Confessions of An Accidental Cougar Wife


Confessions of An Accidental Cougar Wife

Confessions of An Accidental Cougar Wife - The Whole Family

Confessions of an accidental cougar wife is my outlet to discuss anything NOT related to couponing, frugal living or food and cooking so I can keep my sanity just a little bit longer!  I love helping people but writing about only one or two subjects makes me feel so restricted and “boxed in.”  I have more to say and I am pretty sure someone, somewhere might interested in it too!

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach with over 20 years of experience and excellent results.  I love to share my life experiences to help encourage others who are experiencing difficult situations or circumstances.  I love to motivate and encourage people to pursue their passions and chase their dreams.

I have a desire to write about issues important to me to include parenting, baby wearing and attachment parenting, breastfeeding and our rights to do so in public.  I also want to include marriage and relationships, dating and online dating, sexual orientation and stereotypes as well as share our funny stories about our own experiences in life.  My kids say things that make us crack up and lose composure and I am pretty sure others would appreciate the humor too!

Although I am The Korean Couponer, I have so much more to say and share than just couponing and frugal living.  I hope you will enjoy reading my confessions and thoughts as I share my experiences of the unchartered territory of parenting and happily ever after with a much younger man!  I also like to put in my two cents about pop culture, music, fashion, celebrities and world events and issues.  I am optimistic person and I generally write with a positive voice so nothing negative will be posted.

I will be discussing the aspects most people are curious about and dispelling the myths and stigma associated with being a cougar and cougar wife in future posts.  I will be open, honest and candid but things will still be rate ‘G’ as my own kids tend to read my blog because they are fans of my work!  So be forewarned that future posts might have some code words and unique acronyms like TMQ (Two Minute Quickie) and DB (douchebag) to give you an idea!

If you are curious about my story of meeting my husband then click here to get the scoop!  

Click here to read my post about Eliminating Fear From Your Life.  You can get an idea of my coaching method in this post.    

You can stop fussing with a chore chart for kids made me stop yelling at my kids this past summer and turned my brats into responsible little allowance earning angels!  

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