Successful Couponing with Spreadsheets


Successful organizing with spreadsheets will save you so much money!  I just LOVE a great spreadsheet and organized binder because I can really see what’s going on in my coupon world.  I also believe it will help you to tailor your coupon deals around you and the products you buy.

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Sales Cycle Spreadsheet Post Graphic

Sales Cycle Spreadsheet makes it easy to follow the trends at the stores where you shop.


My biggest perk of following a coupon blog is that I find out about deals right away.  The biggest drawback is that the bloggers posting the deals, myself included, decide what deals we post and share.

For example, hearing aid batteries are not a hot item in my household.  In fact, no one in my family uses them.  The same holds true for Diabetic testing supplies and blood glucose monitors.  BUT these items may be important to you as you might be purchasing these on a regular basis.

I created this spreadsheet so you could fill in the fields with the stores, products, coupons and special promotions where you actually shop.  You can also add the prices because we all know that prices vary from region to region.  So I may post about a product here in Central Texas but it will be a different price if you live outside of my region.

This spreadsheet will help you look at the trends and I like to think of it as a sort of Farmer’s Almanac, Coupon sales prediction tool.  Meaning the sales I took advantage of last year at this same time will mostly likely come around again at the same time next year.

My HEB grocery chain runs a SPAM and Eggs special once a year and it’s always in January.  I take advantage of it every year.  I will be better prepared to hunt down ALL of the SPAM coupons I can get hands on so I can really take advantage of this deal when it rolls around again next January.

The same would be true for storage and organizational items right after Christmas.  So it would be in my best interests to make sure I print every printable coupon and be on the ready when the deals roll around again.

This spreadsheet will help me be ready next year because I will condense it into a list after six months and will continue to update and condense every six months.  This way I really know my own LOCAL sales cycle.  I like spending less time clipping coupons and shopping and more time teaching you tips and tricks for saving more money!

Read all about learning your Sales Cycles for Couponing here.  I prefer to use the practical approach to couponing so running around chasing sales like a chicken with my head cut off is NOT my idea of fun or practical money saving solutions.  Having a working system in place keeps everything flowing easily and most importantly, it saves me time.

I want to know what items I use most go on sale, how often I can request coupons from the companies that make the products I use and what specials regularly run at the stores I shop at the most.  Learning these trends will help you save even more money and so much more time.



Reviews of companies and brands I use image

Reviews of companies and brands I use. See how generous the diaper companies are when you say hello?

The checklist makes it easy to keep working your list and adding new companies so you always have a continuous cycle of freebies, samples and coupons coming in the mail.  It will be so exciting to check your mail every week when you work this list!

To Do Contact List Sample Text (1)

Use this checklist to easily keep track of which brands and companies you already contacted

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Want to see some deal ideas I put together and will track in my spreadsheets so I can make sure I repeat these next year?  Click here and then click here!

Come back soon as I will write up a post about creating your own working system to couponing that will save you time and it will definitely save you money!