The Coupon Stockpile


The Coupon Stockpile

You will name it and show it off to EVERYONE you know!

Why in the world would you want to selfishly hoard and store such a hideous thing like a coupon stockpile?” Those were my EXACT words when I took my first coupon class. The instructor talked about why it was so great and how it saved her so much money and my mind was not able to wrap around the reasoning. It seemed like a waste and such a selfish thing to do….until I did it and found out for myself all of the benefits!

There are no absolute guarantees in life. If my husband were to lose his job tomorrow I would be just fine without having to buy much as far as food goes because my deep freeze is not included in this picture but I have frozen food stockpiled along with this massive stockpile.

I also have a full and bursting out at the seams pantry and the only food I must purchase on a regular basis are perishable and quickly consumed items like milk, bread, eggs and refrigerated coffee creamer. I don’t need to buy any laundry detergent or fabric softener for at least three years.

My coupon stockpile. Compare last year to this year. Not much difference except I used almost all of the diapers and wipes!

Did you look and compare the two photos? Not much has changed between the two except that I have indeed used many items and saved bundles of cash. Instead of rushing to the store to buy what I need, I simply step out into my garage and browse my own aisles and simply walk back in the house. No gas wasted or wear and tear on my car, no crowds to fight, no cleared shelves by DCH’s (Dirty Coupon Ho’s) no waiting in a checkout line and no more overspending or impulse buys. I didn’t even have to get dressed to go shopping! Yes….one or two times I have run downstairs stark naked and into my garage to grab a bottle of shampoo or bodywash! (My garage door is windowless so no one saw me!)

I can feel comfortable inviting people over to eat a meal because I always have something stashed away in my freezer that I bought on a ridiculous sale. And worst case I can throw together a pasta meal and whip up a dessert in no time because my pantry is full of boxed dessert and cake mixes and pasta sauce and pasta. I also wouldn’t have to worry about feeding my family if my husband were to become suddenly unemployed.

My coupon stockpile literally made my life so much easier and the best example I can share is when my infant son was born prematurely. I had spent several months couponing and stockpiling because I knew I was going to quit my job at a local hospital after five years to stay at home and become a stay at home mommy.

My husband and I could not see the logic in me working to pay someone else to raise our kids when I could stay home and save the difference. Childcare is not cheap and when you add in the cost of formula (yes, I breastfeed but good luck trying to pump while working like crazy in a super busy OB/GYN clinic), diapers and baby food on top of the weekly rate it was cheaper for me to do it myself. I was only making $10.44 an hour at my day job and I still had to pay the daycare if my kids were sick AND take the time off to keep them at home while NOT getting paid at my job.

So I am pregnant with Baby D (our son) and I go in for a routine prenatal check-up in January and I was told at the end of the visit that I was not allowed to go home and I would be admitted to the hospital. After a few tests to include a bladder tap (not fun) and some blood work they decided the best route to take was to induce labor and get my blood pressure under control. Baby D was born two days later 6 weeks earlier than his due date. He was hospitalized in the NICU for 11 days and all I wanted to do was be at the hospital with him. The hospital was 25 miles away and we had literally just moved into our new home Thanksgiving week. We originally lived two minutes from the hospital but now we lived 25 miles away and had to drive back and forth everyday. We were fortunate that Baby D only spent a total of 11 days there. I have a friend who delivered her baby the day after me and her son had to stay four long months!

So coupon stockpile saved the day by allowed me more time to focus on Baby D and took the stress of worrying about what I was going to feed my family right off my shoulders since I never had to leave home to gather the items I needed. Since I was also severely sleep deprived I wasn’t required to do much thinking or planning because many meals can be made from pantry staples in your stockpile. If you want to see some recipes in action then watch my YouTube recipe videos. Chicken Dump Soup is the PERFECT example of what we ate in those hazy days!!

The coupon stockpile literally made a huge difference in that super stressful time in our lives. Besides being convenient the stockpile also saved us money and driving to and from the hospital wasn’t a burden on our budget.

So I hope you can see why the coupon stockpile is so important to have and continue to maintain. Once you learn to stockpile groceries and personal hygiene items you can also take what you learn and apply it to retail stores. You can literally stockpile clothing for your kids, office supplies (especially handy if you want to print coupons from home) and toys and gifts throughout the year for birthdays and holidays.

 If you are a diehard fan of extreme savings then I highly recommend reading the book How to Shop for Free: Shopping Secrets for Smart Women Who Love to Get Something for Nothing by Kathy Spencer and Samantha Rose. Kathy really explains how she shops for free and gets paid to shop at her favorite stores. I have used her secrets to getting free towels and kitchen rugs at Kohl’s to getting rewards from JCPenney and Old Navy and using those rewards towards future purchases for clearance items.

I hope that you will take a few moments to really consider why it would be beneficial for you to have a coupon stockpile for your family. I also want you to think about where you would store your items. You might have to get creative and find some storage solutions but I get tons of great ideas from Pinterest on how to organize and make it look good.

I also hope that you will consider joining my Facebook group Cut Out Hunger in Central Texas. The group description is as follows:

Cut Out Hunger in Central Texas is a group of individuals who want to make an impact in the local community of Central Texas with gifts of new donated items. It is our goal to teach the community that they don’t have to reach deep into their pockets in order to give and help someone in need. Clipping coupons and using leftover or donated coupons from the community can mean the difference between a family going hungry and struggling to survive all alone without support or a community who helps those in need while they work to better their lives. Everyone has hit a bump or two in the road of life but we don’t have to go down that path alone and afraid. Being able to donate is just as much a gift to the giver as it is a blessing to the person receiving the items. Let us be remembered for the kindness and love we shared with our neighbors, after all there is plenty to go around.

My hope is to get as many people in the community involved on a regular basis. Needy people can sometimes become desperate and it is my hope that our group can spread some love and hope. I will be needing volunteers who want to regularly get together and clip coupons and then shop for the items. If you belong to a church or organization who would like to get involved or head this up then I say the more, the merrier!

Whatever your goal may be I hope that you will consider donating in some way back to your community once you’ve stockpiled for your family and have enjoyed immense savings!

What is your reason for stockpiling?  Want to learn my secrets to stockpiling a few short weeks out of the year versus month after month of work?  Click here to see my Practical Couponing for Busy People Methods Series.  Save yourself time and money by learning practical and money saving methods to couponing!