom.   I think it can be compared to weight loss, when you see instant results such as 15 lbs weight lost in 3 months, then you are more than motivated to keep going and to work harder.  The same is true for money management and debt reduction, when you see results, like instant disposable income, then you are motivated to work even harder and continue on the path until you reach your final destination.

Each step you take will result in more and more financial freedom.  More financial freedom means more of your time, your money and your future security will be in your own hands and control.

Ready to start your journey?

It all begins with “The Method.”  These are practical and real solutions for your life that will free up your time, your money and you gain peace of mind knowing you are on the right path to having what we all want in life – total financial freedom.

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Next week – Part 2 of Destination – Financial Freedom – The Frugal Lifestyle

I am not talking about becoming a cheapskate or a peskie moocher!  If you ever get a chance, watch TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates and you can see exactly what it is that I won’t be teaching you to do!  I really can’t understand the logic behind some of it, like peeing in a bottle and throwing it out later to save water or showering with all of your clothes on so you can do a two-for-one!  Some of these cheapskates don’t even buy toilet paper!

I do get a kick out of watching them but I find that my methods are more practical, take less time and energy and no one will raise a questionable eyebrow when you share how you saved so much money!  No need to skimp on deodorant when it’s free with coupons!

Coming Soon

The next video to be released will be Step 2 of The Method – Legitimate Ways to Earn Money in Your Spare Time.  No scam sign ups, no multi-level marketing crap, the idea is to make YOU money, not help someone else’s financial freedom dream come true!  Make money in your spare time doing what you LOVE doing and utilizing your talents to help propel you further to your final financial freedom destination!

I do some entrepreneurial coaching in this video as I will show you how to get started for free or with very little cost and I share how to drive traffic to your website and find people who want to buy your product or services.

Step 3 of The Method – Investing – Stop Throwing ALL of Your Eggs in One Basket!!  Diversify, diversify, diversify!!  So why are you still throwing all of your retirement into one fund and praying that social security and Medicare will be around when you are ready to retire?  Think passive residual income and stay away from playing the stock market.  Stop investing in other businesses and start investing into your own future!

Step 4 of The Method – The Myth behind college degrees and student loans.  I am a firm believer that you should NEVER, EVER finance your education.  Gone are the days when a degree in medicine, law or engineering hold so much prestige.  The biggest earners in the world (billionaires) don’t have a college degree – Ted Turner, Ralph Lauren, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and look at how well they turned out!  They all have one thing in common that led to their success – they did what they LOVE, they followed their passion and look where it landed them!

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