Coupon Lingo – Learn to Speak Couponese


Coupon Lingo Graphic

So, you don’t speak Couponese yet?  It’s okay, I have cracked the code for you in this Coupon Lingo – Learn to Speak Couponese cheat sheet!  I highly recommend that you make note cards, flash cards or tape a copy to your bathroom mirror and learn it until you can spout it out easily!  You’re going to need to have this committed to long term memory if you want to catch the best deals!

Visual learner?  No problem!  Watch this video and you’ll learn to speak Couponese in no time!!  


Standard Coupon Lingo

$1/1                         One dollar off one item  

$1/2                        One dollar off two items  

ALA                        As low as

BOGO                    Buy One Get One Free 

Blinkie                 The little black box with a red light that blinks and spits out coupons 

BP or BRP           Balance Rewards Points at Walgreens

CAT                        Catalina aka  coupons that print out at the checkout on a little machine next to the register

CS                            Coupon Stockpile

CW                           Cartwheel phone app (You save a percentage off for the item(s) purchased)       

DND                        Do not double

ECBs                     Extra Care Bucks (CVS Reward Program)

ED                          Expiration date

ETS                         Excludes Trial Sizes

EXP or exp         Expires/ Coupon expiration date

IP                           Internet Printable (Online printable coupons) 

ISO                        In Search Of (when seeking items or deals)

MIR                       Mail In Rebate 

MM                         Money Maker 

MobQ                    Mobile Coupon (stores send Qs via text message that you can show the cashier at checkout)

MQ                         Manufacturer Coupon 

NLA                        No longer available

NED                        No Expiration Date 

OOP                        Out Of Pocket (Your purchase price after discounts, register rewards and coupons) 

OYNO                    On Your Next Order 

P&G, PNG or PnG       Proctor & Gamble (Newspaper insert) 

Peelie                   Coupons that are attached to the product that you need to literally peel off

PSA                         Price Starts At 

Q                              Coupon

RA                           Rebate App 

RC                             Rain Check (issued by the store when the advertised sale item is sold out and a substitute cannot be made)

RRs                         Register Rewards (from Walgreens) 

RP                            Red Plum (Newspaper insert) 

SQ                            Store Coupon 

SS                            Smart Source (Newspaper insert) 

Tearpad   (tp)     Pads of coupons found hanging in the store  

UFT                        Up for Trade 

WSL                        While Supply Lasts 

WYB, WYS           When You Buy, When You Spend

YMMV                    Your Mileage May Vary (prices and participation vary from region to region)