Coupon Coaching with The Korean Couponer


Coupon Coaching with The Korean Couponer

Coupon Coaching with Emily

Are you tired of trying to learn to coupon and save money?  Does it all still seem to be one big mystery for you?  Do you wish SOMEONE would come along, break it down and show you how it’s done?  Well look no further because your Coupon Coach Emily is right here to save the day!

I tried couponing two times before I was finally successful.  Let me explain…I took a free coupon class and heard all about extreme couponing but the instructor didn’t explain how to extreme coupon at all!  She did talk about how much you can save and how much she saved with coupons but didn’t offer much in the way of learning how to get extreme savings.  We didn’t even get one deal breakdown so I left the class utterly frustrated and angry because I realized that all of these people were somehow saving loads of money and I had no idea how they made it happen.  I kept wondering why was it such a secret or mysterious thing to learn?  I thought to myself, “How hard can this really be?”  Little did I know that it would be the most difficult thing I would ever learn to do!

I went home from the coupon class, gathered the coupons I won from the door prize drawing from the class, and tried to put together a killer money saving deal.  My deal was pitiful and I am ashamed to admit that it was hard for me to learn to extreme coupon with extreme savings.  I gave up the quest to save with coupons and left it alone for one entire year.  BUT the thought that people were secretly saving money in the world using coupons kept gnawing at the back of my mind and I was determined to learn, even if it killed me!

So after much trial and error and numerous money wasting mistakes, I have developed a successful coupon method that saves me both time and money.  I am talking serious savings in both areas of my life.  I only spend a few weeks a year replenishing my coupon stockpile and I don’t chase every deal that comes along.  I know when the best deals come around and I am fully prepared and ready when they do.

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and I specialize in Financial Lifestyle Coaching.  I help families find ways to create instant disposable income without having to get yet another job!  No two households are alike so why not let me help you customize and personalize YOUR financial lifestyle to fit YOUR needs?

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

Skype video chat

 (1 hr total time)

One hour of one-on-one coupon Q&A.  You get to pick my brain and ask everything you want to know about couponing.  This is perfect for those who have been couponing for some time and just need a little help getting to the next level of extreme savings.

This service is not limited to Couponing.  We can discuss your topic of choice for your session but the discussion will cover only one topic.

Example:  We cannot combine household budget planning and couponing into one session.  We can discuss in detail each topic in two different sessions.

*After our session you will receive an email with any resources we discussed and a recap of the conversation for you to review.

One-On-One Shopping Trips

(1 hr total time)

 You’ve taken all of this time gathering coupons, writing up your list for the deals and now you have to actually shop at the store and checkout.  It’s one thing to write up your deal and do it in your head, it’s an entirely different beast when you are at the store, armed with your coupons and shopping list and going through checkout.  This will induce anxiety and stress until you become comfortable with the process.

Don’t try and kid yourself into thinking you won’t freak out or feel stressed and start sweating your butt off when you begin.  Everyone gets nervous and scared when you first start doing coupon deals.  I still break out in a sweat and have heart palpitations when I do 98 – 100% savings transactions and I am a Coupon Pro!!

No matter how much you plan and prepare, you are never fully prepared because your deal will almost always change while you shop!  Sometimes the product will not be in stock or the quantities won’t be enough to work your deal right.

Example: Target has a gift card promotion, you get a gift card when you buy 4 items listed but what happens when there are only three items left in the entire store?  You needed 4 to make the deal work and you hunt down an employee and you find out the item is out of stock and on back order and won’t be re-stocked until after the deal expires.  What do you do now???   Lucky for you that you brought along your Coupon Coach to help you re-group!

Sometimes you also find a better deal on a different size or brand and you have to re-calculate your deal.  OR what if you are so focused on getting the items on your list that you completely overlook the killer freebie right under your nose?!?  I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I realized I could have saved more money but I was too distracted or hyper focused to take notice while I was shopping.  Good thing you have your Coupon Coach along side to scout out those hot deals while you work your deals!

To help you prepare for your shopping trip session – you will email me a copy of your shopping list (keep it under 15 items total) the night before for the store where you will do your coupon deal.  I will review your list, and if necessary, make suggestions.  We will then meet at an arranged time at the store and I will coach you on your shopping trip.  There’s no need to panic at checkout because we will review everything prior to reaching the checkout lane.

*After our shopping trip you will receive an email that includes a recap of the shopping trip and may also include any new tips to help you in future shopping trips and any suggestions to help you save time and money.

One-On-One Time & Money Saving Coupon Method Coaching 

(1 hr total time)

You can choose whether we meet at a public location, Skype video chat or in your home (if you are comfortable), and design your own personal coupon method.  When you repeat an action over and over again it becomes a habit.  Let me help you create healthy couponing and organizing habits so you can stay on track and have endurance for the long haul.

I will share my personal tips on how to quickly and easily clip and file your coupons so you stay organized.  The number one key to successful money saving couponing is to be organized and have an efficient working system in place.

I teach you how to learn the sales cycles for the products YOU actually buy at the stores where YOU shop so your couponing becomes personally tailored to you and your needs.  Wean yourself from depending on others to tell you when a good deal comes around.

Let me tell you a little secret….we bloggers post the deals that make us money and/or bring traffic to our sites.  Learn how to properly use social media to stay informed but don’t get caught up in the “shark tank feeding frenzy mentality” so many couponers fall trap to.  I teach you to be an informed and educated Deal Predicting Analyst.  (Like that professional couponing title?)

You will know how to find your own deals and you won’t need to rely on anyone else to help you save money when you use my method.  You will no longer be a follower like the masses and instead you will be in control of your finances and make better money saving decisions.

I teach you how to save time putting together your weekly deals, how to stockpile efficiently and open your eyes to just how much money and time you waste without a good consistent method to follow.

After our session you will receive an email with any resources we discussed and a recap of your Time & Money Saving Coupon Method Outline for you to review.

One-On-One Coupon Stockpile Cooking Demos and Recipes 

(1 hr total time)

I can either come to your kitchen and give you a cooking demo using the ingredients in your stockpile or pantry or I can develop easy recipes for you to follow at home in your own free time.

I will email you a questionnaire to fill out that will give me an idea of what’s on hand in your pantry and kitchen.  Once I see what you have on hand in your kitchen, I will develop custom recipes just for you based on the ingredients you buy and use.  See my Money Saving Coupon Recipes for examples of these kinds of recipes.

I will also include tips and insight on how using a Food Saver Vacuum Sealer System will save you so much more money in the long run.   No more freezer burned mystery packages taking up space in your freezer!  I will also send you my printable stockpile/freezer list that you can keep in your coupon binder.

This session will be full of useful information about saving money by cooking at home, using the ingredients you buy at the store with coupons and how to develop your own money saving recipes at home.  You really can make delicious and healthy meals at home by learning a few useful tips from me.

After our session you will receive an email with any resources we discussed, recipes and a recap of what we covered.

Coupon Coaching Services are being offered for a fee of $25 per hourly session.  Pre-payment through PayPal is required to schedule a session.  Sorry, no exceptions.

Click here to read my tutorial on how to set up and pay using PayPal. 

If you would like coaching but the services you need are not listed above then please send me an email to

Be sure and include your name, a good contact phone number where I can reach you and a brief description of the coaching you need.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Click here to read how to schedule your one-on-one session today!!

I look forward to meeting you and being your Coupon Coach!  My coaching style is pretty much the same as my writing.  I love the excitement and happiness I see on people’s faces when I help them save money!  I hope to get an opportunity to see your reaction soon!

Let me help you turn your pennies into dollars!!  Schedule your session today!!

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