Easy Kimchi Recipe

Easy Kimchi Recipe Learning to make kimchi at home was a necessity Easy Kimchi Recipe was the best recipe I have ventured out to attempt to create in my entire life!  To help you fully understand just know that it’s considered shameful or disgraceful to claim that you are Korean but you don’t know how to make a basic kimchi at home.  It would be the equivalent of saying I am an American but I have no idea how to grill hamburgers and hotdogs. Every Continue reading →

Party with Bacardi Mixers

Party with Bacardi Mixers Party with Bacardi Mixers!  We have a HOT printable coupon AND an Ibotta rebate available to make for a great discount!  This is the next best thing for us Texans since we are not allowed to use coupons and rebates on alcohol and spirits!  Please drink responsibly and if you need drink recipe ideas then see my Pina Colada Frozen Refresher and Dirty Margarita Recipes below! I am buying my mixers from HEB but this Ibotta rebate is available at multiple Continue reading →

Betty Crocker Free Recipes + Exclusive Coupons + Free Samples!

Betty Crocker Free Recipes + Exclusive Coupons + Free Samples!   Betty Crocker Free Recipes + Exclusive Coupons + Free Samples!  Sign up for FREE email for the best of Betty! Get exclusive coupons, access to free samples, the hottest recipes, and more! Features you’ll LOVE Recipes & Cookbooks – Find your favorite classic recipes or browse new ideas with key ingredients! Every Meals – Slow Cooker, Family Dinners, Breakfast & Brunch and Lunchbox Ideas Desserts – Need I say more?  It’s heavenly sweet confectionery Continue reading →

Pillsbury – Free Recipes & Coupons

Pillsbury – Free Recipes & Coupons Sign up for FREE email for the best of Pillsbury – Free Recipes & Coupons! Get exclusive coupons (up to $250 per year in savings), access to free samples (quantities limited – one per member), the hottest recipes, and more! Exclusive Coupons Take a look at these coupons!  The Big G Cereal coupons alone made me drool just a little!  I will be printing this ASAP because my kiddos eat the heck out of cereal, especially during summer break Continue reading →

Mexican Seven Layer Bean Dip

Mexican Seven Layer Bean Dip From the Money Saving Recipe Series Mexican Seven Layer Bean Dip is by far one of my favorite dishes.  It is perfect for a small gathering (Hubby and me) on a Sunday afternoon in front of the TV watching an awesome football game or you can take it to a potluck or party and dazzle everyone with your mad culinary (layering) skills! I will reiterate this point once again….I ONLY MAKE FAST, EASY AND TASTY HEALTHY RECIPES MY FAMILY WILL Continue reading →

Not Rubbery Hard Boiled Eggs

Not Rubbery Hard Boiled Eggs SAKH – Super Awesome Kitchen Hack Oh eggs, glorious eggs!!  You can hard boil, peel and freeze them to stockpile and save money.  My cooking hack will give you not rubbery hard boiled eggs that are perfect every single time!  The best part of all is that they are so easy to peel and the yolk is soft and tender and not a dry powdery lump of yellow dust! Just look at my perfectly whole and unblemished freshly boiled eggs. Continue reading →

Gangnam Style-ish Deviled Eggs

Gangnam Style-ish Deviled Eggs I decided to name my recipe Gangnam Style-ish Deviled Eggs to change things up a bit.  I get tired of using ordinary names that no one remembers and I like to poke fun, laugh and find humor in anything and everything.  Without anyone getting hurt, of course!  I like funny, but not mean. So exactly what is Gangnam Style anyway? Let’s talk a little bit about Gangnam Style and what it really means.  Here’s an awesome article by Erica Han Jin Continue reading →

Easy Peazy Pepperoni Recipes

Easy Peazy Pepperoni Recipes From the Money Saving Recipes Series Do you ever get tired of cooking the same old recipes day in and day out?  Do you look through your coupon binder and wonder what kinds of money saving recipes you could put together with the items in your stockpile?  Then Easy Peazy Pepperoni Recipes are a solution for you! If you are like me, you are short on time and you have items in your stockpile or freezer but you need recipes to Continue reading →

Crockpot Chili with Beans Recipe

From the Money Saving Recipes Series Crockpot Chili with Beans Recipe is not your typical Texas Cowboy Chili.  I add beans to this recipe.  Actually, I add lots of beans!  I prefer to use black beans and kidney beans because the combination of the two makes for an interesting flavor and because black beans happen to be my favorite bean of all time. I also add celery and onion as flavoring components because the taste of just chili powder isn’t all that interesting to me personally. Continue reading →

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chilies

From the Money Saving Recipes Series Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas with green chilies was an accidental find on Pinterest for me.  I had tried them once at a restaurant years ago and since I was tired of the same old dinner menu rut I was offering to my family I thought I would find something new and different to serve.  Besides, I simply could not eat anymore ground turkey at the moment.  When I decide to get creative I usually log in to Pinterest and Continue reading →

Canned Tuna Sushi Rolls

Canned Tuna Sushi Rolls Canned Tuna Sushi Rolls are fun to make and give you a chance to try making something new for your family.  Buying sushi from a Japanese Restaurant can be very expensive and buying it from the local grocery store isn’t necessarily a cheaper alternative. One San Antonio or California Roll from my local H-E-B Sushiya Sushi Bar is priced at $9.99 per roll.  I do understand their price point though, it takes work to make these rolls but it’s not quite Continue reading →

YouTube Videos

I am planning to make YouTube videos for my Money Saving Recipe Series that feature the recipes in each video.  I want my audience to know that shopping on a budget doesn’t mean your food has to be boring or bland.  And there are plenty of recipes for delicious meals that will use the items we typically have in our coupon stockpiles or everyday pantry. It is my hope that perhaps someone who typically doesn’t cook will see how easy it is to start and Continue reading →

Spam Eggs and Rice

From the Money Saving Recipe Series Spam Eggs and Rice is one of my most favorite meals of all time!  It has been a staple in my home growing up with a Korean mother and will be a staple for me and my family today. My kids love the flavors of the fried crispy spam, fried eggs, brown rice, kimchi and roasted seaweed.  I also use Gojuchang which is a spicy red pepper paste that is a perfect spicy condiment to spread on my rice Continue reading →

Korean Seaweed Soup

From the Money Saving Coupon Recipes Series My favorite Korean soup of all time is Korean Seaweed Soup Miyeok guk is a Korean soup made from the sea vegetable known as wakame or “sea mustard” in English. It comprises two words: miyeok, the Korean word for wakame; and guk, meaning “soup“.” -Source cited Wikipedia – Click here to read the summary. It is surprisingly easy and fast to make this Korean Seaweed Soup and I make it at least 2-3 times a month for my family.  I am restricting my diet with the Weight Continue reading →

Chicken Dump Soup

Chicken Dump Soup  From the Money Saving Recipes Series Fast, Easy and Delicious!  I love my Chicken Dump Soup recipe!  It’s so fast, easy and budget friendly.  I found the Uncle Ben’s rice packets at my local Dollar Tree stores.  They were the smaller 2 oz packets but if you’re like me, quick and easy individual sizes work great instead of the larger boxes that I have to pre-measure. I use the canned chicken when I don’t have leftover chicken in my fridge and it Continue reading →

Simple Tuna Salad Recipe

Simple Tuna Salad Recipe From the Money Saving Recipes Series I am Emily and this is my simple tuna salad recipe.  It’s simple – only 6 ingredients and it’s fast because I need fast, time-saving recipes so I can spend more time sharing new recipes with my readers and it’s delicious because everyone who eats it says so!   Here is my recipe and keep in mind that I am feeding my family of five with this amount.  If you need to only serve two Continue reading →

Hoddeok (Korean Sweet Filled Pancake) Recipe

 Hoddeok (Korean Sweet Filled Pancake) Recipe From the Money Saving Recipes Series Hoddeok is a Korean sweet pancake filled with brown sugar, cinnamon and nuts.  It is usually eaten in the winter and considered a fast food since it is quickly cooked, portable and served warm.  It is called a pancake but it is not a true pancake since it is not poured onto a griddle or hot surface and fried.  It is actually begins as a yeast bread dough so I would say it’s Continue reading →

Easy Guacamole Recipe

Easy Guacamole Recipe From the Money Saving Recipes Series   You can make this delicious and easy guacamole recipe just like they do in the Mexican restaurants without a whole lot of effort.  You will WOW your family and friends and all it takes are a few inexpensive fresh ingredients and a sharp knife! This recipe makes 3 cups of guacamole.  You will need: 6 small ripe avocados OR 3 large Haas Avocados 1/4 cup finely chopped red onion 1/2 cup finely chopped fresh cilantro  Continue reading →

Fast & Easy Homemade Strawberry Jam

Fast & Easy Homemade Strawberry Jam From the Money Saving Recipes Series I love to make fast & easy homemade strawberry jam.  My kids eat a ton of it with their PB&Js that I pack in their school lunchboxes weekly and it takes almost no time at all to make.  It’s also a bit more economical and I know that I didn’t add anything else but fruit and sugar to the jar. I don’t actually can these as I only make one or two jars Continue reading →

Korean Perilla Leaf (Ggaennip) Kimchi

Korean Perilla Leaf (Ggaennip) Kimchi From the Money Saving Recipes Series Perilla Magilla-Leaves, color and texture, Christine Majul CC 2.0 Aren’t these colorful leaves just gorgeous? Korean Perilla Leaf (Ggaennip) Kimchi is so good but a bit difficult to describe.  You are literally eating leaves that have been seasoned with a kimchi paste.  You eat it with the stem and basically wrap the leaf around the sticky rice in a bowl and get it all down in one bite. We don’t eat a whole lot of leafy Continue reading →